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Muggle- London, England

Harry Potter was having one of those days. The days where he curses his rotten Potter luck and then has to fight to survive. Well, not his survival anyway but the people he was trying to protect.
It started as a normal mission. What he thought were a bunch of weirdly dressed wizards (even for wizards they were dressed funny) attacking helpless muggles, didn't happen to be wizards.

Between dodging flying metal and hexing a big guy that just ran through a building like it was cardboard, Harry had his work cut out for him. The big guy was wearing what looked to be a deep wok made into a helmet with eye-holes that was bolted onto his costume.

What Harry didn't expect was for the guy to run right through his shields, smashing him in the torso, and sending him crashing into the next building.

As he laid there crumpled against the building, hissing in pain, he heard a roar in the air. Glancing up, he saw a black jet landing with people streaming out, both running and flying.

All right this just got even odder. These people aren't wizards but they have the ability to fly, run through buildings, and... is that guy using his mind to throw a metal beam? I hate my job... Harry thought as he stuck his broken ribs back through his skin, letting the bones knit back together, before reaching up and putting his snapped neck back into place. His skull will have to heal on its own.

Standing up on barely healed legs, Harry joined in the fray where the group from the jet were now battling against dome-head and magnetic guy. Leading what was left of the civilians to safety, Harry barely noticed a bald man in a wheelchair watching him with interest from the plane's ramp.
Harry felt something nudge against his Occlumency shields but they held. Quickly tracing the source, he saw the wheelchair man nod to him in greeting.

Cautiously, Harry glanced around to see both the men who had caused the ruckus to flee. The newcomers had been knocked to the ground by what looks to be the entire sewer line ripped up from the ground, causing quite a bit of chaos.

With a sigh, Harry took off after them.

Time to play hero again. Harry thought as he used his magic to boost his speed. Just as he was catching up, the man with the red cape waved his hand over the ground, causing small jagged pieces of piping to rise from the earth. Without a moment to evade, Harry found himself pinned to the ground with metal sticking out of his chest and through each of his arms.

Bloody hell that hurts... Harry thought as he could only watch the two men escape out of sight.
How the hell do I get out of this one? I can't get enough leverage to even use my legs. Why did he have to use such a large piece of metal? God... I hope the muggles don't see me like this. I'd hate to fake my death again.

"Professor! The kid's hurt bad," a gruff voice sounded somewhere above his head. Tilting his head back as far as he could, he saw a stocky man with wild hair and are those claws coming out of his hands? WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?

"Hang in there, kid. We'll help ya'." the gruff man said kneeling by his side, making his claws retract before pressing his hands around Harry's chest wound to try and stop the bleeding.

"Just take it out, please," Harry politely asks gritting his teeth through the pain.

"If I do, you'll bleed faster. You'll need surgery and a saw-bones to fix ya'." the man said patiently, concern in his dark eyes.

"Believe me, I'll be fine. Just please take the metal out," Harry says equally as patient.

"Do what he says, Logan. There is more to him than meets the eye," a very posh voice said over the hum of what Harry thought was something electric. Glancing around he could see the bald man in a hovering wheelchair heading their way along with an African American woman with long white hair, a blue demon of some kind, and a man with a red visor over his eyes.

"Ya' sure? I mean I figured him dead by now sure, but won't that kill him?" the man called Logan asked, uncertain.

"Just do it. Death is nothing new and it won't be the first time," Harry rolled his eyes.

Logan looked at him in surprise before quickly pulling the metal from the young man's chest and arms.
Harry immediately curled up into a ball in his side, trying to absorb the pain.

"Ya' ok, kid?" Logan asked from what seemed like a long distance.

Harry could only weeze out a single "bloody hell" before passing out.

"Take him with us. He'll need a safe place to heal," Professor Xavier says motioning to Nightcrawler to 'pop' the young man to the jet's emergency infirmary.