Chapter 9

A/N: Well Christmas is almost here. Ok not almost but it's coming and as a little gift to you guys I'm giving you another chapter for all my stories and they will all be Christmas themed so let's see what happens. Hope you enjoy this chapter like all the others. Willam is there to help Ulrich and Yumi trust me.

When Ulrich woke up and turned and saw Yumi he smiled and placed a kiss on her lips and she woke up. "Hmm looks like prince charming woke me up form my deep sleep." Ulrich smiled then kissed her again. "Trust me soon it's going to be every morning." Yumi smiled then got out of bed and changed and Ulrich did the same. "Ok Ulrich as you know Willam is downstairs but he is here to help us so will you please just hear him out." Ulrich thought for a minute then he nodded his head and him and Yumi headed downstairs and saw Willam was already awake. "Ok Willam Yumi asked me to let me explain why you are here so I'm listening." Willam took a deep breath then began speaking. "Well Yumi called me and told me about Sissi and your parents and I would be happy to take Sissi off your hands if you want me to." Ulrich smiled and so did Yumi. "Really Willam could you? Dude you would be a lifesaver." Willam nodded. "Yeah of course but I was also here because my family was going out of town for Christmas so I asked Yumi if I could spend it with her and I heard you guys used to do a gathering for Christmas every year." Ulrich nodded but then and frown formed on his face.

Yumi looked over and the smile left her face when she saw how sad Ulrich looked. "Hey baby what's wrong?" Ulrich looked up at Yumi. "I can't spend the holidays with you guys I have to spend them with Sissi's family and my family will be there as well. I know I want nothing to do with my parents but Sissi won't let me bail on her or her parents." Yumi was upset and Willam was going to find a way for Ulrich to spend his holidays with his friends. "I have an idea but I don't know if it will work." They both looked at Willam and he told them his plan. "Ulrich have Sissi's parents met you before or do they know what you look like." Ulrich shook his head. "No they never met me." Willam then smiled wide. "Then how about I go with Sissi and pretend to be you." They thought about it but then Ulrich spoke up. "What about my parents?" Willam thought about it and then realized Ulrich had a point. "Well what if I dress like you. The whole nine yards. I'm pretty sure that could work." Ulrich nodded and then they looked at Yumi then Yumi agreed. "Ok Willam then let's get to work and get you looking like Ulrich. First let's go shopping then we have to fix your hair because honestly it looks nothing like Ulrich's then we should be fine." Willam nodded then they got to work.