"W-wait, Mitsuru's here too?" The horrified look on the pale young man's face was uncharacteristic, if not adorable. His concern over the fiery, composed, redhead's apparent presence was indicative of the fact that they were close, if not only in a platonic sense…

Minato, of course, picked up on this right away. He smirked: "why so concerned all of a sudden Aki?' letting the pet name roll off of his tongue purely for the teasing effect- "something you need to tell us about Mitsuru-senpai?". Akihiko tried to muster a glare, but instead continued to look uncharacteristically terrified. "Shh! Idiot this isn't the time! She will EXECUTE us if she finds us here!" he hissed, eyes shifting from side to side. "hey hey, he's got a –" "SHHH!" Ryoji hissed at Junpei, because, although he wasn't terrified of Mitsuru as Akihiko seemed to be, he was still in no mood to be "executed".

"Well…" Junpei continued in a whisper, eyeing Ryoji dejectedly "… he's got a point, Senpai. You didn't seem so concerned about the other chicas! Huh!?" he elbowed Akihiko playfully and made a showy wink in Minato's direction. Minato rolled his eyes and continued to smirk. Something about the way Akihiko was reacting really made Minato feel devious… this side of Akihiko never came out, and Minato wanted to exploit the hell out of it. "I…" began Akihiko. Minato could have sworn he saw a blush… "I-"

"Hate to interrupt, but shouldn't we be finding a way to be getting out of here without being 'executed' instead of making fun of Akihiko-senpai?" Ryoji interrupted. Minato hated to stop the fun, but Ryoji was right. They were in quite the pickle… This fact was emphasized as the girls became suspicious, calling out "wait, is someone there?" and various comments of the like. They needed an escape route- and fast. Minato looked around, starting to feel the gravity of the situation. He scanned his options. Either they beat the girls to it and send a delegate to apologize preemptively, or they get discovered and…. executed. Actually they'd probably get executed either way, if Mitsuru really was as shit-your-pants worthy as Akihiko was making her out to be. He didn't wanna find out for himself…

"Oh god, oh god what are we gonna do?" Akihiko mumbled, getting increasingly frantic, and, where a few minutes before the rest of the crew had been making fun of him, they started to feel anxiety as well.

"M-maybe we could uh, hide?" Junpei suggested. Akihiko shot him a look. "Are you crazy? That would never-" "Who's there?" Yukari's voice rang out through the hot spring. "Fuuka, come look with me." The boys shot panicked looks around their little square. In that split moment, Minato assumed a position of leadership as he often did, and nodded to Junpei, who splashed off to hide as quickly as he could, if not rather loudly, with Ryoji in toe. Minato, on the other hand, grabbed a shell shocked Akihiko by the arm and pulled him quickly and quietly in the opposite direction, to sandwich them tightly behind a nearby configuration of rocks to hope and pray they wouldn't get caught…


Minato and Akihiko waited, cramped together, scarcely daring to breathe, necks craned trying desperately to listen for any sign- whether it be that they were safe or sorry. If it had been a less climactic moment, either of them might have been embarrassed at their rather tight proximity. They were doing all of this in unison, pressed together in a tiny, tiny niche. And so to, they cringed together when they heard a feminine shriek, and what sounded like Junpei and Ryoji's stuttering explanations, which held weakly against Mitsuru's rather intimidating and… terrifying shouts of "I WILL EXECUTE THE BOTH OF YOU!"

Minato turned in to see how Akihiko was holding up, and realized with a shock that they had somehow come to be clinging to each other in a rather… girly fashion. Akihiko seemed to realize this at the same time, and they jumped apart, well…jumped being relative to the tiny space they were in, which caused their bodies to rub together in an even more suggestive fashion than the former girlish clinging, which caused more muttered apologies and more blushing than before. But, as always, Minato took control and looked up, and opened his mouth to make a suggestion, but Akihiko, still panicking at the prospect of being discovered by the still shouting Mitsuru (her shouts and the shrieks of Fuuka and Yukari were the only company to the rather grim noises coming from the other pair in their former quartet) put his hand over Minato's mouth and shook his head vigorously. Minato, as exasperated as he was saw that he needed to work with Akihiko if they were to get out of there alive. The other two were beyond helping, at this point. He knew Akihiko knew this too. So in order to get his message across, Minato leaned forward in what he felt was a rather awkward motion, given their proximity, and whispered into the older boy's ear the suggestion that they get the hell out of there while the girls were distracted. Akihiko quickly shook from his mind his embarrassment at their ever growing closeness, and attempted to nod in agreement, which, given how close their faces now were resulted in Akihiko's lips grazing against Minato's ear, hot breath tickling it in puffs. This caused the younger boy to jump and jerk his face away, his flush being hidden by the darkness and Akihiko's embarrassed glace in the opposite direction. "l-lets go" Minato stammered. The proximity was getting too awkward, too close, and too… hot? O-of course it was just the temperature of the hot spring! That kind of hot! So Minato started to slide out of the niche… and then stopped suddenly as the sliding caused them to rub together, yet again in a very inappropriate way. But Akihiko prompted him to get a move on, and so Minato slid the rest of the way out, followed by a flushing Akihiko, and the two made their mortified way out under the cover of their friends' executions. They didn't dare linger any longer than they already had, so they didn't bother with the robes. After they slid out of the bath, they exchanged one look…. And ran like hell, all the way up the stairs, to the boys hall, and into Minato's room, slamming the door behind them and panting heavily. Akihiko locked the door behind him, out of sheer paranoia, and then they slid down the wall in unison, adrenaline and panic still pumping through every vein in their bodies.


They sat there in the dark for a while, panting and trying to regain their breath. They looked at each other, after a while, and Akihiko closed his eyes and shook his head while Minato let out a breathy, relieved chuckle. " Man…." He began "that was sure something". Akihiko continued to shake his head. "I just hope the others will be all right". Minato leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. "Me too. I feel absolutely terrible about leaving them behind but… honestly, they'll live." Akihiko nodded. "You're right, and I wasn't about to subject myself to Mitsuru's wrath…." Minato chuckled. "Yeah that was pretty terrifying huh? I get why you were so freaked out now. I thought it was because…. Well….." he turned his head to look at Akihiko. "Because… you liked her, and that you were getting embarrassed…"

Akihiko raised an eyebrow. "Me? And Mitsuru? No way, we'd never get along. She's just a close friend is all."

"Oh…" Minato said. For some reason, he felt a tiny sense of relief… "That's good to know." He regretted saying that as soon he saw the look on Akihiko's face.

"Why?" Akihiko contested, regaining his former competitive spirit, scooting closer, sliding along the wall. He had a devilish smirk on his face Minato had often seen when his senpai was accepting any form of a challenge. Apparently, embarrassing Minato was a challenge he had taken on… "Come to think of it, you were pretty flustered earlier right before we made our getaway…"

Minato sighed and laughed "don't get your towel in a twist senpai… no reason. Although…."he said and looked Akihiko up and down in what he meant to be a challenging way, "You seemed just as embarrassed as I was" he turned to face Akihiko properly and smirked. Even though they WERE both only in towels, and on the floor… body language was still very important.

Akihiko held Minato's gaze for a while, jaw set, never one to back down from a challenge, but before he could get in another word, Minato leaned forward, smirking, continuing the stare-down with the older boy. "Well?" He said.

That was all the prompting Akihiko needed to consider this a formal competition, from which he wasn't inclined to forfeit.

Next thing Minato knew, Akihiko was practically on top of him, pinning him down with his slightly superior physical strength. Even though Minato technically was the leader in Tartarus and during the dark hour, that didn't change the fact that Akihiko was in top physical form, much more so that Minato. And so, Akihiko relished this little competition between them- as they were both made of the stuff of leaders. Minato however, was, at the moment, dumbstruck. "Hehe, what about now, Minato?" the question shook him out of his shocked state, somewhat, and he smirked up at Akihiko. He understood him much better than anyone would think. "Ha, is this some sort of challenge to you then? An elaborate form of 'The Nervous Game'?" Minato raised an eyebrow… "so be it, AKI" he teased, sticking his tongue out, and doing something that surprised the Towel off Akihiko… literally. Since Minato's hands were pinned above his head, he had to utilize his legs. While he had been goading Akihiko, he had bent his legs up on either side of him, and hooked his feet into where the towel was tied around Akihiko's waist. All it took was a little jostling, and the towel fell right off, leaving a naked, mortified Akihiko on top of a triumphant, smirking Minato. "Your move, cutie pie" Minato said, growing more confident and more homoerotic in his jibes. "Oh so that's how we're gonna play this huh?" Akihiko grumbled out, a surprisingly alive look flitting across his face at the prospect of this inane nervous game serving as an actually interesting challenge. "Very well but…." Here, an undeniably sultry look came onto his face as he leaned down to whisper into Minato's ear huskily "I'm still the one on top…" At this remark, Minato felt a throb in his lower abdomen. Oh dear… oh no… no, no, no… ABSOLUTELY NO WAY...

He had to admit to himself at that very moment…because he was a very frank, stoic person- that one of his best friends and rivals… was above him, naked, wet, and whispering naughty things into his ear, all under the pretense of it being a game…. And that he liked it. As more than a game. At least… for the moment he did. And if Akihiko's tenacity at this… "game" was any indication… he did too. With this thought giving Minato determination, he snapped out of his reverie and glanced up at Akihiko, in a fashion that he hoped resembled some sort of ingénue… before he wrapped his legs once more around Akihiko's waist and yanked down, forcing the older boy to collapse on top of him, pressing their bodies together tightly. Akihiko let out a gasp and a "h-hey what are you-" before being silenced by a crushing kiss from Minato, who had his eyes screwed shut and was pressing his face to Akihiko's in a very determined fashion. Akihiko let out a muffled "mmph!" before going with the kiss, and letting his eyes slide shut. Just as Akihiko was starting to come to the revelation Minato had come to shortly before, Minato pulled his face away and looked into Akihiko's shocked, if not slightly turned on eyes and said "well quit pussy-footin about it, then…"

Akihiko was, for once, at a loss for words…. He let go of Minato's wrists and sat back on top of him, straddling his hips. "Whoa…" he whispered. "….yeah?" Minato said, a little bit on edge, propping himself up with his elbows. If he was being perfectly honest with himself, he didn't want their little exchange to end.

Apparently, neither did Akihiko, because in one swift motion, he leaned down and grabbed Minato's shoulders and rolling them one space over, to where there was a mat on the floor, and also so that Minato was now the one on top. "Alright then…." Akihiko said, giving Minato a none-too-subtle once over while pulling his towel off of him. His eyes flicked back up to meet Minato's, a look of aroused excitement shining in them. "YOUR move…pretty boy…" he smirked. Minato's mouth was wide open, but he shook his head and said "w-wait, you're ok with this?" Akihiko gave him the kind of look Yukari reserved for Junpei whenever he said something especially stupid. "I'da thought that woulda been obvious… given our current… position". The way Akihiko breathed out the word "position" was enough to still any reservations Minato had, and he went back at this game in full swing, bending down to kiss Akihiko's neck. As soon as Akihiko started moaning at his roaming hands and kisses and tongue and mouth, and as soon as he felt himself being stuck repeatedly where he was straddling Akihiko, he knew it had stopped being a game….

And he was perfectly fine with that.

He whispered to Akihiko in his most sultry voice "what do you want me to do to you, Aki?" This time the pet name was less of a jibe, and more of Minato trying to be as seductive as possible. It was working. Akihiko merely let out a breathy sigh of a moan and pulled Minato down into another kiss, this one with much more skill involved, the two of them transitioning to a deep open-mouth kiss when Akihiko felt Minato's tongue flicking flirtatiously along his closed lips. They opened their mouths widely, in unison, each of their tongues engaging in an arousing, steamy ordeal, while Akihiko's hands slid down Minato's back, tickling and trailing, light as a feather, all the way until he had a firm hold on Minato's ass. At this Minato let out a moan, beyond caring at this point that there would be so many unanswered questions in the morning. They would cross that bridge when they came to it. For now…

Minato broke the kiss, but didn't halt in the action. He trailed kisses down Akihiko's neck, stopping to bite and suck enough to elicit moans from Akihiko. Mmm the sounds he made were intoxicating- seeing his strong senpai unraveling with a look of absolute primal urge displayed across his face was all the encouragement Minato needed to slide farther down Akihiko's muscled, sexy torso, until he was face to face with Akihiko's rather erect cock. Akihiko, getting wind of what was about to happen, looked down at Minato, who coquettishly glanced back up at Akihiko, who was looking down with such need that Minato felt himself getting fairly hard as well. The whole situation was fantastically erotic. Minato, gaze still locked with Akihiko, slid his tongue out of his mouth to make contact with the head of Akihiko's member, before closing his eyes and licking down and back up the shaft rather teasingly. Akihiko grumbled, frustrated, and tangled his hands in Minato's hair, pushing him down just forcefully enough so that Minato was now deep throating the horny champion boxer. "mmph" Minato gagged, but realized Akihiko wasn't letting up his grip, so he started to do what he thought would feel the best in that situation. Apparently he was doing a damn good job, because Akihiko's cock bulged and hardened even more at Minato's sucking and bobbing and tongue swirling. Minato could hear moans escaping from Akihiko's mouth, gasped "oh yes"s and "mmmm"s, turning Minato on even further, to the point where he couldn't take it anymore, he wanted some gratification of his own. So he slid off of Akihiko's cock with a "pop" and whispered in Akihiko's ear in his most demanding, sultry voice: "your turn, babes"
Akihiko moaned at the sexy side displayed by the younger boy on top of him that he had never seen before. But he was not one to give in, so he looked up, eyes half lidded with lust, and said "I have a better idea." Minato liked the sound of that husky voice, so he let himself be flipped over and gasped when he felt Akihiko's dick poking around at his entrance. And God was it hot. After a frustrating period that almost killed the mood, Akihiko's dick finally slid into Minato's ass. "Ohhh God…" Akihiko moaned. "You… you feel amazing" Minato just moaned and squinted his eyes. He knew it would hurt, and it did. But the fact that they were even doing this in the first place; that fact turned him on more than anything. The pain was hot, enjoyable, sexy, kinky. He couldn't help himself, As Akihiko started to thrust into his tight ass, he grabbed Akihiko's arm and prompted him to jack off at his painfully hard cock, which literally was about to explode. Akihiko was all too happy to oblige. "mmm I'm glad you're enjoying this" He grunted in between his thrusting and jacking. "I… know you are too, Akihiko…" he panted. "more than I ever imagined" Akihiko breathed, giving Minato some especially hard jerks, not long after which, Minato let out a very drawn out moan of "Akihikooooh, ohhhhh god ahhh" as he reached his orgasm. Hearing his name moaned out by the younger boy was enough to cause Akihiko to reach his climax as well, shooting his load into Minato's ass, and moaning loudly, erotically…

Their encounter at an end, they reconfigured themselves, the both of them panting and ecstatic, yet exhausted. Akihiko pulled out of Minato, and Minato flopped down on his stomach onto the mat on the floor. Akihiko flopped next to him, face up. Minato mumbled "well I think we may need to go back to the bath anyway…" Akihiko chuckled then yawned "I couldn't care less right now…" Minato looked up at him… and smiled. "that… was pretty damn hot Aki" Akihiko met Minato's gaze and smiled back, before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep, his arm around his newfound lover. Minato did the same, finding sleep ensconced in the warmth of the afterglow…