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The Tin Man, being a naturally taciturn man, chose his words with great care even under the most general of circumstances – and even more so under these ones. "This," he asserted, regarding his young wife with a mixture incredulous bewilderment and mild interrogation, "was not on the list."

"Yes, it was," DG countered cheerfully, "I double checked." In response to the inquisitively raised eyebrow, she added innocently, "Maybe you should take another look."

Given that he'd drawn the lists up himself, Cain would have been absolutely certain this item was most definitely not on the list if it weren't for the way those blue eyes had begun to dance…

"Az added it as a bonus," the youngest princess commented just as he located the small but elegant writing of the eldest princess tacked onto the very bottom of the list.

Then he read it.

Wyatt Cain was a naturally taciturn man, now he was a speechless one, too. His gaze shifted to DG's prize offering. "And you decided this was appropriate, Princess?" he managed at last.

"What? It's not like I could get exactly what she asked for," his wife responded reasonably, "but this is the next best thing, honest."

"Was that absolutely necessary?" the Tin Man inquired over the sound of a groan.

"Well, he kind of freaked out a little," DG admitted sheepishly, "it was mostly an accident."

There was another groan as the object in question rolled over clutching his head. A pair of eyes peered blearily up at them, blinked, and then focused on the youngest princess. "Oh God, I've died and gone to hell," it opined.

"Nope," DG corrected merrily, "you've been scavenged! A Tin Man of Az's very own she cannot have, but a cop is nearly as good," she assured the man on the ground as Cain pulled his hat brim down to hide his face.

"Oh, gee, thanks ever so-…Huh?"

"I. Got. You," the Crown Princess stated slowly, tapping her finger against the man's nametag, "For. Her," she finished, pointing over to where the eldest princess had been observing events with interest.

A panicked gaze shifted from the youngest princess, to the eldest, to Cain, to the eldest princess, to DG, to the Tin Man, back to DG before finally resting on tentatively smiling Princess Azkadellia...

"I've died and gone to heaven?" Officer Gulch asked.