Chapter 3

Austin led me down the hallway to another room this room was empty other than

a tv and a couch. Austin sat on the couch

Austin- Care to join me I won't bite

Nikki- I know that (I took the seat next to him)

Austin- So tell me about yourself

Nikki- I am 16 and I take advanced classes. I am the youngest of four and my parents are not together. I live with my dad.

Austin- Well I would tell you about me but you probably know everything about me

Nikki- Yeah I don't think you could say anything that would surprise me

Austin- Whats my middle name

Nikki- Carter

Austin- so you do know me

Nikki- yeah

Austin- So you have no questions for me

Nikki- well one

Austin- hit me

Nikki- How did you pick me to go on stage?

Austin- I don't know you stood out I guess

Nikki- Its cause I'm special isn't it

Austin- sure is….. So you going to give me your number

Nikki- Yeah( I wrote my number on a piece of paper and handed it to him.)

(the room got silence, we leaned in)

Austin- we better get back.

Nikki- Of course

We exited the room and walked back to the other room and the whole way the only thing I could thing is what could I have done wrong. He was about to kiss me and then he just stopped. What happen? We reached the room and went in

Austin- You two look like your enjoying yourself

Alex- Just talking

Austin-well we have to head back to the hotel

Nikki- thanks for a great night

Austin- anytime

Alex hugged me and Lisa then Austin hugged Lisa. We reached out to hug me and then he kissed me on the cheek. Oh My God Austin Mahone just kissed me.

Austin- See you next time

We walked out of the room and down the hallway and to the car. The whole way neither of us said a word. I was still trying to let everything set in.