I'm back, with a vengeance. Now prepare to have your minds blown.

"Fly away ghost boy, before I change my mind."

"Alright," Danny replied, backing away from the young ghost hunter slowly. "I'm going." He had barely turned around before he felt the sharp sting of an ecto-blaster hit his behind.

"Ow! What in…" he stuttered, his hands instinctively going to his sore keister as he spun back around. Red Huntress smirked as she hovered in the air, her smoking wrist blaster still aimed at the ghost boy.

"But don't think this is gonna last," she said as she lowered her arm and got into her best intimidating pose. "Tomorrow, it's game on!"

"And I'll be ready to play," the white haired teen retorted before taking off into the city as fast as he could. "That was a nightmare," the teen thought as he raced towards his house. "But Dani is safe, I'm free, and I'm almost finished that paper for Mr. Lancer." A smile came to his face as he neared the giant metal observatory that marked his home. "All and all, today was a good day."

The instant he neared the house, the ghost boy became intangible and flew straight into his room. Danny came to a halt right next to his desk and let the white rings wash change him into his human form. The teen started up his computer and sat in his chair in a single swift motion that usually defied his clumsy nature. He quickly opened up the file that held his paper and got to work. He finished typing up two more sentences when there was a quiet knock on his door.

"Danny, sweetie, are you still up?"

"Yeah mom, just finishing up my paper for Lancer's class," Danny replied, spinning his chair around to face the opening door. His mother gave him one of her usual motherly smiles, though this one felt different than the others that had preceded it.

"I'm sorry for bothering while you're working on your schoolwork, but could you help your father and me in the lab?"

"Sure thing mom, just give me a sec to save my paper." It had become something of a habit he'd been forced to develop since his parent's experiments would sometimes knock out the power and erase anything he didn't save. The moment he did, he jumped up from his chair and hurried out the door past his mom.

"So, what do you need me to do?" he asked as he casually walked down the stairs.

He froze just as he reached the small turn at the bottom.

Standing in the living room were 14 armored GIW agents and his father, each one aiming their weapons directly at him.

"Wha?" he asked before feeling something poke his back, followed by the familiar whine of an ecto-weapon warming up.

"Danny Fenton, aka Danny Phantom, in accordance with the Federal Anti-Ecto Control Act, Article 1, Section 1, Sub-section A, you are under arrest." The young halfa stood frozen in place for a moment, his eyes darting around at all the weapons pointed towards him as he tried to come up with a plan to get out of this

"There's no use trying to hide it Danny," said a voice that Danny instantly recognized. He quickly whipped around to see his best friends walking out of the kitchen, both of them aiming ecto-guns of their own at him.

"We told them everything," continued Sam as she glared at the shocked halfa.

"Why?" he asked in a quiet whisper as he looked into the cold eyes of his friends.

"Because we know what you will become," replied Tucker, glaring at the teen hybrid as he spoke. "And the only way to make sure it never happens is to destroy you." Danny just stared in shock at what his friends had just said, his mind unable to comprehend why they would even do what they had done.

His mind was brought back as a green beam struck the wall behind him and his mother, the blast just barely missing his head.

"Jack!" he heard his mother scream behind him, but he was already bolting into the living room, the white rings appearing around his waist as he moved. The transformation was only half-way done when a shot from behind him struck the black latex on his back, propelling him forward and into the arms of two armored GIW agents.

"Good shot Maddie!" shouted Jack as Danny attempted to phase out of the agents' grip. When his limbs remained in their grip, Danny looked over at their hands while continuing to struggle. His eyes widened as he recognized the Ghost Gauntlets on their hands, but could only let out a painful scream in response as another blast from an ecto-gun struck his back. Fighting past the pain, the young halfa lifted the two agents off their feet and spun around, flinging them towards his mother before she could fire another shot at him.

He was just starting to fly up towards the ceiling when a small blue circuit board latched itself onto his chest. Danny let out another cry of pain as the little device shocked him, forcing him to the floor. Several more shots fired at him, each one knocking him into the path of the next until he was sent flying into the television. The disoriented ghost teen didn't even have a moment to sit up before seven agents leapt on top of him, each one wrapping their arms around some section of his body. Danny tried to force the agents off of his body, but the position of his body on what was the television and the Gauntlets the GIW were wearing prevented him from doing anything more than squirming around.

"Hold him still," said Jack as Danny continued to struggle against the numerous ghost hunters. "I'm going to tear this punk apart molecule by molecule."

"Dad, please. Don't do this," the halfa begged, watching as his father aim his gun straight at his head.

"Eat ectoplasm, freak," Jack growled in reply, the light from the barrel of his weapon growing brighter as he squeezed the trigger.

"NO!" All of the agents let out cries of surprise as a sudden burst of ectoplasm exploded out from the teen. The two agents holding his upper body were launched into the ceiling while everyone else in the room were knocked off their feet. Danny started panting from the sudden energy loss as he rushed to get back onto his feet.

"Danny!" The hybrid whipped his head around to see his sister standing halfway up the stairs, her hands over her mouth as tears began falling down her face. A glint of green light just further down the stairs caught his attention, prompting him to turn his head to face it. An instant later, his vision was swallowed by a bright flash of green, followed by an excruciating pain in his left eye.

Danny shot up into a sitting position in a panicked rush, his chest heaving as small droplets of sweat dripped down his body. His hand instantly went over his left eye, feeling the small scar that extended about a centimeter out from the top and bottom of the faded blue orb. As his breathing started to slow and the panic faded from his mind, the teen hybrid began to recognize his surroundings.

He was lying on a mattress that sat on a large wooden warehouse pallet, a blanket wrapped around his feet in a tangled mess. Though it was nearly pitch black, the little amount of light shining at the entrance several yards away illuminated enough for him to recognize the cave he'd spent the last two nights in. Danny let out a tired sigh as he untangled his feet from the blanket and began making his 'bed'.

It had been over a year since that night. Since then, he'd been on the run, traveling from city outskirt to city outskirt to avoid the Guys In White. His latest stop was a small cave in the forests just outside a place called Jump City. The halfa let out another sigh as he finished, moving to the large duffle bag that sat just next to the mattress. He started looking around inside it for a moment until he found one of the few shirts he had. Taking a quick sniff and realizing it was dirty, Danny continued digging into the bag until he found his last clean one.

"Looks like I'm going to have to do laundry tonight," he muttered to himself as he slipped the shirt on and proceeded further into the cave. He only went about a foot before stopping to look out towards the cave entrance for a moment. Seeing no shadow or trace of anyone standing out front, the teen lit up his hand with ecto-energy. In an instant, all of the darkness around him seemed to vanish, bathing everything around him in an eerie green light. Almost immediately, the teen moved over towards a chunk of ice nestled right up to the wall on his right.

The chunk of ice was the size of the of a miniature refrigerator, its smooth sides appearing to wriggle like snakes as Danny's glowing hand came closer. With his free hand, the ghost hybrid grabbed onto the handle sprouting out from the surface and gave it a light pull. The door opened to reveal two shelves, a single banana sitting on the bottom shelf.

"Figures," the halfa grunted as he grabbed the banana and shut the door. He began to slowly peel the fruit as he walked out towards the entrance of his cave, the glow from his hand dying away as he neared the opening. Once he reached the mouth of the cave, the teen stopped and propped himself on the closest wall, enjoying the sight of the glistening city that stretched out in front of him. With a sigh, the teen took a bite of the banana, the guilt of what he was going to have to do ruining the view and the taste of the fruit.

He ate in a silence, a contemplative look in his eyes that was accompanied by a disappointed scowl on his face. As soon as the banana was gone, he incinerated the peel with a quick flare of ecto-energy and wiped his hands. Danny gave the city one more glance before turning around and walking back into his cave to prepare for tonight.

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