It was January 2nd,2013, 9:34 PM. Tomorrow was a forulough day at school. Pamela and Jeremy Manson were at a fundraiser downtown and Sam was in her room sitting on her black satin sheets,going through a box of old record,s she had gotten from a garage sale(despite her parents plea,s)She smiled,pulling out 'Glass Houses' by Billy Joel"Ohh,Danny like,s this guy I think"She stood,placing the cardboard box on the floor. She walked over to her closet,pressing a small metal button on the wall,causing the closet doors to open. Sam opened the cover on the record player her Grandmother got her 3 years ago for her birthday

She took the record out of the cover,flipping it to side B. She gently put it on the turnstile,turning it on and placing the needle on the first ridge. Electric guitar music filled the room and she chuckled"Seem,s kind of cheesy"she was still dressed in her day clothes,and they were beganning to itch. Sam looked in the closet,grabbing a long black nightie with spaggeti straps. She walked to the bed,sitting down.

Sam proceeded to lift her tank top off,a small black back clasping bra under it. Her breasts were small and she sighed,looking down at them"Stupid things.."no boy would want a girl with tiny breasts. Danny had silently sneaked in while in his ghost form,and was standing behind her. The shocking sight of her bare back caused him to become human,landing on the floor with a thump. Sam jumped slightly,turning around"DANNY!"He looked up blushing"H..Hi"he waved a little. Sam blushed to,grabbing her tank top and putting it back on

"I heard your parent,s were out,so I thought we could hang out"he stood,brushing himself off"Oh yeah,suck,s Tucker is sick though..again"Danny grinned,kicking his shoes off"I know,he is always sick on the day of a test"Sam giggled,making Danny's heart pound"Hey!Your playing my favorite record"he walked over to the closet,smiling"Side A is upbeat,and Side B is depressing and slow"he laughed,before hearing 'Through the long night'start up

It was his favorite song and he turned to Sam"I love this played in the car on the first day of highschool"He turned it up,smiling"Dance with me"Sam chuckled"What?"He walked to her,standing in front of her. At 16,he was 5'9,tall compared to Sam,who was 5'3"Come on..just one dance"Sam sighed,rolling her eyes"Fine.."he grinned,placing his hands on her hips,which were curved and soft. She blushed softly

"Wrap your arms around my neck"She did so,making Danny smile wide. He rubbed her bare skin with his thumbs,making her shiver"Your hands are cold"he blushed,looking down at her"S..Sorry"he swayed slowly,closing his eyes. Sam pressed her head against his chest,closing her eyes also

He swayed slowly,loving the feel of her tiny body against him"Your heart's pounding Danny"he blushed,inhaling"Yeah?"Sam nodded,looking up at him. Ron stared off into space,listening to the words"Oh,what has it cost you,I almost lost you,a long,long time ago..Oh,you should have told me,but you had to bleed to know...All your past sins..are since should be sleeping..its all right..sleep tight,through the long night with me..with me"tears filled his eyes and he swallowed. Sam looked up

"Danny?W..Whats wrong?"he looked down,blushing"Nothing..just...this song is so makes me think about life eventually..we'll all be dead and forgotten"Sam frowned"Oh Danny.."she hugged him tight,nuzzling his chest. He sniffled,wrapping his arms around her"Thanks Sam..your always here for me"he smiled slightly as she looked up at him. He blushed,focusing on her lips,the purple lipstick was begging to be kissed off. Sam watched him,staring into his eyes. He quickly pressed his lips to her,s,moaning"Da-mmm"

He held her head to him,moaning more. After 4 second,s he pulled away"W..W..Wow.."Sam panted,blushing hard"..That was..incredible"Danny grinned"I can do better"he grabbed her again,dipping her. He kissed her hard,pushing his soft tongue into her mouth. Sam moaned,gripping his arms. Danny put her back up,moaning hard"Mmm Danny"she mumbled against his lips"Oh Sam,your lips are so delicous"he broke contact with her lips,moving to her cheek and down to her neck"Ohh Danny,ohh"he gripped her hips,his cock growing with every second. He backed her against the wall,gripping her ass

Sam moaned,pulling on his shirt. He pulled away,pulling it off,tossing it behind him. He kissed her again,rubbing her back. He gripped her shirt,pulling it off"Fuck babe"he kissed her more,making her groan"I..I know my breasts are small.."he panted"No babe,theyre perfect,I just wanna suck them"he panted,scooping her up,taking her to the bed. He laid her down,smiling"Sam..I love you so much"Sam gasped softly"I love you to.."he smiled wide"W..Will my girl?"Sam covered her mouth,nodding"Yes!"Danny responded by kissing her hard. He fumbled with his pants,blushing

He finally got them undone,standing to take them all the way off. He grunted,falling and rolling off the bed"Ouch!"Sam gasped,looking down at him"Are you okay?!"he blushed,tossing his pants to the side"Yep!"he stood,flexing his muscles. Sam smiled,kissing him hard"Mmm"he laid down on bed,pulling on her skirt. He blushed,seeing her black panties through her nylons" thats what they look like"Sam blushed and he chuckled

Danny inhaled,pulling on the stockings,licking his lips as they came off. He tossed them to the side,rubbing her pale legs"Oh Sam..your so gorgeous"he kissed her,smiling"I..Ummm..Its my first'll try and be amazing"Sam blushed"I am a virgin were my first real kiss"Danny sat up"WHAT!?A..are you serious?Y...your..a virgin?"she nodded and he blushed"I gotta make this special baby"he stood,opening one of her drawers,getting out a lighter. He lit the candles she had on the nightstands,shutting the lamp off

He crawled under the sheet,s,where Sam was waiting"I umm..I don't have any condoms"Sam kissed him to shut him up"Mmm"he moaned,rolling on top of her,running his hands down to her panties,slowly sliding them off, dropping them on the floor. Sam smiled shyly,gripping his boxers,pulling them off

"I love you so much"he kissed more,wrapping his arms around her. He fumbled with her bra,trying to unhook it. Finally,after a minute,he took it off,staring at her tiny breasts"Wow..."he carefully cupped her breasts,pressing a kiss to each one"Oh Danny"he smiled gently,pressing a hand to her pussy"Damn babe..your soaked"she blushed and he climbed ontop of her,rubbing his 8 inch cock on her clit"I'll be gentle Sam"he kissed her hard,rubbing her cheek,slowly sliding in"Ohhh"he couldnt help but moan as her soft insides covered his cock. He inhaled,pushing to her hymen,feeling the barrier"I love you so much"he kissed her hard,swirling his tongue. He pushed gently,breaking her hymen. She whimpered,a tear appearing in her left eye

Blood trickled onto the dark sheets and Danny rubbed her hips"Shhh baby"He stayed still for 2 minutes before he felt her relax. He slowly pushed in all the way,grunting"So...tight"he kissed her lips softly,smiling. He slowly slide out,pushing back in"OH!DANNY!"he moaned,pulling out again,before thrusting in"Oh Sam!"he kissed her hard,thrusting slowly,getting tythm

"Ohh Yes oooh"he groaned softly,gripping her back"Oh yes!Yes!"he kissed her more,pulling on her tongue with his teeth. He moaned,pumping slowly"OH GOD SAM!"She whimpered,digging her nails into his back. He panted as she pressed kisses to his neck,cheek and lips"Oh Daniel ohhh!"he moaned more,sweat starting to cover them both

"I..I..I t..think I...Im gonna.."Sam whimpered and Danny nuzzled her"L..Let,s cum together Sammy"he pumped faster,the headboard smacking the wall"Oh!Oh!Danny!" "Oh Sammy!"he grunted,expelling his seed into her ridged hole. Sam moaned,almost wailing,as her clear juice dripped onto the sheets

Danny pulled out slowly,kissing her"Oh...Sam..I...I love you so much"she smiled a sleepy smile"I love you to"he rolled off of her,grinning"Sleep my love,I promise I'll be here when you wake up"she nuzzled him as he sat up,blowing the candles out"Mmm"he smiled,holding her to his chest"Sleep well Sam"she was already asleep,passed out from exhuastion. He chuckled softly,shutting his eyes,sleep quickly overshadowing him