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Elena POV

We arrived back in Mystic Falls about three hours ago.

I've been in my room sitting next to Jeremy.

I don't want to leave him. I...he can't be dead.

I need him...

Damon POV

I'm finally fully healed from the disaster island fiasco.

I'm headed to see Elena. I haven't spoken to her since I got back.

Stefan filled me in on what happened to Jeremy.

If I'm honest with myself, I still don't feel good enough to handle this with Elena.

My thoughts are interrupted when my brother comes out of Elena's house.

"How is she?" I ask stepping up on the porch.

"She won't talk to anyone; she just says that she's waiting for Jeremy to wake up." He said with a sigh. "Maybe she'll talk to you."

"Stefan...this is you're department. I'm not good with all of this stuff."

"Damon if you don't at least try, I think she'll shut down and completely shut off her humanity. Do you really want that on your conscious?"

I don't grant him a response and speed up to Elena's room.

"Elena, it's me. Can I come in?" I say softly.

I wait for a while to see if she replies. She doesn't. When I'm just about to leave, I hear a whispered "yes" from inside her room.

I open the door to find Elena laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. I close the door for privacy; even though I know Stefan left when I came upstairs.

"Hey." I say as I slowly make my way towards her bed.

I have no clue what to say to her at all. I'm not good at this.

I lay on top of her bed and turn to her but I don't touch her, no matter how badly I want to.

She doesn't say anything. I don't know what to say so I stay silent. Hoping that just my presence is helping her somehow. She finally speaks after a while.

"He's gone Damon. He...can't be gone" she cries. I immediately pull her close and hold her.

"I'm so sorry Elena." I say rubbing her back, trying to comfort her.

"I don't know how I'll ever live without him."

God I wish I was better at this. I wish I knew the right thing to say...then again what do you say in a situation like this?

"Damon what I'm going to do?" She says and looks at me for the first time since I stepped foot in her room.

Her eyes are red and puffy but to me she still looks so beautiful. I just wish she didn't have to go through all this shit. She doesn't deserve it.

"I don't know Elena. I wish I could be more help to you, but I'm...I'm not good at this." I say honestly.

She wraps her arm around my waist and reaches up slowly to give me a small kiss.

"I know Damon. You'll never know just how much it means to me that you're here right now." She puts her head on my chest and pulls me even closer.

I kiss the top of her head lightly. "I'll always be here for you Elena. Whatever you need."

Right then and there I make myself a promise.

I'll be here for her and I'll get her through this. I'll be damned if I let her shut off her humanity!

"I love you Damon." She whispers before succumbing to sleep.

I lay there thinking how much I love this woman in my arms and that no matter how hard it may be for me, I'll never give up on her.

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