Hermanos: The Bet Ch. 1

"Come on, dude."


"Come on, dude."

"For the five hundredth time, no."

"Actually…it's the one-thousandth, but that is not important. Dude, I want some Chicken-Whizees."

Jaime glared at Bart.

"Come on, hermano, I promise I will pay you back."

Jaime chuckled.

"Yeah, sure you will like, the fifty other times you told me you would?"

"Hey, I only asked you forty-nine times," Bart pointed out.

"Yet I still don't have my money back and now this is the fiftieth time you have asked and the answer is still NO."

Bart could tell he was losing this argument.

"Come on, dude, I'm starving. You know I have a high metabolism. I need food!" Bart begged.


Bart could tell he wouldn't be getting any food this way so he changed his tactics. He stood up from the park bench they had been sitting on and turned to face Jaime.

"Come on, dude, I will do anything! I NEED TO EAT!" Bart pleaded desperately.

"No, ese, I have to eat too, and I can't keep spending all my money on you," Jaime said as he stood in front of Bart.

"Come on, hermano, I need food to function!" Bart said, acting faint and falling backwards onto Jaime.

"Okay, how about this. Let's make a bet," Jaime said as he pushed Bart off.

"Sure, what's the bet!?" Bart exclaimed grinning from ear to ear, seeing he was about to get his way.

"If you can sit still and be quiet for a whole minute, I will buy you Chicken-Whizees and you won't owe me any for this time or any of the others."

"Sounds fair," said Bart. "When do I start?"

"Wow, hold on, ese, you haven't even heard what happens if you lose," Jaime said. "If you can't sit still and be quiet for that long then you get no Chicken-Whizees and you have to pay me back all the money you owe me by tomorrow."

"Okay, cool, so sit still…"

"As a statue."

"…and be quiet…"

"Dead silent. Not even a sneeze."

"…for a whole minute and I get Chicken-Whizees?!" said Bart, getting worked up over the idea of food.

"Yeah, but I am not going to make it easy for you."

"Yeah, yeah, when do we start? I want my Chicken-Whizees," said Bart, now becoming extremely impatient.

Jaime grinned. "We start once you sit back down on that bench."

In a split second, Bart was sitting back down on the bench, sitting completely still. Jaime let out a little chuckle and started the timer on his watch.

'This is going to be a piece of cake,' Bart thought to himself. He could do this, no problem. Jaime was standing in front of Bart, looking at his watch. Jaime walked over and sat down next to Bart. Jaime bent over, unzipping his bag and began rummaging through it. He heard Jaime pull out a small bag of something from his bag but he couldn't turn his head to see what it was. But the second Jaime opened the bag, Bart knew exactly what it was. The sweet aroma of Chicken-Whizees drifted over to Bart. He took in a deep breath and got a good whiff of the sweet scent. If Jaime already had Chicken-Whizees with him, why hadn't he already given them to him first the five hundredth time he'd asked? Jaime hadn't been kidding when he said he wasn't going to make it easy for Bart, but this was bordering on the edge of pure torture! Jaime leaned over on Bart's shoulder, still eating the delicious chips. Jaime took out a massive hand full of chips and shoved them in his mouth, dropping a few in Bart's lap in the process. Between the bag of Chicken-Whizees in front of his face and the ones in his lap, this was just too much. No, no…he had to get through this.

Jaime chuckled a little, holding the bag closer to Bart's face. "You are doing better than I thought you would, ese." Jaime was having too much fun with this.

The Impulse's vital signs show he is under great stress, the Scarab stated.

Jaime chuckled a little, knowing that Bart was having difficulty getting through this.

Recommended tactic: place a 'Chicken-Whizee' in front of the Impulse's face.

Jaime chuckled, picking up the chips he had dropped in Bart's lap and held them up to Bart's face.

"These are really good, ese, you should try them," Jaime said as he took the chips and tossed them into his mouth.

Bart was in pure agony. How long had it been already? Was he even halfway through?! It felt like he had been at this for ten minutes, or was it longer? When was the last time Jaime had looked at his watch? Was he even trying to keep track? Had they already gone over one minute? Bart was losing his mind.

Jaime Reyes, the minute is up. This tactic was ineffectual. Recommended tactic: elimination, The Scarab said as Jaime finished off the last of the Chicken-Whizees.

Jaime ignored the Scarab's advice, instead looking at his watch.

"Okay, time's up, ese, you win," Jaime said as he tossed the empty bag of Chicken-Whizees over to the trash can. Just as Jaime spoke those words, he felt a small gust of wind. The next thing he saw was Bart, who had caught the empty bag before it could reach the can and was now searching it for any forgotten crumbs.

Jaime just chuckled and walked over to Bart, who had just finished off the last of the crumbs.

"That was cruel!" Bart accused, pointing the empty bag of chips at Jaime.

"Hey, I lost, but I still got my payback," Jaime said, snatching the bag and tossing it in the trash, "Besides, I don't know what your problem is. You won the bet. You may continue to be a free-loader," Jaime said, giving Bart a light punch on the shoulder.

"It was still cruel," Bart muttered to himself as he rubbed his shoulder.

"Come on, ese, time to collect your winnings," Jaime said, turning to start walking.

"Finally!" Bart exclaimed, as he ran off without a second thought.

"Dude, wait up! I'm the one with the money!" Jaime yelled as he chased after Bart.