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The TIC leaned back under the water falling from above, pulling his seeker as well. The possessive grip was pulling him taut in Soundwave's arms. Starscream squirmed lightly, biting his lip to keep himself from panting again… but not from scrubbing. Sliding his servo down the slender arm, the silent spy revoked the brush, tossing it onto the counter not far from the shower. The seeker looked up to his captor, the rattling of the brush ticking the walls of his processor.

Soundwave's spindly digit slid down Starscream's flushed cheek, eliciting a rumbling purr. The seeker intended the noise to be a growl but was annoyed at his own functions betraying his thoughts. He wouldn't want Soundwave to assume… he enjoyed this. Or perhaps… if he did it would benefit his position.

With Megatron already aware of every trick in his book, it would be far simpler to start from scratch on the spy. Yes, he had a trained pair of optics and system, but he could definitely be easily manipulated… so damn easily. While the Third was so distracted with performing his rightful duties, Starscream would see to it that he would be distracted with far more… entertaining and inviting offers of things. Not even the intel bot could resist that with what little interfacing experience he possessed.

The evil seeker's mouth furled into a smile, snickering under his breath as Soundwave was lured to his neck cabling. The intelligence officer was unmoving, only letting his visor press and nudge the wires and cables; that was Starscream's normal behavior… always mischievous, always contemplating the situation to his benefit. Good thing Soundwave had calculated every scenario, and he personally came out on top. In every way.

He gently pressed the seeker's body curled under his own, spreading his curved pedes to accommodate the squirmy frame below. A soft caress traced his underbelly, lining the golden cockpit glass. Starscream's smile fell immediately, his mouth parting lightly at the touch. Soundwave's wide arm embraced him, holding his lightly so that only his pedes went limp, letting the tops of his heels drag on the glistening tile.

"A… S… -oundwave…"

Hitching his intakes internally, Soundwave shoved his glass veil behind the Second's helm, hiding the ruffling of his plating. Time thickened before sliding slowly like tar into stopping. No mech, in his entire existence, had ever said his designation so wantonly, so needy and sexy. His spinal column stiffened, freezing at an arch over his panting prey.

Soundwave slowly lifted his helm from his hiding location, noticing the seeker's gaze turned around to his. So close to completing the pleasure circuit, … yet so far. The air commander would not allow his prey to slip off.

If the spy formulated plans to stop and sneak off, he had another thing coming.

Megatron's ever loyal lieutenant bucked in the tight grip, causing a jolt of pleasure to stir Soundwave from his trance.

"Soundwave…" Starscream began in his most sultry tone, "Would you please…?"

He hesitated. Rarely did he ever, but this time Soundwave hesitated. Answers always found their way to him, but not this time. And it better only happen once. A smoldering panel nudged gently against the seeker's aft.

"Affirmation: action."

Widening his optics by a millimeter, Starscream struggled to come closer, hoping he only misheard him. "E-excuse me?"

The lean officer once more curled the bot below him, this time laying him down under his straddling pedes. He reached up briefly to shut off the showerhead, snapping his helm back down to the escaping seeker. Starscream had no idea any longer of where this was going and decided to deem now as the opportune moment to flee. The wet floor allowed his lanky frame to slip easily out of the enveloping arms. He scrambled over his knees to get to his heels and fell when a tight servo snagged his ankle. A plain, vacant toned voice resounded behind him as fear crept into his rapidly beating life mass.

"Escape: futile."