fall for me; fall with me
part two

The autumn air is warm, coating her skin in a lukewarm chill as she stands outside Mystic Coffee, awaiting her friend Elena's arrival. A soft notebook is clutched tightly to her chest as she waits, rocking back and forth on her heels. Minutes pass and with no sign of her friend, Caroline deigns to enter the coffee shop on her own. Choosing a cozy booth in the corner she sits, letting her notebook fall open in front of her. Absently, she begins to sketch. The pencil drags across the paper in angry strokes, the visage of large, beautiful black wings dancing across the paper. Caroline feels a deep seated want burning in her chest as she gazes at the two dimensional wings. She runs her index finger over the hard lines of the drawing and sighs longingly.

"Leave the frowning to less beautiful creatures, love," a decidedly male voice says from the seat opposite of her. Caroline looks up in alarm, but what she sees steals away her breath. The most beautiful man sits before her. His green eyes are bottomless and boring into her her with determination as his sinful lips twist upwards into a playful and knowing smirk. A mop of messy brown curls sits atop his head, somehow accenting his chiseled features perfectly. A rough stubble adorns his chin, flattering in its masculinity.

Words fail her. "I'm sorry," she begins, squinting, "do I know you?"

The man smiles deviously and it really shouldn't make her heart flutter as it does. "Yes," he says, eyes pulling her in magnetically, "and no."

Caroline blinks and then frowns. "That's cryptic."

"Perhaps," he says, pushing a full glass of coffee in her direction. "Drink," he commands.

"You're a stranger," she challenges, "for all I know you slipped some smarmy date rape drug in there."

Something shifts in his eyes, a blackness curling up inside, coiling itself around his irises. "I would never harm you," he states; it sounds more like a old promise than a statement.

For some reason she cannot discern, she believes him. Still… She eyes the coffee skeptically. "Caroline," she says, reaching to pull the warm coffee closer. She doesn't drink it, not yet. "Caroline Forbes."

"I know," he replies, expression intense. "This is not the first time we have met."

Caroline blinks. "Um," she says slowly, eyes narrowing. "Look, buddy, you've got me confused with someone else."

He smirks. "I do not."

She glares. "I do not know you."

He chuckles. "No, this version of you does not."

She eyes him incredulously. "You're not making any sense."

"No," he says, "I suppose I'm not."

Caroline sighs in frustration. "What is your name anyway? It's quite rude not to tell me. I introduced myself, after all," she pouts with a huff.

"Niklaus," he supplies, tone riveting. "Though you were always fond of calling me Klaus."

Niklaus. Something jolts within her. Giant, magnificent black wings come to mind before they flutter from her consciousness with a heart pulling flurry. She blinks, her vision blurring. "Klaus," she says aloud, her voice quivering.

"Are you alright, love?" Klaus asks, concern marring his voice for the first time.

"Yes," she manages, the headache intensifying. She looks up once more, but there is a black haze surrounding her companion. She blinks furiously and gasps audibly when large wings burst from his back, intense and so frighteningly beautiful."Klaus," she says with awe. "Klaus," she repeats, comprehension dawning on her with a slam of emotion. Memories rush over her in an emotional wave. She remembers it all. All the lifetimes. All of the caresses and soft spoken words. "Klaus."

He stands immediately, walking over to her. He dips down, lips ravishing hers right in the middle of the coffee shop with out a care. "Welcome back, love," he husks against her mouth.