Peculiar Things

Scouting For Blossomed Beauty

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A/N: So this is the first of most likely many yuri stories you'll be getting from me because my boyfriend is a total yuri freak and well if it makes him happy that I write it why not? So this is for you.

Hinata's eyes wandered over the pack of giggling girls. She wasn't here for them, no, they were far too much work, she knew all too well from experience. She wanted someone a bit older with a little more self-control, not a beginner or, heaven forbid, a supermodel. No, no, no! That just wasn't her thing as a scout. Everyone understood that and no one ever objected because she often came up with stars in the making. But as soon as they began to get a big head or made themselves into something she'd drop them and run off again to find another and repeat the whole process. This was simply how everything worked and no one could say anything either. She was just doing her job.

Her eyes fell upon a head of petal pink hair and a small smirk came to her face. She watched the blossomed beauty strut around in her sky high heels. Yes, this one had a bite to her, a spicy kick, and Hinata wanted her, and, well Hinata always got what she wanted, but for now she'd hang back and just watch.

And the more she watched, oh the more she watched, the more she wanted, but she never was the one to make the first move, never, it's just not in her nature. Besides the little girls were still having their fun and she wasn't one who liked to wreck the awkward natural order that took over in the few hours before the scouts actually started scouting. It was so cute to watch, almost like she were back in high school, hell, the cliques were still the same, honestly, she'd tried to get away from a job like this, but anything beats running the family business.

It wasn't that she couldn't do it rather she hated to do it and Hanabi seemed to thrive in that kind of position so she'd kindly given up her position to pursue other things. She just hadn't figured the other thing to be so much like the one thing she claimed to hate so much. It was rather ironic, but she was fine as long as she wasn't in those masses to be picked or crushed. In fact she tried not to think about that because she actually felt bad for most of these girls. There was nothing wrong with them at all, but it's not like they would know, most of them judged their worth off of the labels they were wearing and how beautiful they were. It was rather sad honestly a lot of talent went to waste because of this business.

Hinata sighed, she had patience, it was just this girl! She really intrigued her. Every little thing she was doing just drew her eyes back. It'd been nearly three hours and none of the other scouts had even looked up from their damn smart phones. She heaved a sigh before standing and descending the small amount of steps that gave her a more aerial view. She knew all eyes were on her. She could very well feel the stares burning into her body. Despite that she kept her head held high and ignored the curious and slightly envious looks that the girls were giving her. She didn't stop until she was dead center in front of the girl with the blossom colored hair.

"Hello there. I'm Hinata Hyuuga and you are darling?" She asked kindly holding out her hand.

"Sakura Haruno." She answered softly firmly shaking the hand presented to her causing a genuine smile to slip onto Hinata's face.

"Well, your name certainly suits you." She flushed slightly.

"Thank you ma'am." Hinata tsked.

"No, no, no! Call me Hinata, after all I'd like for you to be my client." Sakura fumbled blinking.

"Excuse me?"

"Will you work for me? We can work out the details over lunch." Hinata purposed with a smile.

"I… Uhm… Is that really okay?" Hinata nodded.

"Of course it is! Would you like too?" Sakura nodded.

"Great! You can leave your stuff up there with mine. No one will bother it."

After Sakura had put her stuff with her boss' items, the two left leaving whispers and rumors in their wake. This wasn't right. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. What had gotten into her? It's a peculiar thing.

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