Ch 11

"Thats pretty cool, Dimitri," Tim marveled. Dimitri chuckled, "Not really, Timothy. Its quite common for geniuses to become mercenary like when it comes to work, as you and your girlfriend should know,". The four sat in Tim and Letta's apartment chatting.

"Didn't I tell you 'mitri was awseome?" Bailey smiled. "I'm sure that Dimitri has more than enough fans," Letta spoke. Her back was to them while she made a snack. "But one must always keep in mind, as a genius." Dimitri lectured while stealing a glance at Letta,"Danger is always close by,"

Letta sat on the couch by Tim, setting down sandwiches. "Don't mind me asking, but do you two go to the college?" He asked. "Yeah," Tim answered between bites of his sandwich, "We decided to help our folks with the tuition and stuff so we do work. I work in the science department after classes and Letta teaches gymnastics.". "Well at first everyone kinda stayed away because of my skin color but the results of my teaching doesn't lie. Had to even add two classes" she added. "Interesting" Dimitri noted.


Somewhere high in the canadian skies a hovercar rode full speed northbound. "Yes, yes well Sasha is not fond of pears, mother," Drakken instructed. Shego drove while Drakken spoke to his mother and Ron to Kim via webcam.

"I'm not comfortable with you helping out Drakken and Shego like this," Kim worried. Ron sighed "Kim I know. But this will bring in a good amount of money plus taking out a baddie for good so , y'know two birds,". Kim frowned, "I wish Iwas out there with you, Ron"

"No no mother Draco takes the cherry flavored medicine and Sasha takes the gummies. Hm? Oh that sound? I-I'm with a client right now. No you're not interrupting. Its more we're traveling at the moment and he is talking to his expectant girlfriend. Who? Well they were a couple involed in mine and Shego's wedding," Drakken explained. Shego rolled her eyes, "Okay ladies wrap it up back there," she called. "I gotta go," they both replied.

"We're here," Ron announced. They lowered the hovercar onto the roof of the building. The three entered the building, their foot steps echoing in the empty space. "Dang this is creepy. Seriously," Ron pointed out. "Yeah if you could shut up we can get this done much faster," Shego warned.

Ron huffed, "I've been on enough missions to know an abandoned building when I see one. Best bet is that when we get into the main lair one of us will accidentally trip something, a screen pops up with the evil dude explaining his evil plan, then there is a countdown until the place blows, we'll have to run and barely escape with our asses intact,". They both stopped and stared at the blonde. "Been through this scenario enough times to know. Especially by you two," Ron added.

They entered a dark room, Shego lit up a hand. "For a supposed evil mastermind, he is not one bit neat," Drakken complained as he moved a disorganized stack of papers. Suddenly a screen popped up with Dimitri's face in a chesire's grin. "Lets go," Ron called walking back to the hovercar,". "But don't we stay and listen? Isn't that common courtosey amongst heores and villians?" Drakken asked. "No way dude," Ron called almost to the hovercar, " We gotta get to Tim and Letta's"

As soon as he said that the two villians ran up behind him. They all jumped into the hovercar and flew from the building before it blew.


Thry approached the apartment. The door easily pushed open. The inside of it was trashed and blasted. "We misses one hell of a fight," Shego commented. "There should be a note here somewhere," Ron muttered scanning through the debris. "If you knew this was going to happen why didn't you warn us?!" Drakken shouted at the boy. Ron glared, " Look I didn't know until we got there. A lair usually has active weapons,minions, some kind of pit be it lava, bottomless, or shark filled, even if abandoned a lair has something useful.If you hadn't noticed this Dimitri guy looks nothing like the file photo we saw. He probably changed his appearance to get close to mini villian,"

He looked over, piced up a piece of paper, scanned it for a second, and pushed it to Drakken's face. " If you want to know this would have the directions to the final showdown. Everything after this is up to chance," Ron responded. Drakken read the note and marched out the door.


"Didn't I tell you Dimitri was awesome?" Bailey asked. His smile goofy. A shock of electricty bolted through his body. "Didn't I tell you Dimitri was awesome?" he and Letta were both bound and gagged, but he was unconscious. 'Three fuckin times! I am an idiot' Letta tought, 'By now I would of been able to spot kidnappers!'. Footsteps echoed as a door opened and closed. Dimitri walked up to her, "Awake already? You really are resistant to seditives, but I gess its normal for their daughter," he drawled. His hand trailed up her stomach to her breasts. She glareed at him and tried to struggle away.

Dimitri smirked, he squeezed one of her breasts. "Even you must admire the hopelessness of this situation," he commented, rubbing her nipple. His other hand unzipped her pants. She thrased to move his hands away. Dimitri's fingers pawed hingirly towards her crotch. He licked his lips as his fingers enter and begun to stroke her.

Letta's unwanted and poorly disguised pants urged Dimitri push on. He slowly started to unzip his pants. A hard kick pulled him out of his thoughts as a veery pissed off Tim kicked him again. Dimitri removed his hands turning his attention to him. "Fine fine I'll leave her alone. Heh, fiesty little runt," he spoke.

"Explain to me boy," Dimitri spat," How come some little 16 year old punk is living with an adult woman like you did, huh? You have that puppy love? No matter how smart you think you are, little boys should stay at home,". Dimitri patted Tim cheek. "Excuse me you two, I am expecting some company."


The unlikely trio entered the low rise building in the Nevada dessert. At first it seemed abandoned as well. "This doesn't looke good," Ron whispered. It was dark but there was sound coming from deep inside. Drakken's foot stepped on a tile that released a bright green gas. "Way to go Dr. D," Shego mocked before they passed out.


Drakken woke to find himself bound by chains in a white room. He looked around realizing he was alone except for one grey door. The door knob clicked and a man entered.

"Hey there dude," Bailey greeted as he walked in. He came up to readjust his chains; he placede them around his waist, still keeping his arms tied so he looked like a hanging L-beam. "Tell me dear boy," Drakken cooed, " Where exactly is my daughter and why is Dimitri keeping is keeping us here?". Bailey gave a blank look, a zap of electricity, "Hey dude. Hope you'e having a choice time," Bailey said. He turned to leave just as Dimitri walked in.

"Dude's ready for ya 'Mitri," Bailey spoke. Dimitri nodded and had him leave. Once they were alone Dimitri began, "My little robot boy really looks the part huh? Far more advanced than those Bebes you created.". "Moving on," Drakken mumbled," Where is Letta? Where is Timothy? Shego? The Stoppable boy? Where the hell am I for that matter!?"

"Drakken have you heard of Paraphillia? There is quite a list of them; many many things that sexually arouse people" Dimitri explained walking around him, "There is a word for everything that can stimulate strange arousal," he stopped and stared at Drakken, "Almost everything,"

"Thats all well and good but what does that have to do with- ahh~~?" Drakken was interrupted by Dimitri's hand playing with his ass. "You see Drakken. I'm quite aroused by the color blue- blue cars, blue shirts, blue trains, and especially blue people. No matter the gender."

Drakken's heart froze. Everything seemed slow motion as he processed what the man just explained. "Y-you don't say." Drakken stuttered. His mind reeled trying to figure a way out, however with Dimitri standing so close he failed to find a way out. "Turns out there isn't even a term for my paraphillia either. But whever I can I try to treat myself to something blue," he spoke with a distant look. "Uh...huh," Drakken managed to squeak.

Dimirti rolled his eyes, "Not you idiot. I have standards. But that little blue woman on the other hand…. She'll do"

"What!? If you lay one disgusting finger on her I'll-" Drakken growled.

Dimitri slapped him across the face, "You do not tell me what I can do, besides" he pulled out a syringe filled with a clear liquid and grabbing hold of Drakken's arm "You won't be awake to know. Not you, not Shego, not anyone"