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**EDIT** I DID THIS WRONG LOL. It's supposed to be in YOUR P.O.V. but for so you odd reason, I put it in a first person. *face palm*

After a moment of silence, you looked around the room before slowly reaching into the box. Grins and chuckles were exchanged, and you closed my eyes as you pulled out a small tube. 'Want To Look Younger? This Anti-Wrinkle Cream will make you look like a teenager!' it read. You know who this is…Your eyes slowly scanned the room until it came across one of the older men in the room, who was rubbing his back nervously.

Of course! It has to be-

Your thoughts were interrupted as you were roughly shoved in the back by none other than the idiot host. "Hurry up now! Chop Chop!" Kaoru said happily, pushing you down the hall past all of the curious men staring away. "There are so you condoms in the left drawer when you first walk in, so make sure you don't go popping out babies everywhere!"

"Oh shut up already!" You shouted, glaring as he giggled at my aggravation. He gestured you further down the hall, challenging you with a devious smirk as his eyebrows wiggled up and down. You don't want to but…You have to prove this asshole that you can do this!

You turned with an 'hmph', and took a steady pace down the hall away from him, taking a sharp left as you heard his footsteps die away. In a matter of seconds, a thin white door ending the hallway came into view. Accompanying the door was a slim, jaded figure, with large emerald eyes that shot to the side. As you approached the two skinny figures, the brunette raised his gaze to you, and gave an almost apologetic smile.

"Ritsu?" you asked, stopping a few feet in front of the editor. "You're the one I'm going with? But I thought it was…" you trailed off, feeling as if I had spoken slightly rude to the man. It's not like you had anything against him…He obviously didn't have any feeling for you, and he was a gentle man so it was hard for any girl to hate him, really.

Eyebrow twitching at your choice of words, he displayed the fake smile that he often used to get out of awkward situations and shook his head lightly. "Don't worry; I'm not going in with you. I'm just here because Kaoru blackmailed me. Your-err, date, will be here soon."

"Oh...Sorry." You tried my best not to sound too relieved, but you couldn't help it. This guy was kind of a buzz kill. "So," You though that you should start a conversation with him then, "how were you blackmailed?" you asked, actually surprising yourself at the curiosity that ringed through my tone.

"Well, first he said that he'd take so you things I've done out of context, ((A/N: Yepp, totally out of context XDD)) mix them with porn tapes, and then post them on the internet…"

"Yikes! That's harsh!"

"Tell me about it. Then, he said he'd show everyone in my department my baby pictures!"

"Ooh! Does he have any ones of you in the bathtub?"

"This is serious!"


You found yourself laughing as he blushed, reaching a slender arm out and pulling the closet door open. "Y-You should probably go in now." He said, averting his gaze away from you. You giggled, before taking a few steps towards the door. "Oh, what a gentleman! ~" You fake-swooned, stopping in your tracks as you entered the medium-sized closet. You heard slight cursing and mumbles from the brunette before the door swung closed and locked with a slight 'click', as darkness invaded the room. Finding a soft, plump surface, you plopped myself down, leaning against the wall as thoughts spiraled your mind.

Not even seconds later, the door reopened and you were blinded by the light shining through. You weren't even given a chance to see your partner before the door closed again, your world consumed by darkness. "H-Hello…?" You asked, unable to even make out a figure in the blackened room.

You felt a hand rubbing down my thigh and before you even had time to panic, you felt a hot breath on my ear, and a voice that sent shivers down my spine.

"Relax, it's just me." He whispered, as you felt a blush creeping up my face.


"Happy to see me, much, _?" he chuckled, pulling back his hand and sitting down close to you. Very Close.

"So…You wanna kiss?"

"B-But…W-What about Yukina-kun?"

"He doesn't have to know."

You gave it a thought. Yukina-kun can be scary when he's angry…But if Kisa's so easygoing about all of this, then it obviously may not be very bad…

"O-Okay…" You said, and you swore you saw his eyes glow lightly in the darkness, almost like a cats.

He pushed you up against the wall, slamming his lips roughly, yet all the more gently onto yours. You wrapped my arms around his neck, and a moan of ecstasy left your lips as he led his slender fingers up and down your sides. Sliding his tongue in your mouth, you continued the rough make-out section before pulling away, the two of us panting and wheezing with equally blistered lips.

"I…I think we should stop before it goes too far." He said.

"Yeah, I agree." you replied, as we separated an equal space. Sure, you liked him…And you knew he liked you back, but you don't think that you were willing to go that far.

"Kisa-san!" Yukina shouted on the opposite side of the door, as light flashed in the room in an instant. Kisa deadpanned, and gave a sharp yelp when his boyfriend picked him up bridal style, and ran with him out of the closet.

You suppressed a chuckle, slowly making yourself out of the closet. That was…fun surprisingly. But you guess Yukina's not giving him up any time soon…It's a bummer really. Kisa's cute, but you'd go for Yukina's sexiness instead any day.

"Hurry up, chop chop!" Kaoru urged, pushing you out of the room with his ponytail bobbing behind him. "There are other people going in too, you know!"

You were about to yell at him for being stupid, but a loud conversation from the opposite end of the hall grabbed your attention instead.

"O-Oi! What the hell do you think you're doing, baka?"

"I believe I'm holding your hand. Now co you on, I don't want a second to go to waste~"

"H-Huhh? You're my partner?"


"T-There's no way in hell I'm going in there with you!"

"That's not my problem."


You watched as Takano-san dragged the smaller brunette into the closet with him, slamming the door behind them quickly, but not quickly enough for you to see the wink Takano sent in Kaoru's direction.

"Ooh, I'm soooo recording this!" Kaoru grinned, sitting with his ear up against the door, recording with his phone.

There was a loud bang coming from the closet, and you could already hear panting. Takano-san must be a great kisser.

You shuttered, and walked away. Not because you didn't want to hear just how good Takano-san was, you just want to go check up on Yukina and Kisa-chan~

You'd go for that body any day!

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