I try to sleep, but the thoughts of what tomorrow will bring prevent that. I tossed and turned, pulling my worn out blanket over my head. Everything was silent, except for the wind occasionally knocking my old shutters against my one window. I couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow. Eventually I fall asleep, only to be woken by my aunt Litch screaming my name.

"Aspen! Get up! You only have 20 minutes till the reaping!" She yells. "I wish the reaping wasn't so early," I mutter as I drag myself out of my warm bed and into the shower. Once out of the shower, I put on a brown turtleneck with a jean skirt. I've always been modest and simple, I don't know why, I just have. Then I brush out my long, natural black hair and sigh when I see that my blue eyes had turned blood-shot from lack of sleep. Then I pull on my old, muddy boots and head downstairs.

The first thing I noticed when I got downstairs was my aunt's curly, strawberry blonde hair and the sound of her anxiously tapping her fingers on the kitchen counter. "What took you?" she asked with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Couldn't sleep," I reply not wanting to get her more upset. My aunt Litch always over reacts to everything. "Well go to reaping, it starts in five minutes," Aunt Litch says as she shoo's me away.

I walk outside into the streets of District 8, the ugliest district of them all. It's full of buildings, and not a blade of grass to be seen. It's always cloudy, and whenever it is sunny, I never get to see it because I'm stuck working in a factory for 8 hours. Eventually I come to the Justice Building and get my blood taken, then head to the group of 17 year old girls. Then our escort Trilly, who was wearing electric green and has her orange hair bedazzled with rime stones, walked onto the stage and started talking. I didn't pay attention to what she was saying until she walks over to the bowl which had every girl in District 8's name.

"Girl power, right?" Trilly says as she does a fist bump. None of the girls laughed, despite Trilly's effort to make the tension light. Trilly cleared her throat and reached her hand into the glass bowl. I held my breath, my heart was pounding so loud that I thought it would burst! Trilly waddled back over to the microphone. She opened her lip glossed mouth and spoke a name, but my heart was pounding so loud that I couldn't hear it, and maybe my mind blocked it out as well. I blink when I notice everyone was staring directly at me. "Oh no," I thought to myself, "they picked me!" My mouth went dry and my whole body felt numb as I saw Peace Keepers walking toward me. They grabbed my arms and started to pull me toward the stage. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as I thought about all the ways I could die in the Hunger Games. I glanced to my left, then to my right. Everyone was staring at me. I saw some of my friends, but everyone looked sad as I walked past them. My stomach was churning, I thought I was about to throw up! It seemed like an eternity, but we finally made it to the stage.

They stepped aside when we were at the stairs, letting me walk up by myself. "Our female tribute, Aspen Darnell," Trilly remarked as she waved me over to the microphone. I slowly walked next to her, turning to face the crowd. They all had looks of despair on their faces, as we still had more soul to be taken. Then Trilly waddled over to the boys bowl. "You boys want in on some of this action?" Trilly smiled as she reached her hand inside the bowl. "No!" One of the boys yelled from the crowd. "I'm sweating! Oh my gosh!" Trilly said as she swished her hair and walked back to the microphone. She gingerly opened the card and read aloud, "Timre Baston!" A young boy came out from the 14 year old boy section, looking surprisingly calm. He had short red hair, was pale like the rest of us in the district, and had grey eyes. His stature was kind of scrawny though.

"Our tributes of the 73rd annual Hunger Games, Aspen Darnell and Timre Baston!"

I wait in a old room in the Justice Building. Then the door swings open and I whip around to see aunt Litch. She's not crying but she's on the verge of crying. We don't say anything, just hug each other for a few minutes. Then she pulls away, clears her throat and takes a deep breath.

"Aspen... I need to tell you something," She clears her throat again. "What is it? If it's about the arena I-" " -It's not that... it's about me," She's crying now, and so am I. "W-what?" I ask, not knowing what to expect. "I-I-I... I have cancer, and I'm not sure how much t-time I have left," She stammered. My jaw dropped as my eyes teared up more. "...What?" I say through clenched teeth. My Aunt Litch was my only family, the last remaining relative that I had. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps echoed through the small room. The Peacekeepers were coming. "I... I thought you should know, just in case I'm not here when you get back," Aunt Litch said just as the door flew open and the Peacekeepers marched inside. "Wait, five more minutes, please!" I stammer, swallowing hard. "Time's up," One of them say as they grab a hold of Aunt Litch's arms. "Listen, you'll be fine, just do your best," Aunt Litch mutters as the Peacekeepers lead her to the door. "No, wait! Aunt Litch!" I wail as I try to follow. Another Peacekeeper held me back. I watched in horror as they lead my dying aunt out the door, closing it behind them. "Aunt Litch!" I scream as the Peacekeeper which was holding me back walks out as well. The sound of their footsteps slowly got fainter and fainter until everything was silent. I stared at the door blankly, soaking it all in. I got chosen to go to the Hunger Games, and had a slim chance of making it out. If I did make it out, I'd have to kill everyone else in order to win. And my aunt, who was like my mother and was my only family left, was dying of cancer. I closed my eyes, everything seemed hopeless. "If my aunt dies while I'm in the arena," I thought to myself, "I might as well not even come back."

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