Chapter 1

Ulrich had left Kadic five years ago he was still friends with everyone except one person Yumi. After she left her family moved back to Japan and she had been gone now for six years. He missed he like crazy but he had no way to get in contact with her. She changed her cell number and he didn't know her house number in Japan. His family had moved back to Germany after he graduated. But now he wanted to move back to France and his parents allowed it but not before they told him that he was to be married. He had to marry Sissi and he knew he was doomed.

This was all Sissi hoped for. She had always had feeling for Ulrich and now he was stuck with her and that was the worst torture ever. Ulrich had just moved back to France with Sissi and they were going back to Germany to get married which was going to be in a few months. Ulrich did not want this he wanted to get married because of love not because his parent forced him to so he had no choice. Sissi was going to be the death of him he couldn't stand her back then and he couldn't stand her now. Sissi had left for a week with a few friends so he was free of her for five days so he spent those days with Jermie, Alieta, and Odd. When he showed up at their house they told him they had a surprise for him.

He was excited but also a little nervous he could not think what his friends got him. They told him it was not a wedding present just a small little gift. They knew he needed some cheering up so they called the only person that could make him feel that way. They told him he had to wait till tomorrow because the gift wasn't here yet. The next morning Ulrich was the first one up so he got dressed went downstairs and made coffee and started to make everyone breakfast. Odd was the next one up he poured himself some coffee and he and Ulrich mad polite conversation and caught up they hadn't talked in a while. Jermie and Alieta were both up at the same time. Jermie poured both of them coffee and Ulrich had just finished cooking. He put everything on the table and let them get what they wanted first and then as he was about to grab food and sit down the doorbell rang and Ulrich put his empty plate down and went to go answer the door.

When he did he did not see anyone till the person came into view and a smile came across his face the person he had missed the most since she left was standing right in front of him. "Hey Ulrich I heard about you and Sissi I bet it must suck so I came here to hand with you guys and hopefully make you feel a little better." Ulrich smiled and ushered her in and she sat down and joined them for breakfast.