Burning with Blue Desire

Ch 1: Happy Birthday!

Wooo! I am back! THEY are back! This one is a year or so after the "Grandaddy of all Finalies" chapter from 'The Serenade of Letgo'. Have fun with chapter one.

"Letta dear, could you please get your brother?" Drakken called. Letta groaned, putting down her book and walking into the twin's room. Two year old Draco was coloring on a schematic with a magic marker with a devious grin.

"Drop the sabotage little bro, come on. It's time for your party," she giggled picking up the blue boy. He was dressed in black overalls with a skull on the chest pocket and a white shirt and dark shoes. He tugged on his big sister's rose-pink belly shirt to get her attention, "Letlo," he whined.

"Yeah? What is it buddy?" she replied, still carrying him to the family room, " Doggie," he pointed. Turning around she found Puddles skipping happily while leading the mutant dog Bickers on a leash with a muzzle.

"Wierd family I have...," she muttered. She sat the boy next to his green twin who was wearing a fluffy pink dress and pink bow in her raven hair. Unlike Draco, Sasha was completely hating what she was wearing. "Ugly d'ess," the little girl grimaced picking at the fabric.

"Oh hush now darling, you look like a sweet little cupcake," Nana Lipsky smiled much to Sasha's disgust. "I'll watch them, Honey. Go see what's keeping those parents of yours with the cake,". Letta nodded and headed off to the kitchen.


"S- Shego! Stop wasting the frosting!," Drakken growled taking away the frosting tube from his cackling wife. "Stop being so stingy it's a party!" she laughed while admiring her handiwork; she was able to hit Drakken point blank covering his face in neon yellow frosting. "Besides the cake's already decorated so why are you crying about it?" she added.

"Because it is a complete waste of a confect- *GASP*" he was interrupted by Shego licking some of the frosting off of his ear. "Well I'll make sure that it won't go to waste," she replied. Shego continued to lick the frosting from her husband's ear to his neck laughing to herself everytime he gasped.

"What if *ooh* if one of the children *gah!* saw," he queried. Shego kissed his collarbone, "No one's gonna see," she replied curtly as she moved her hands into his coat.

"What kind of freaky kinky crap are you doing!?" Letta screeched with a grin making the parents jump. "Letta- how lon- er what are you doing here?" Shego stammered. "Just came in. Good god if this is what you do when making a cake, I don't even wanna imagine what'll happen when you two get to the ice cream," she laughed.

Letta ran out of the kitchen being chased by plasma blasts. "The guests will be arriving soon too," she cackled running off to Nana Lipsky.


By 3:00 all the guests had arrived; team go, Senior Senior and Junior, Ian and Thea all surrounded the twins commenting on how big they have gotten and their speech. Nearby there was a table overflowing with presents.

"Hey Letta," the Wegos greeted each high fiving the teenager. "Yo guys. How's the orphanage going?" she asked. Mego responded, " It's going fine. We've had a lot of adoptions and all but the ones that are still there have sworn themselves to becoming heroes. Of course I would be their role model and the main reason they want to,".

Letta rolled her eyes. She was about to say something but had to go and stop the grandparents from brawling. By the time she got them under control, the parents rolled out a tray with the cake with two candles on it and a bucket of ice cream.

Everyone begun singing 'Happy Birthday' to the twins who were much more interested in the flame than the song. Nana Lipsky blew the candles out before the twins could do something devious.

"Uh, guys," Letta mentioned to Shego and Drakken. "We had two buckets of ice cream; where is the other one?" she asked. They looked at one another, "That falls under the category of 'freaky kinky crap' kiddo," Shego boasted. Letta's face paled, Drakken facepalmed, and Shego... well she thought it was funny as hell.