I implore all readers to follow the URL at the bottom of this page before going to the next chapter. This is simply a foreword to the real story explaining that administration is completely unreasonable. They have forced me to remove the lyrics I had within the story despite the fact that it had been up for months before I reuploaded it, due to spelling errors, and not a single complaint was filed against me in all that time.

I take a lot of crap for it but I really do like Nickleback and "Animals" is one of my favorite songs. All I wanted to do was incorporate one of my loves with another and I thought I had succeeded until now.

Is it wrong to love something? Is it wrong to pay tribute to that which is loved? Is that not why fan fiction exists in the first place? What evil have I committed that I must be so harassed? These are the questions I ask myself as I try desperately to up the word count so as to entice readers to hear my plight. is the best site I have found in all my years of searching and I refuse to give it up or settle for an inferior product now that I have had a taste of its splendor. But alas, my work is scorned and rejected on many a level and it hurts my soul.

Take no pity on me, Dear Readers, but on all the others like me who are hounded to change the art they have created to please an uncaring overlord. Beyond that, I ask only that you enjoy the following work, however broken it may be.