I wondered why Alice and Rose were taking so much care in Renesmee and Samantha, especially Samantha. Alice did see something, and it was big—really big. Samantha had to be for Seth in order to imprint on her. Unfortunately for both girls, they had gone the long way to this juncture.

Edward was thrilled. His best friend had imprinted on a girl who he was very fond of, actually we all were. Besides, his daughter would have a friend to talk to whenever she needed, and through this whole ordeal, that's what Renesmee needed: a good friend.

Samantha wasn't freaked out at all—to anything. Her reaction was "that makes a lot of sense now." She knew something was up, and she completely understood why Nessie only told half of the story. We prepared her for Seth's transformation; however, when he phased, she scratched behind his eyes and called him, "her little puppy". For Seth, it was a term of affection not derogatory at any kind.

With the imprinting, Samantha ended up having an elaborate conversation with her parents. She was happy here, and she didn't want to return to Carolina at all. It was a place of peace and happiness, and she intended to go to WU next fall when Seth and Jacob returned to school. It's hard to say what my parents would have done, but under the circumstances, my parents would have done the same thing—agree wholeheartedly.

She knew she couldn't tell her parents the secret, and it should be fine as long as we followed the same behavior around them. Her parents did throw a curve, though. They wanted to move here too. It wasn't the apron strings that people might think, but they, too, felt how strong our families are and wanted to be in that environment. In fact, Charlie had offered them to buy our house; it was vacant since he and Sue married. Her parents were thrilled to know they were moving where they were already welcome; however, it will take more elaborate planning when they arrive here permanently.

Carlisle found Samantha's recovery fascinating; he wanted to document everything. He wasn't sure if it was a mental, physical, or psychological that changed a wheelchair-bound woman into a fully-functional young adult. He kept meticulous notes and asked a lot of questions to Billy and Sue. This became his new interest—how the Quileute imprint worked miracles.

Many of us think it was a different theory. Given—the imprint might have changed her physically and mentally, but I think with Samantha, it was psychological. She didn't feel broken with Seth. Her depression evaporated, because he and Renesmee were here. Rose was here to help her deal with what she went through. It was a combination of everything, and she felt whole again.

Edward does have to worry now that Seth imprinted on Sam; he knows Renesmee and Samantha will want to get married around the same time. He knew Nessie's and Jacob's relationship had changed—from Jake's thoughts and how they related with each other. They were a couple. This experience with him, me, and Jake has changed Edward's thinking. Now he wasn't appalled at the thought of Jake marrying Ness. He didn't realize how much he felt like Charlie when we announced our engagement, and this has made Charlie's and Edward's relationship tighter.

One afternoon, Nessie had brought a white cardboard box and handed it to Edward and me.

"What is it?" I pulled the red bow and opened the box. Inside there was a crystal vase filled with layers of white sand and the blue rocks she had collected last year. Both of us smiled at the gesture.

"I wanted to let you know…I won't be needed these anymore, but I couldn't be who I am without them." She kissed her father on the cheek and then me.

I guess I love imprinting after all.