Night's cloak hides me from their sight

As I escape from the piteous cries of ponies all around.

Time stretches long in what is only a minute,

And I know I will have to face my wrongs.

But oh rejoice in the pleasure of the dark,

For but a moment the world is united,

To face a common enemy.

Hark, the wind howls with the strength of a timber wolves' lungs,

Racing through the trees so they may gimpse upon the beast that has brought the new world.

But I run. If death prorogued, than I shall never repent my sins,

for my quest is complete in the eyes of all but the shallow beings behind me.

The icy pang of their breeze chills my bone, and I am naked in defense.

My stars dance around me, sheltering my coat from some of its bite.

For now there is peace, though no change to suggest.

At this moment, a newborn would not know peace from disharmony.

The goddess cries for me, weeping for my return, but alas, I am no longer here.

By love who first did prompt me to act, but not for the witch that calls herself family.

No, i shine brighter than thee, and if thou dost love, thou will surrender.

But does she truly cry for me? No, she cries for what is no longer here.

She cries for the past, and weeps for herself and her mistakes.

She does not cry for me, but for what I should have been.

Her sun no longer burns, and only a sensation in her breast is left aflame.

By yonder blessed moon I find my way back,

to the fortress of its mighty towers and stainless windows,

shining down on the kingdom to see how she may shine ever brighter than anything else.

Her time is ending; she shall fall to my horn and might.

I swear by the constant moon that she will fall, and we will rejoice

in the ever bounty riches of night's embrace.

Ponies, ponies come to me so that we may rise above the pony who dost control us!

Ponies! Embrace me and we shall lead new legacies to be woven.

'Ay, thou have retuned," she says, soft and quiet.

Her head rests on her hooves as she laid stoically on a cushion.

Oh how I wish those hooves to burst aflame so they may engulf her in her own heat!

Does she not see what I see!

'Keep no peace in thy breast, for I am here for my throne.

'Nevermore shall they shun my night, nor sleep through my showers.

The final dusk has set and the moon shall hang ever brilliant

in its permanent canvas of ebony light.'

'Dearest one thou doesn't have the slightest clue of what thy want.'

She said it as if she knew everything. And though I hate to admit it,

She was right. But oh if she knew everything would fall apart,

so no, I keep this truth buried.

'I know that your frowning day serves no purpose more than

to guide the drunk home from a brawl. Your light brings stress

and the commitments that are put off for the peaceful night.'

'I shall not fight you. I love you sister Luna.

Thy nighttime eternal shall damn us all to a devastating fate,

so listen to reason or thy shall be shunned and guilted for

the remainder of thou's everlasting lifetime.'

Her eyes pleaded for something that twas no longer present

anywhere but in a deep corner that not even Harmony could

reach at the moment.

'I am not thy Luna anymore! For this eternal night I shall be

Nightmare Moon! Goddess of the darkness and shadows!'

'Thou are not thyself, and I plead for the return of the pony I love dearly.

Release her thou sorceresses of lies and evil!'

'Thy head will bleed at my hooves, nay, shall crumble!

Turn and draw Celestia of days!'

'So be it,' she said, hanging her head low to the marble.

So weak, so pathetic. But then a burning light grew

and I knew this battle was not over.

To describe it would be tiresome, for all foals know the ending.

I knew not of how my story would be told, and in truth I barely remember it.

The sweeter rest was hers for that night, but oh how I shall haunt her.

The next morning the sun shot hues of pink across the eastern clouds

and watched from above as my ponies rejoiced for the day,

and it crippled my heart for good.

Five hundred years since I had lain with a lover,

one to hold me tight and worship me as a god.

I have forgot his name and all the woe it used to carry in it.

And although he hath wounded me, I bore no hatred.

Celestia bears the brunt of my anger, soaking in her sun

as she does the love of our ponies. To love my sister was

no longer optional, her having betrayed me the moment

she grasped the limelight in her eyes steering the light ever in her favor.

I'll tell thee my intercession steads my foe for the light has been taken

and I am to be shrouded in the very dark i brought about.

Irony is a funny thing.

The black eye of the white wench hath forever shielded me away

from what is hers, and I lay locked in the mass I just wanted more to admire.

I keep time, distance, all that my matter in my return if I am ever to break away.

Four hundred years past, and thous lullabies hath reached my ears,

and I part of me years for more, but I shun thy songs for they are wretched.

such is the weight of thy heavy crown that I hope thy succumb to the darkness

And turn against thy ponies as they believed I have done.

Live with burden upon they soul, for thou hath made me my Nightmare.

There is a reason the moon holds an easy glare, for

I shall return, and thou shall thank me for lifting the burden of life from thou.