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"Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate." by Tensa Zangetsu (from Bleach)

Sound Four Part 1 and Orochimaru's Plan!

Naruto awoke with a content smile and turned to look at his newest mate. Fu was snuggled firmly into his side and was gripping his arm fiercely. He chuckled softly and extracted himself carefully so he could prepare for the mission. Said actions, despite Naruto's care caused him to ponder on Orochimaru's motives, or rather the lack thereof.

Naruto couldn't make heads or tails of why Orochimaru would hide all of his forces. He initiated this war and yet he was being the defensive party of the conflict. They knew he was looking for something, but what could it be?

He was broken from his thoughts when he felt a presence at his door. Naruto tensed slightly, happy that he had just finished his preparations when the door opened slowly. Hikari poked her head in, fox ears twitching as she looked for her mate. Naruto smiled seeing his first mate and quietly made his way to the door. Hikari's eyes brightened when they connected with Naruto's and she quickly motioned for him to follow her into the hallway.

Naruto nodded and swiftly followed. Hikari snatched his hand up and laced her fingers together with his when he caught up to her. They walked in silence almost all the way downstairs before Hikari pushed Naruto up against the wall and began to heavily make out with him.

They broke apart several minutes later, both gasping for air, "Not that I mind..." Naruto trailed as he took another deep breath, "but what was that for?" he asked.

Hikari blushed slightly, she hadn't really planned to do that but it was a good way to start what she wanted to talk about. "I'm worried about you." She admitted, looking at him with concern shining in her eyes, "I feel something big is gonna happen soon and... I wanted to kiss you so there." She stated, there seemed something different about the way she changed her words in midsentence but her resulting smile when he grabbed her and kissed her again had Naruto dismissing it. "Unless, you don't want me to kiss you." She teased as her chest heaved from his kiss.

Naruto grinned at her, "Of course not Hikari-chan, I still love any excuse to hold you close to me." He said as he grabbed her around the waist, pressing her to his body.

Hikari smiled lovingly at him and snuggled into his chest, "Good, because kissing leads to the fun stuff and I couldn't handle it if we didn't do that anymore." She said with a slightly humorous undertone.

Naruto sweat-dropped, "You know, sometimes I wonder if I married a whole bunch of minxes." He said as he put a hand to his chin in thought. "But, that's not necessarily, a bad thing." He said as a smile stretched across his lips. Both Hikari and Naruto heard a whole bunch of sneezes and silence reigned for a few seconds before they both burst out laughing.

They quieted down soon after and reached the kitchen, where they set about making breakfast. "So, what were you worried about Hikari-chan?" Naruto asked as they moved about the kitchen,pulling out pans and different ingredients to make their loved ones a wonderful meal.

Hikari sighed deeply, "Honestly?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow, at Naruto's nod she continued, "I keep remembering our fight with the past Orochi. It was a long and dangerous fight." She said, stopping to wraps her arms around her chest and hug herself, "Orochi was very powerful, and extremely sneaky. I almost died several times, but Ammy-chan was able to save me. I worry that you could fall victim to his tricks Naruto-kun." She said sadly as a tear hovered at the edge of her eye. Naruto frowned as he put the spices he was working with down and quickly closed the distance between himself and his mate. He wiped away the tear as he stared at her lovingly, grasping her chin so she would look at him. He wrapped her in a fierce and loving hug.

"I understand, and it's okay to be frightened. To be honest, I'm a little scared too." He admitted, he disliked that Hikari stiffened in his arms. "I mean, I'm supposed to fight a fallen god. One you and Ammy-chan had trouble with." He added. He could feel Hikari's frown and the squirming she was doing in his arms, "But," he said, causing Hikari to stop moving, "I never got anywhere by giving in to my fears. I will win because, at the end of the day, I have you, Amaterasu, Anko, Yugito, Kiyomi, Hana, Fu, Kushina, and Samui to come home to." He said warmly.

Hikari smiled brightly and reached up so she could kiss him. They heard some perverted giggling and broke apart after a brief kiss to find an amused Amaterasu and a giggling Anko, "That was a very good answer Naruto-kun, but perhaps you should focus on the food?" Amaterasu suggested with a smirk.

Naruto and Hikari separated, Hikari sending a glare to the girls for their interference, and checked their food, which was not burned. Amaterasu and Anko, after seeing Hikari's frustration with them, quietly joined their friend and lover for several minutes, until Amaterasu spoke up, "She's right you know." She said to Naruto.

Naruto frowned but kept working, "I know, but it's not like I can just run and leave him to someone else, now can I?" he replied rhetorically.

Amaterasu shook her head, "I know you can't, but you should still be wary of him. He is very cunning and I have no doubt that he has only gotten even more slippery than before, especially now that he is mortal." She answered, thinking on the dozens of tricks he had used during their battle centuries ago.

Anko frowned, "I can attest to that. I know he was researching immortality and has more than a few techniques that can negate an attack or just regenerate his body. More than that, his tactics were always underhanded and he simply got sneakier and sneakier anytime he gained more power." She added her own feelings apparent by the disgust in her voice. She knew he acted more like a snake and a coward than any other man she'd ever met.

Naruto nodded, listening intently even as he continued to cook. "Anything else you could tell me about him?" he asked curiously. He hoped they could give him some good tips so he could either end the fight quickly or keep his ass out of Orochi's line of fire.

Hikari paused for a moment before adding her own advice, "He is very fond of playing with his enemies, either mentally or physically, and will probably never engage you head on until he is sure of victory. He is as dirty and underhanded as they come, so he won't hesitate to strike at any of your weak points." She replied, getting affirmative nods from her fellow Naruto lovers.

By this time, the family could hear the rest of their loved ones waking up and Naruto nodded again to Hikari. "Thanks Hikari-chan, I'll be sure to keep that in mind, but let's get away from the subject. No need to worry the others." He said, knowing the rest of his fiancés would worry far too much if they heard this conversation.

The girls all nodded before Anko and Amaterasu set the table while Naruto and Hikari finished cooking. It wasn't long before they heard the loud, relatively, pitter-patter of small feet and Yoko came running into the kitchen just as Naruto set the last of the food onto the table.

"Tou-san!" she yelled happily as she launched herself towards him, with little regard to the fact that, had she been a few seconds earlier, she may have ruined the breakfast. Naruto chuckled as he quickly snatched his adoptive daughter up before spinning in place with her, causing her to laugh in joy. He grinned mischievously when he suddenly set her down in the chair nearest him, enjoying the way she pouted at being set down so quickly.

"Good Morning Musume, did you sleep well?" he asked warmly. There was a moment of silence where Yoko obviously debated whether or not to answer him before she broke into happy giggles.

"Of course! Kaa-san is a wonderful pillow!" she replied loudly. Samui, who had just walked into the room, blushed brightly when the other occupants of the room giggled at her flushed expression.

Naruto smiled at Samui, letting her know he was amused at his adoptive daughter's antics but would never make fun of her blushing, "Good to hear Musume." He told her. Samui sat down next to her already seated Musume and Yoko wasted no time in beginning to whisper to her Kaa-san as Naruto moved away and towards his own seat. The rest of Naruto's family appeared, from seemingly nowhere, and each took their seats, the sounds of happy family life rang throughout the morning as the family began their day.

The family had finished breakfast and was about to head upstairs when a knock was heard at the door. Naruto furrowed his brow in confusion, wondering who would be at the house this early, and answered the door. Yugao, in her ANBU attire, stood sharply at attention on the other side. "Hokage-sama has requested your and your fiancée's, presence." Yugao said.

Naruto blinked, "Uhh, Okay. Roger that, please tell Hokage-sama we will be right there." he replied with surprise in his tone. Yugao nodded in response, and disappeared in a swirl of leaves just as Naruto shut the door.

Naruto returned to the kitchen, where his family had taken to clearing the table and cleaning the dishes. "Everyone, listen up." He said, gaining their attention, "Tsunade-baa-chan has called us up for, probably, some last minute changes in orders. Let's hurry up and get there." He informed them to which they all responded with a, "Hai!" as they set to work.

Hokage's Office 20 Minutes later

Tsunade sat behind her desk with her fingers interlaced, awaiting Naruto and his family. Shizune and Jiraiya flanked her as they contemplated her last minute changes. The Namikaze clan arrived only twenty minutes after they received their summons and they swiftly grew serious in front of their commander.

Tsunade nodded to them in acknowledgement of their arrival before motioning for Jiraiya and Shizune to join the group not standing in front of her. Once they had complied, "I'm glad to see you responded so quickly. I have some changes to make. Kiyomi is still staying, of course, as is Yugito and Kushina, but Fu will also be remaining behind to create or improve on her taijutsu style." Tsunade began, getting a slightly annoyed look from Fu and Kushina. Tsunade nodded at them, glad there was no argument, and moved on.

Her eyes snapped to Naruto, "Naruto, you and the rest of your clan will be with the assault party. We have gotten reports of a group of strong individuals calling themselves the Sound Four that have been left in charge of Oto territory whilst Orochimaru is away. Your group's objective is to remove them from the equation, by any means necessary." She said. Naruto grimaced at her tone of voice, but nodded, understanding her point of view.

Tsunade nodded to him again, happy he hadn't argued a point she herself had trouble accepting. "Hana, you have progressed marvelously under my instruction and so I am placing you as this group's personal medic." She ordered to a beaming Hana. Shizune and Naruto's group all smiled brightly at their friend/lover.

Tsunade cracked a smirk as well but she soon returned to her serious demeanor and focused on Shizune, "Shizune, you have done right by me ever since we met, and you have learned everything you can from me. I am placing you in command of the medics in the assault group as well as second in command under Kakashi." She said, shocking, mostly, Shizune.

Shizune blinked furiously, not believing her ears, "Sh-Shishou, what?" she asked loudly.

Tsunade closed her eyes and looked older than Shizune had ever really noticed, "You heard me Shizune. You are an amazing medic, one I am proud to have trained and call my prodigy. You are highly responsible and I can think of no one better to serve in this role." Tsunade replied calmly.

Shizune blinked away tears of pride and smiled brightly, "Thank you Shishou! I won't let you down! I'll go prepare immediately." She said before disappearing in a shunshin.

Jiraiya chuckled, "You really swallowed your pride there Hime." He said with a smirk.

Tsunade glared at him, "Shut up you old letch. I have order for you as well." She said, causing them both to become serious once again, "You are to find Orochimaru and any of his generals. We need this information to end this war. In addition, you will be in a home defense position anytime you are in Konoha." She said gaining a nod from Jiraiya before he left.

Tsunade returned her attention, once again, to the Namikaze clan before drawing herself up, "You have your orders…" she said seriously before her voice softened, "Be careful, all of you." She said lightly before her voice grew steely once more, "Move out!" and the entire Namikaze clan saluted their commander before leaving.

Two Weeks Later: Forward Command Tent, Border of Oto

Naruto sighed as he entered the tent only to smile seeing Kakashi. The white haired man, while never outright supportive, had protected Naruto during his youth and Naruto was happy to see more of him, especially since he hadn't been able to meet with him regularly after learning that he was his father's student. "Yo Kakashi!" he said smiling.

Kakashi smiled back at his sensei's son, "Hello Naruto! How are you?" he asked as he glanced back to the map of the area.

Naruto shrugged, "Eh pretty good. What's up?" he asked as he moved to look at the map himself, seeing if he could be of any assistance.

Kakashi sighed, "Nothing major unfortunately. I was hoping to find some of these Sound Four but all of our intel is weeks old and the only lead we have is some strange forest to the north of here that seems to kill everyone who enters it." he replied sadly.

Naruto frowned, "None of your scouts have come back?" he asked, curious.

Kakashi shook his head, "No, and I want to send someone but we are about to move camp so we can change our angle of attack so most of our stronger shinobi are patrolling for security purposes right now." he answered.

Naruto hummed and thought for a minute, "I think I might have a solution." he said, causing Kakashi to perk up. "Hana said that the Haimaru triplets have been restless lately and she has been eager to test out her new skills in combat. Why not send her to check on the forest? I'll give her a Hiraishin... OH! I totally forgot." he said before pausing and grabbing a Hiraishin kunai and handing it to Kakashi, "If you ever need me just throw it, I'm sure you know what to do." he added smiling.

Kakashi stared in shock at the kunai, before his lone eye softened, "Of course I do, I'll keep it safe unless I need you. Your father gave me his kunai as well so I know how it works. Thank you Naruto, and tell Hana she can go if she wishes, just check in with me before she heads out." he said placing the kunai on a chain around his neck.

Naruto smiled brightly, "Thanks Kakashi, I know she'll appreciate it as well." he said before exiting the tent, letting the commander resume his planning.

Several Hours Later: Death Forest: with Hana.

Hana smiled brightly as she landed, barely even winded from the long range running she and her companions had just completed. She was thoroughly pleased with the results that training with the Painted Dogs had yielded. She was easily High Jounin level now and she planned on continuing to progress so she could fight alongside Naruto when the time came.

However, She shook her head and focused on the present because she needed to keep her senses alert. After Naruto had informed her of a possible mission, Hana had swiftly met with Kakashi and learned all she could of the forest. Apparently, the only info he really had was that it was a trap, because you could walk in, but it was damn near impossible to get out, according to the rumors anyways.

She looked to her three companions, who all gave her the canine equivalent of a nod, before they stepped into the forest, intent on finding all they could before returning safely to the new camp. So the four combatants quietly and slowly made their way into the wooded area. Hana didn't know why most shinobi would leap from tree to tree in an unknown area, but she just thought it was downright retarded. The dangers of missing a tree branch alone were scary but all shinobi know where to set traps and you can't dodge in midair, but she shook her head again and focused on the forest, noticing how quiet it was.

Hana frowned as she continued to press deeper into the woods. Something was wrong. There were no sounds, no signs of life whatsoever, just lush green life as far as the eye could see, which wasn't far in the gloom of the trees. She noticed several burrows of small animals, and even a nest or two, but where were all the animals?

Hashimaru, the leader of the triplets, barked and jumped to the side along with his companions, just as four arrows slammed into where they once stood. "Oh hoooo, that was rather good. I must say I am rather disappointed that you are travelling on the ground, my best traps are in the trees." said a disembodied voice.

Hana frowned as she stood in a defensive position, having drawn some kunai. "So sorry to ruin your fun, but isn't it polite to introduce yourself before we fight?" she asked mockingly.

The voice chuckled, "Now why would I do that? Revealing myself to you would only make this more difficult. I much prefer to catch my prey before eating them, not talk with them." he replied. Hana frowned and heard some shuffling noises before dodging several more arrows, which she now realized were a deep golden color. "My my, you're quite a slippery fly, I'm going to enjoy feasting on you when you tire out!" the voice said once again before laughing manically and launching several more arrows at Hana and her companions.

Hana growled softly and continued to dodge for several minutes before getting angry. She couldn't even sense her opponent and she could tell he was herding her into some sort of trap, as that seemed to be his angle. She landed and heard a snap before her eyes widened and she was impaled by dozens of wooden spears, only to turn into a log herself.

"Awwww where'd you go? I was having so much fun." the voice came again. Hana sat on a branch several feet away, breathing heavily. She really needed to find this guy or get him to come her her. She looked to her ninken, who had also taken refuge in some areas. "Well, if you want to play hide and seek, then I guess it's time to take this up a notch." the voice said again, growing serious.

Hana's eyes widened and she swiftly jumped away as several arrows landed where she was, but this time they were trailed by the same gold substance that the arrows were made of. Hana growled in irritation, this guy was playing with her. She was fast, but nowhere near as fast as Naruto or the more speed oriented girls, and this guy was firing arrows so quickly it was all she could do to dodge and not get hit.

Unfortunately, the area soon became overcrowded with the arrows and their lines of gold, so much so that Hana couldn't dodge anymore and found that, when she jumped back, she ran right into the golden lining, causing her back and legs, along with her left arm to become stuck to the substance. The voice chuckled evilly as Hana attempted to pull herself from the sticky goo and looked around to find her partners mostly in the same situation. "Hehehehe, finally, I've caught you, you little fly." he stated, his voice getting louder.

Hana growled, "Yeah, so what? When I get free you're so going down!" she yelled as a figure started to come through the bushes. Internally however, her outward bravado wasn't all that reassuring. She couldn't think of a way to cut this strange gunk, having gotten her kunai stuck when she tried, and she needed to buy some time so she could get herself or one of her partners free, even if she could only see two of them at the moment.

The figure chuckled once again and finally got close enough for Hana to make out. He had six arms and a large of strange black markings over his body which Hana identified as a Curse Mark. His skin was a dark black, his hair a lighter shade of gray, with some horns atop his head so he had an absolutely feral look overall, but the thing that stood out the most was his third eye. It was focused solely on her and she shivered from the way it roamed her body. "You said it was proper to introduce yourself, well I am Kidomaru of the Sound Four, and what's your name my cute little fly?" he asked as he advanced on her.

Hana scowled but decided to keep him talking and see if she could get anything out of him. "Hana Inuzuka-Namikaze." she replied curtly.

Kidomaru's eyes widened slightly, "An Inuzuka, I haven't caught one of your before. It'll be fun getting to know you before I have to turn you over." he said with a sick smile.

Hana's scowl disappeared and she decided to work a woman's best angle, "Turn me over? I'd much rather stay here and learn about this interesting gold stuff." she said with a slightly flirty undertone, motioning to the gold webbing that held her and her companions even as Kidomaru finally stopped just outside of her strike range. Hey she had every intention of returning to Naruto and if fake flirting with some guy got her what she needed, well she could just laugh at his stupidity later.

Kidomaru's eyes took on a perverted gleam, "Well well well, it seems the fly wants the spider. I suppose I could tell you a few things before the next patrol comes from Otogakure, but you're going to have to really make it worth my while. I've heard you Inuzuka bitches are wild in bed and I'll be looking forward to that." he said lewdly as he stepped forward.

Hana beat down the urge to strike the man across his face, and smiled sweetly at him to hide her disgust, "Those rumors may or may not be true, but you'll never find out if I'm all tied up like this." she replied innocently. She noticed her companions all glaring and growling at Kidomaru before smirking at something behind him. "On second thought, I forgot to mention I'm engaged, so maybe you should just go die." she said with a sickly sweet smile.

Kidomaru blinked in surprise before growling and beginning to form an arrow from his mouth before a scream ripped itself from his throat as Hashimaru jumped on his back and began to maul him. Kidomaru twisted and clawed, his six arms all trying to push the large dog off his back even as he crashed through the underbrush.

Hana, on the other hand, noticed the strange gold substance that he had dropped when Hashimaru had attacked him and thought back as she watched him make it. She quickly came to a conclusion and her free hand formed a chakra scalpel, even as she berated herself for not thinking of it before, and sliced right through the webbing. She smirked victoriously and made a clone to free her other companions before leaping after Kidomaru.

She easily caught up to them just as Hashimaru was flung off of Kidomaru and she growled loudly before lunging at the spider-like man and thrusting her hand at his face. Kidomaru swung around just in time to stop the attack with his hand only for him to find it had gone numb. He cursed silently and began to fight the angered Inuzuka only to find he was severely outmatched, and her hits were doing internal damage to his arms. He cursed loudly and spit some gunk at her, only for her to slice it to bits, and to find that he had begun hand seals. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" he yelled. (Summoning Technique)

Hana quickly jumped back and stared into the cloud of smoke, looking for what the man had summoned. "I was just going to have some fun with you before you bitch but now I'm gonna make sure it HURTS!" Kidomaru yelled as the smoke cleared and Hana was left staring at the largest spider she had ever seen. "This is Kumo no Joo (Spider Queen) and she's going to enjoy feasting on you and your little friends! Enjoy your last moments on earth girl because once she's poisoned you, I'm gonna enjoy myself before forcing you to watch as she eats your friends alive!" he yelled before laughing insanely.

Hana growled loudly and glared at the insane man, "Like I'd let that happen. If you wanna turn this into a summoning fight then fine by me!" she yelled before running through signs herself and slamming her hand down with the same incantation as Kidomaru, summoning Hanta and his pack. "Kidomaru let me introduce the Painted Dogs, and they don't like it when someone threatens to eat my companions." she said causing Hanta's pack to growl and disperse into the wooded area.

Kidomaru was a bit worried when he saw eight wolf-dog creatures appear but he just smirked when he saw them disappear. "Your summons don't even seem to want to help you, you stupid bitch! I'm sure they just abandoned you because they know you're too weak to win against me!" he said smirking before tapping the giant spider. Said spider let out a screech and lowered itself to the ground before letting out a large egg of webbing from it's rear, causing Hana's eyes to widen.

'That's gonna be troublesome.' she thought before smirking as she noticed a pair of eyes behind the spider. "Think what you will Kidomaru, my friends will never abandon me and I can't believe you fell for the same trick twice." she said, causing Kidomaru's eyes to widen and for him to spin around just in time to see a flaming whirlwind headed for the webbing. He screamed in rage and formed several arrows but was too late to stop the Painted Dog from slamming into the egg, destroying the spiders within.

Kumo no Joo screeched in pain and anger and set her multi-faceted eyes on Hana, who glared back as her companions joined her. She smirked at the spider, even as it charged, and rushed forward, throwing her body into a spin as her companions drilled around her, as she yelled, "Daigatsuga!" (Great Fang over Fang) The angered spider queen didn't stop, but Kidomaru jumped off her back and watched as the two forces collided.

Hana struggled with her companions as they arched into the spider. Its skin was tough and she had to apply more chakra to her technique before she was able to pierce its shell. The beast screeched as it felt itself lose and the Inuzuka tear her way through its body, her companions destroying what was left. Kidomaru grimaced and fled, if she could kill his summon, she was far stronger than he gave her credit for.

Hana landed, breathing difficult because of her chakra exertion, but smiled as she looked back. That creature was tough and she had been able to beat it without resorting to some of her more destructive techniques. She looked around for Kidomaru before frowning and sniffing the air, searching for his scent. It took her a few minutes but she was able to find it and they set out, intent on ending this fight. Fortunately for them, the battle was already over.

Some ways away, Kidomaru was flying through the trees at a swift pace. He needed to warn the others of this woman, and if Konoha had others like her then they would have a hard time defending their borders. He jumped again only for his eyes to widen as a dog slammed into him from above, even as he cursed his own carelessness. He had been so worried about getting away from Hana that he had forgotten about her summons!

Kidomaru immediately tried to punch the dog only to find all of his limbs being held down by a Painted Dog. He growled and thrashed but couldn't get free. Hanta slowly walked out of the nearby underbrush, growling his approval to his pack. He stepped up and put a paw on Kidomaru's chest, "You know I'm not in the habit of being cruel to our enemies but you were going to eat one of our friends, and that doesn't stand." he growled angrily before giving a canine smirk, "Besides I've always wondered what spider meat tasted like." he said before his powerful jaws clamped down on Kidomaru's neck and twisted, killing the man instantly.

Hanta nodded to the rest of his pack and sat down as they disappeared with the body, their spoils of war. Hana soon landed and looked around for Kidomaru, "Worry not about the spider-man. He'll make for a good snack for the pups." Hanta said, causing Hana to blanch slightly before nodding. Hey, he WAS gonna torture her anyways. "I think you should get out of here and then rest Hana-chan, It was a hard fought battle." Hanta added. Hana nodded and thanked Hanta before heading out of the forest and resting. That was one of the Sound Four down.

Back in Konoha, Namikaze Estate: Late that same night.

The full moon shone down on the Namikaze mansion and the surrounding woods. Unbeknownst to those asleep inside, several stealthy figures made their way through the underbrush. One figure stopped ahead and lifted one fist into the air, causing the figures to stop and await the next order. The lead figure slithered forward, its form being illuminated by the moonlight.

The female naga was stranger than the usual. It still had six arms, but all of them held scimitars. It's ears had many piercings and a lone jagged scar crossed her right eye. It was obvious this naga had seen some rough battles. She hissed in pleasure as she stared at the Namikaze Estates, "Lord Orochi will be most pleasssssed if we sssstrike a blow at those who defy him." she said before baring her sharp jagged teeth, "Especially against that canine vermin who impedesssss hissss progressssss." she added before motioning her fellow naga forward, intent on killing those inside the grounds.

Unfortunately for her, an even stealthier figure stared down on the group and frowned. 'There's no way I'm gonna let that happen.' he thought angrily as he made a shadow clone and sent it ahead of the group.

One naga slithered forward to the leader even as the rest pressed forward towards the grounds. "Are you ssssure we sssssshould be here? Lord Orochi ordered usssss to aid in the unearthing of the sssssship." she said before finding herself pinned to a nearby tree with the leader holding her there.

"Don't ever quesssssstion my orderssssss again! Lord Orochi will reward usssss greatly! Now ATTACK!" she yelled as she threw the naga forward. Said naga swiftly slithered away, not wanting to anger her leader more than necessary. Unfortunately she barely made it a few feet away before a toad landed on her and decapitated the unsuspecting naga. The leader's eyes widened and she barely dodged Jiraiya's first attack even as the rest of her group was beset by Jiraiya's summoned allies.

"Well thank you for the information about Orochi's plans but I'm afraid I won't let you any further. I failed that boy far too much to let anything happen to his happiness now." he stated as he dropped into his Taijutsu stance, "So let's end this quickly because I have other things to do." he stated seriously. The naga leader snarled and shot forward, only to find herself supremely outmatched.

Jiraiya wasn't a Sannin for nothing, he had earned that title and the naga quickly learned that. Jiraiya switched from offense to defense as easily as breathing and used it to learn the naga's patterns, which took him only a minute. The naga soon found herself on the defensive as Jiraiya pressed his attack. Unfortunately for her, she lost track of her surroundings and was decapitated by the same toad who had killed her subordinate.

Jiraiya looked around and noticed that the toads who had been successful during the surprise attack had teamed up and been able to kill the remaining naga. He smiled and looked to the mansion, 'I may have screwed up all those years, but I'll be damned if I fail him again.' he thought before heading off to report to Tsunade about Orochimaru's plans.

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