Naruto: Titan of Defense

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Birth of a Titan!

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage and Kiroi Senko of Konohagakure, stood pacing outside the delivery room for the news of his wife and child. He paced silently as his friend, Tsume Inuzuka, watched him. Tsume was the head of the Inuzuka clan and also a long time friend of both Minato and Kushina Uzumaki, Minato's wife. She was currently pregnant with her second child, her current daughter being 4 years old, and was barely showing. She sighed as she watched Minato wear a hole in the floor and said, "Quit pacing! She's strong, just believe in her and wait already!"

Minato looked at his friend and sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm just anxious about the delivery." He replied.

Tsume nodded her head, "Yes Yes, but your making ME nervous. You can't do anything at the moment so just sit and calm down for when you ARE needed." she replied.

Minato went to open his mouth before the "Surgery" light went off and both people turned to the door to see Tsunade of the Sannin walking out smiling brightly. "Well, the delivery was a success and you have a healthy baby boy Minato. Congratulations. You can go to the maternity ward anytime." She said before she was twirled around anime style as Minato tore through the doors next to her and rushed to the maternity ward. Both women chuckled before joining him.

Maternity Ward.

Kushina Uzumaki, the Red Death of Konoha, sat in a bed smiling brightly as she cradled her newborn son, Naruto. The name came from Jiraiya's book and the idea that the little bundle would be a "Maelstrom" of activity if he was anything like his parents. Suddenly, the doors flew open and Minato froze as he stared at his newborn son. A smile crept its way onto his face before becoming what would soon be dubbed "Naruto's prankster smile" and he walked over to his wife. He stroked her hair and kissed her head before she spoke, "Beautiful ain't he?" she asked.

Minato nodded and said, "He may look like me but I'll bet he has your personality." Both of the parents chuckled at that. Tsunade and Tsume walked in and smiled brightly seeing their friends so happy. Unfortunatly, it was not to last.

An ANBU burst into the room. "HOKAGE-SAMA! The Kyuubi has been spotted heading this way! It will be here within the hour!" He said.

Minato swiftly rose and Kushina began to shake as she had an idea of what would happen. "Hold it off, keep it from the village whilst I figure out a way to stop it!" Minato said before turning to Kushina.

Kushina held her child fiercely and glared at her husband. "Absolutly not Minato. You know as well as I what life Jinchuuriki lead. I will NOT subject my son to that horror!" She said.

Minato looked downcast and said, "I know that. However, with you here and Tsunade and Jiraiya, not to mention Tsume and our other friends, he won't live that life. You can prevent it and make sure he's the hero everyone should see him as!"

Kushina wavered for a second before shaking her head again. "No." She stated and glared at her husband who sighed before shunshining to his home. She looked to her friends.

Tsume spoke, "Kushi-chan? What would you say to a marriage contract between my daughter and your son?" She asked.

Kushina looked shocked, "What? You want our children to marry one another?" She asked.

Tsume nodded, "It would be a good way to let little Naruto here not have to worry about finding love. You know that Inuzuka's are fiercely loyal and if Hana consents when they are of age, then why not let the two of them have a chance, besides, it'll keep those civilians off your back." Tsume said with a smirk. The contract would let her be closer to her friends and would be mutually beneficial to both clans and parents. If it didn't work out, then nothing was lost as contracts allowed the couple to decline when they were to be wed.

Kushina thought about it for a moment before nodding, "Yes I agree. Tsunade will you take care of the paperwork? I don't want to leave Naruto here." She said. The other women smiled and bowed before leaving the new mother and setting off to take care of the marriage contract.

Tsunade looked at Tsume and said, "You know Minato is going to wear her down right?" She asked.

Tsume nodded, "That is one of the reasons for this contract. I will let my daughter know and hopefully Hana can be someone precious to the boy. I just hope that this all works out." She said before they both disappeared in shunshins.

With Minato.

It had only been twenty minutes since he had spoken to Kushina and he had already found the seals he needed to make his son a Jinchuuriki. He didn't want to do it but he firmly believed in his village, his friends, and, most of all, his wife. Besides that, Naruto was the only newborn in the village. He decided to give one last gift to Naruto before he left. He grabbed all his sealing books and large amounts of materials, with the Hiraishin notes and details among them, and seperated them into several different sections before mass sealing them into a scroll with some blood on it.

He gathered his things before taking one last look at his home. He sighed before sealing it one last time and taking a scroll he had made for the Sandaime when the sealing was done. Hopefully, everything would be just fine. Too bad no one ever told Minato that life is never fair.

With Kushina and Naruto

Kushina was sitting in the hospital bed smiling happily at the little boy in her arms. She could already tell he would look like his father, and probably have a fanbase to boot. She held him gently but tensed when she felt the familiar buildup of chakra before a shunshin. She looked up and sighed as she saw Minato once again stand before her... and he didn't look like he was playing around.

"Kushina-chan..." He started.

"My answer is the same as before Minato! I refuse to allow you to seal Kyuubi into Naruto. His life will be horrible no matter what we do." She said sternly while glaring at her husband.

"Naruto is the only child who was born! If there was anyone else, I wouldn't even ask! Besides, I have faith that this village will honor my dieing wish and our friends will help him!" He said. "But, most of all, YOU will be there to care for him. Because I won't get that chance. Please Kushina-chan." He begged.

Kushina stared at her husband a million thoughts rushing through her head. She looked down at her sweet, innocent baby boy and sighed. "I-... Promise me that if these people won't honor him that I can leave with him and not be pursued." She said with pleading eyes. She knew Minato wouldn't give up and there really was no other alternative. She just wished it didn't have to be this way.

Minato nodded and quickly unrolled the scroll before adding it to the conditions he had given Sarutobi. "It's done Kushina-chan." He walked over to her and hugged her while putting their heads together so they could stare at their son. "He's gonna be a lady-killer when he grows up." Minato said with a smile.

As if knowing his dad was speaking about him, Naruto opened his eyes to show two beautiful sapphire orbs. Kushina let out a barking laugh, "Yeah, but he won't have to worry about his fans once I am through with him!" She said with tears in her eyes.

Minato nodded and kissed Kushina on the head before taking Naruto into his arms. "I'll have Sarutobi bring him back soon. I love you." He said before vanishing in a yellow flash.

Kushina gripped the sheets as the first roars of the Kyuubi made itself known over Konoha. Tears fell from her face and stained the sheets below until she heard a voice speak. "I'm afraid that you won't be able to live up to your husband's expectations. I cannot allow you to interfere with my master's plan." Said a man with an orange spiral mask. Kushina's head wipped up and she glared at the man. She readied herself to fight, but, before she could act, the man spoke again, "I will ensure that my master wins this day! KAMUI!" He said opening his eye.

Kushina felt the fabric of reality twist and turn and she let loose a roar of maternal fury and launched herself at the man with a hidden kunai. Surprised by her actions and the sudden inclusion of a massive amount of Youki infuse Killing Intent (KI), the man was taken unaware and stabbed fatally in the heart. His eye, however, was unaffected and Kushina's roar faded as the man's body turned to dust and she disappeared from reality.

With Sarutobi: After the Sealing

Sarutobi picked up young Naruto and frowned at the boy. "Things were not supposed to be this way." He looked around the Hokage's office and sighed deeply. It had been nearly five hours since the sealing. He had received destressing news just a moment ago, the Kyuubi's attack had destroyed the maternity ward where Kushina was supposedly staying. They had yet to find her body. Tsunade had, apparently, seen the destruction and, believing that both Kushina and Naruto were inside, fled from Konoha almost immediatly after two hours of searching the rubble.

Now, he was once again the Hokage and he needed to report to the council about the Kyuubi and the rumors of a "demon child." He held no illusions that Naruto's life would never be normal, however, he did hope to give his surrogate grandson as normal of a life as possible. Minato would have wanted as much for his child. He sighed once again and pulled out a simple Genjutsu tag and placed it on the boy's head. It would deter anyone but Sarutobi from making the connection between Naruto and the Yondaime until it was re-applied or the seal itself was noticed and destroyed by an experianced Genjutsu user or put out when flooded with enough chakra to summon Gamabunta nearly 20 times. The only one currently able to destroy the seal would be the Sandaime or Jiraiya if he ever looked close enough.

Sarutobi, still carrying Naruto made his way through the tower, down some stairs, and through a pair of large double doors before being assaulted by the ruckus that was the council of Konohagakure. The room quickly quieted, however, when they noticed the bundle in his hands. Some thought it was the "demon child" (civilians), some thought it was an important child (clan heads like Tsume) but three others thought of it as a weapon (Danzo and the elders).

Sarutobi quickly made his way to his seat and set the child in front of him. He took a breath before making his announcement. "The Yondaime Hokage has died and left me with the title of Hokage once again. I gladly serve this country once more." After a moment of praise and happy comments, he continued, "Now, in the aftermath of the attack, we are down by 40% of our shinobi forces, several residential and merchant buildings have been either destroyed or damaged, and we have a rather delicate matter to attend to aside from those problems." He said gaining the attention of everyone in the room, including Jiraiya.

Sarutobi pointed to the boy and said, "Yondaime-sama was able to defeat Kyuubi by sealing it into this newborn babe." He didn't get a chance to start another sentence as cries of "demon child!" and "Kill it!" were heard throughout the room before the Sandaime sighed and unleashed his full KI on the petty fools. "ENOUGH!" He roared. "I will not kill this child, Naruto Uzumaki. From this point forth, anyone who talks about the Kyuubi being sealed into Naruto will be killed for revealing an S ranked secret." He said.

Several people grumbled but ultimately gave in. Danzo, however, wasn't so easy to put down. "I request the boy be put into my Root Program. We can have the boy be conditioned to serve only Konoha and to never question our orders this way. He could even learn to control the beast inside him." He said.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi both glared at the man before the Sandaime spoke once again. "Absolutly not Danzo. I will NOT have an emotionless Jinchuuriki running around the village. You WILL stay away from him and the boy will be allowed to live a normal life. AM. I. CLEAR?" He said blasting the man and civilians with his KI once more.

Dring this scene, Tsume was eyeing the boy warily as she believed it could be Minato's son, however the genjutsu was messing with her mind and she dismissed it while thinking that Minato must have found another baby somehow. She did, however, have the marriage contract that Hana Inuzuka and Naruto Namikaze were to be married when Naruto turned 16. Little did she know that the contract wouldn't be seen for nearly twelve years.

Back to the meeting, The Sandaime sighed at some of the more covert attempts to control the boy or to outright kill him. He decided to put Naruto in the orphanage and let him have a chance instead of being sabotaged by the various concilmembers. He made his decree and dismissed the council before he told Jiraiya to run his spy network and keep it strong while watching for anything related to Jinchuuriki. Jiraiya nodded sadly and quickly made his way out of the village.

As the Hokage dropped off Naruto, the matron smiled at the boy and put him with the other orphans of the night. If she had stayed even a second longer, she would have seen the intricate seal on the babe's forearm with the Kanji for 6 emblazoned in the middle before it disappeared.

Timeskip: 6 Years: Oct 10 Naruto's Birthday

Sarutobi took another puff of his pipe as he looked out on the village he loved so much... and hated at the same time. The past six years had been close to a comparable hell for the young Jinchuuriki. While none of the younger generation knew of the Kyuubi, as per the change in his law by the damned civilian council, the older generation absolutely despised the boy and made no secret of it. Just last year the matron had kicked Naruto out of the orphanage and Sarutobi had been forced to get him a rundown apartment and an allowance from his father's estate!

He tryed to get the people to understand, but they were too blinded by hate. Not that he could blame them fully. He understood that Naruto represented the embodiment of the death and destruction that had occured that day. He knew that the village needed to vent their anger. However, he knew they were going to far. They had begun to physically harm Naruto, outside of the orphanage, and the Hokage was trying to prevent it. The boy deserved a better life than the one he was given.

Everytime he visited Naruto, he got the same question. "Why Ji-san?" Naruto would ask. It broke the man's heart not to inform the boy or at least keep it from happening. However, all he could do was tell the boy that the villagers needed forgiveness and that Naruto shouldn't blame them or take revenge. Little did he know that the unconscious repetition of this speech would fundamentally change the way Naruto veiwed the world and his outlook on life.

He sighed once again as he felt chakra signature's approach. He turned to the ANBU team and gave them a stern glare. "This year, if ONE person enters Naruto Uzumaki's apartment without his consent then I will personally kill you all. Understood?" He asked in a deadly calm manner. The ANBU all nodded their consent before he dismissed them. This year would be the only year that Naruto did not recieve a beating on his birthday.

Naruto's Apartment: 8 PM

Naruto sat in his apartment all alone. He stared at the small cupcake that he had been able to purchase, at an outrageous price of course, with the single candle atop it. He quietly sung "Happy Birthday" to himself whilst the ANBU ignored him from the outside. None of them cared about him, they simply had to gaurd him. He sniffled and then started to cry softly after he blew out the candle.

The entire village hated him and he didn't know what he had done to earn their hate. In the orphanage, he had always been hidden away when adults had come to adopt a child, always being told that "a demon doesn't deserve parents." He had cryed initialy but he eventually grew used to the degrading remarks. He hid behind a mask of happiness, always smiling, always laughing, over the slightest thing. He knew it was but a defense against the village, but what else could he do?

Ever since he had been thrown out by the matron of the orphanage, he had lived on the streets for a month before one of the masked men found him and his "Ji-san", as Naruto knew him, gave him this apartment. It was run down with only a small living room with a kitchen and bedroom attached with a bathroom inside the bedroom. He knew it wasn't much, but he was happy to know that his Ji-san cared enough to get him a place to live.

He could only afford to buy ramen packets or, on rare occasions, to eat at Ichiraku's ramen bar. It was the only place in town that he could enter without being glared at, overpriced, or thrown out of. He smiled remembering the lunch the two ramen stand owners had given him and silently sent a prayer to Kami thanking them. Little did he know that a particular Kami was paying attention and she only wished she could do more.

He remembered Ji-san always telling him to "forgive the villagers" and while he didn't understand why he should, he took it to heart because it was the word of the old man who cared for him. Still, he knew the man was hiding the reason why he was hated and who his parents were. He had stopped asking simply because he knew he would not get a straight answer from the old man. Not that he didn't like the man, no he did, he just didn't trust him anymore.

He finally stopped strolling down memory lane as grabbed his cupcake before slowly eating it. The only reason he ate so fast at Ichiraku's is so that he could leave and not affect their business, and so that no one can knock it away from him before he was done. In truth, Naruto liked to savor his food, not scarf it down like a ravenous dog. He sighed as he finished the cupcake and looked at the clock before heading to bed. He would be starting the academy soon and he would need his rest.

He got into his room before he glanced down and noticed something on his arm. Now, luckily, the Sandaime had been able to ensure that he recieved enough education so as to read and write at least moderately well. He noticed the Kanji for 6 on his arm pulsing for a minute before a puff of smoke appeared and a book along with a letter addressed to "Naruto" appeared in his hands. he looked at the books before looking at the seal in time to see it pulse before settling back into his arm with a slight change. Naruto didn't know it at the time, but the seal had several "compartments" and each one was more difficult than the last, Naruto would be able to gradually unlock the next level after mastering the current level of sealing that his father had given him.

Naruto looked at the book once again before shrugging and grabbing the note,

Dear Naruto,

I'm sorry for what has been done and that I cannot be there for you. I hope you can forgive me and that these notes and books will help you. They contain all my vast knowledge on the art of sealing. Please follow in my footsteps and I will be watching from above.

Naruto sat there a little perplexed at the vague message. He shrugged his shoulders and picked up the book titled, "Sealing for Dummies volume 1." He knew only one thing as he started on the first chapter of what promised to be something both entertaining and powerfully useful. He would honor the mystery man's wish. He would folow in this man's footsteps because, even though Naruto had no idea who he was, he was placing his faith in Naruto, and Naruto had no intention of letting the man down.

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