Two sisters alike in dignity, or so it seemed.

Destined to be together until the end of time.

But the path diverges one day, and she leaves me.

She leaves me all alone.

Do with her absence bury my grace,

She steals away my heart, sealing it within her

Somewhere. I know she is still in there waiting for me to save her

And yet I cannot.

The quarrel is between me and her, therefore no other knows my pain.

I ache for her to touch her ivory horn to mine as if we were children again,

sending secret messages through the interaction. So childish, so naive,

And I miss it more than I can express.

Rebellious nobles, enemies striking my kingdom.

Spring forth my duties day by day, do they not hear my cries of sorrow?

As I raise the the moon I teeter on pain of torture.

Glare back at me, I see thee, but thou must forgive me.

The morrow cannot approach these eyes soon enough,

for at least I can set thee to rest from my vision.

I know thy do not weep for me, but I weep for thou.

I didn't mean to sister, but as a wise ruler, I must.

Where art thou Luna, why must you hid behind your pseudonym?

Allow me to wake from your Nightmare, allow yourself to greet the dawn on your own hooves.

An hour before the worshipped sun, come to me and be tamed.

The harmony is gone, it is evident. My tears the only steady part of my life.

Tears augment the freshly dewed grass as I pace my lowered dusk.

Some nights I steel into the covet of woods, resting in our old abode,

Memories seducing me to meet thou in my dreams.

'Does she still do that?' I wonder. Can she still do that?

The fun we would have, oh but not at the time.

I would wake furious from her intolerable pranks of my dreamscape,

for she had pursued her humor, not mine.

Love is smoke, for we see what we can before it is gone.

If that is the case, I wish that fire could burn for eternity.

Tell me in sadness, why it is I still hold on to love for her?

Sadly tell me why!

Saddest of all is that others do not miss their princess as I do.

They think to be ruled by me, forget to think of her.

Her darkness clouding their minds as it did hers.

I would call her exquisite, but they say a witch.

If I could take the night, oh how I would with speed!

To see precious treasure of a twinkle in her eye would be worth it.

Years pass with the 'advice' to take on my roll as Queen of Equestria,

but thou cannot teach me to forget what I used to live for.

But Luna is bound as well as I am.

She to the moon as I am to my duties.

When she turned down my suit it broke me,

And she made the choice her own.

I must be the hopeful pony on Earth as she broods in space.

To see her hanging up there is devastating, as if I hadn't expressed that already.

The sun is starting to tire me, and I wonder how much longer I'll last without her.

I just miss her so.

My weakness is showing in my tired eyes. my fur and mane dwindling

to a sad grey. The shimmer of my magic is gone without her.

I'm lost, so lost without her. I need love, friendship, guidance.

I just need somepony to go through all of this with.

The sun reflects light, hope, and happiness.

Goddess of the sun should reflect the same, but instead

it brings only sour taste to my throat. Do not kneel to me,

For I am not who I seem.

My life only maintains the falsehood pressured onto me

by the nobles who control my political reign. Thus none is

fair in my kingdom's law, but I have no control. My will is

broken, as is my spirit. Tears turn to fires that cannot be doused

I shall not have any rejoice in my splendor as long as I rule alone.

One fire burns while another one flickers, and I extinguish all

with the greatest flame of all. But my flame is a curse,

cast upon me by the responsibilities thrust upon myself

by royalty past.

Someone release me from this unholy cycle of life!

The sun will rise without me, I will find a way,

just as the moon rises without Luna.

My light burned bright back then, but as all it has burned out.

Why mother, why art thou mad? Why have thou forsaken me

with such heartache that I cannot rest without tears and pain?

Why have thou cursed us to a life of tragedy? Art thou testing me?

Let me fail thy test so I may be alone!

I can no longer beckon one with untainted eye,

for to all I am the elegant goddess, but please

allow me to be a pony. Allow me to frolic in the fields with

my departed sister in the years that have passed far too many.

Lullay moon princess, be in peace in thy prison.

For I have sealed thee to think, and broken my mind in the process.

But I know it shall be worth while, for one day, another will harness our Harmony,

And Discord, nor Windigoes nor King Sombra himself will keep him or her down.

They will reflect our friendship, our loyalty to Equestria, my generosity, your laughter,

My honesty, and your kindness. They will have our combined magic,

And maybe one day they shall rule beside us, for if they succeed,

I would be forever in their debt, for they would have retuned thee to me.

They will free thee, and we shall be together for eternity,

As we were made to be.