Erin: Well my brother is evil and made me watch this Halo video with all the scenes put together and I started shipping Master Chief/Cortana SO HARD and then she *spoiler* DIES. WTF?! Why? Why did they do that to me? So anyways I went onto tumblr to try and stop the hurt and found this God aweful (wonderful) gif Sterek story and it hurt me some more (God my feels!). Naturally I had to write a drabble on it and hurt everyone else so please enjoy my sadism.

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Tell Me You Love Me

He's cold. He's so cold. Blue lips, pale cheeks, he's never been so silent in his life. Derek can't help but think how deafening the silence is how much he wants it broken by an incessant stream of chatter.

"Breath!" Derek orders starting compressions on his chest.

He can't hear a heartbeat. He can't hear anything.


He never thought the first time he'd press his lips to his it would feel like this; cold and empty as he filled Stiles' lungs.

"Come back to me," he was begging now. "Please comeback."

He lost track of how much time had passed, how many times he pressed into his chest willing his heart to start, how many times he breathed trying to fill life back into a body with now.

"Stiles," he whimpered exhaustion finally stopping him as he collapsed onto the corpse of what was once the boy, no the man he loved.

He took a fistful of wet clothing holding onto him for dear life and howled.

They took him away and Derek could do nothing to stop them as he zipped up the bag carting him off. Derek hadn't moved from his spot on the grass ignoring that his clothing was soaked through and that the night was freezing. He couldn't feel it. He couldn't feel anything anymore.

Why hadn't he told him? Why hadn't he said anything to him? Why? Why? Why?

Erin: Now I'm depressed. Yeah I know I'm an evil heartbreaker. Sometimes I just can't help it…