"Billionaire Boys Club"

Part 1

Lex Luthor sat in the middle of the most boring LuthorCorp board meeting he'd ever been witness to. Unable to stand it for much longer, he rose from his seat, interrupting the drone who was speaking and excused himself, telling everyone to take a fifteen minute break, as the meeting had already run over it's allotted time slot. If he was lucky, it would be just enough to time have his secretary shuffle the rest of his schedule and maybe check his voice mail.

"Vera?" he asked, slipping into the office adjacent his father's.

"Yes, Mr. Luthor? Meeting over with?" the gray-haired woman asked, peering up at from over the top of her reading glasses.

"Not yet." Lex forced a thin smile. "I'll need you to shuffle my schedule for the rest of the day. Cancel whatever you need to."

"Yes, Mr. Luthor."

Yes, Mr. Luthor, Lex thought, inwardly grumbling. He hated being called that. It reminded of his father and he really didn't need anymore reminders. Going into the inner office, he glanced at the clock on the wall, noting that he still had more than ten minutes of freedom. Not that the meeting would resume without him. Pulling out his cell phone, he pressed the memory key associated with his home voice mail. He listened as the automated voice informed him that he had one new message waiting. He pressed "1" and keyed in his personal pin number, and learned that the call had come through only a half hour ago. Then the message... two words: call me. Spoken in a low, rumbling growl that could only belong to one person--Bruce Wayne.

Lex sank into his chair, sighing heavily. Two months. That's how long it'd been since he'd heard Bruce's voice, and the sound of just those two words sent a thrill through his body.

Call me.

Lex didn't need to be told twice. His finger was hovering over another memory button when the door opened and Dominic stepped inside like he belonged there. Lex snapped his cell phone shut, glaring at his father's lackey.

"Ah, Lex, there you are. I've been looking all over for you," Dominic said in a slightly condescending voice.

"Well, you've found me, Dom. What is it this time?"

"You needn't be so snippy, Lex," the annoying man told him. "You're father sent me to give you these." He handed Lex a folder. Inside were first class plane tickets and a handful of business documents, printed out e-mail memos and a yellow sticky note with the words "get on this now" written in red by his father. Underlined. Twice.

Lex scanned the e-mails first. Rumors of a takeover by Wayne Enterprises. Not LuthorCorp as a whole, but a small subsidiary just outside Gotham city limits. Lex knew the place. He also knew without looking at the rest of the documentation that this particular holding had once belonged to Bruce's father. Lionel'd snatched it up shortly after Thomas Wayne's untimely death, when WE stock had been at an all-time low. Lex chuckled as one of the e-memos speculated that "Young Wayne" wanted it back now. He glanced at the plane tickets. Open-ended to Gotham... for this weekend.

Still smiling, he looked up at Dominic. "Did he say anything else before he left?"

"Only that you needn't return until you've put a stop to it."

"Thank you, Dom." Lex waved the other man out of the room. Call me, eh, Bruce? All right, I will, he thought as he closed the folder and stood. The board meeting, he decided, wasn't going to last as long as he'd originally thought. Rather, it was adjourning early. There were more important things to attend to.

The game had begun.


Lex called as soon as he reached his penthouse apartment. The phone rang three times and then:

::Bruce Wayne::

"I should hope so."

::Lex!:: He could hear Bruce's smile through the cellular phone. He could just about visualize it, too... the curl of his lips, dark eyes lit with mirth. ::I was hoping I'd hear from you!::

I'll bet you were, Lex thought with a chuckle. "So... " Lex asked him. "You busy this weekend?" They'd been playing this game for a while now. One of them would call and ask if the other had plans. The reply would always be:

::Yes, actually. I'm having company over.:: Lex waited the length of a heart beat. That wasn't the answer he usually got.

"Company?" he asked. "Anyone I know?"

::The Gotham Historical Society. Their annual benefit is this Saturday, and I've been volunteered to host. You're coming, of course.:: Now Lex could *feel* that smile. It even felt smug and so self-confident.

"Now why I would I possibly be going to Gotham this weekend?"

::You're not?::

"Of course I am, but how'd you know? I only just found out myself." Lex could scarcely keep himself from laughing.

::I'm psychic, Lex. How's tricks over at LuthorCorp these days?::

"Oh, you know. Same old stuff. Dad thinks some upstart's after one of our holdings."

::You don't say? Grant Technologies?::

"The same. Amazing how you knew that." Lex was grinning as he pulled a few complete outfits from his walk-in closet.

::I've heard some rumors. I suppose Lionel's sending his top men to deal with it?::

"The very top. His own son."

::Really?:: The growl was back in Bruce's voice. ::When should I expect you?::

"Tomorrow, I should think," Lex told him.

::Excellent. Do we have time tonight?::

Lex thought Bruce would never ask. "Where are you?" he inquired, his voice dropping an octave.

::In my bedroom. It's been a rough day. I was just contemplating a shower, though.:: It was casually said, but Lex could hear the hopeful arousal in his lover's voice.

"A bath," Lex told him, almost commanding. "Draw the water, nice and hot. Are you undressed?"

::I can be.:: came the reply. Lex wished was there now, with Bruce. He wanted to see the eyes he knew were darkening with desire. He wanted to see...

Lex smiled wickedly at the thought of Bruce naked in the bathtub, hot soapy water touching every inch of his muscular body. He really liked these phone calls. They were the best part of his day, even if they came few and far between. The last one had come one night--two months ago--while Lex was working considerably late at his office. He remembered being grateful that it was midnight and the office was empty, as he was almost certain anyone still in the building would have heard the scream Bruce's wicked words had elicited from him.

And now it was time to repay that sweet torture.

"Start with your shirt. Remove it slowly, and tell me what you're doing. I want to hear each step you take." Lex closed his eyes, listening as Bruce undressed himself. By the third button, his companion's voice was rough and guttural. Lex grinned, making himself comfortable on the bed. He was going to enjoy this very, very much.


The phone beside the bed rang--jolting Lex from a pleasantly dream-filled sleep--at an ungodly hour of the morning. Grabbing for it, eyes still screwed shut in protest, Lex answered "What?" His eyes flew open when he heard his father's voice. "Dad? It's... " he glanced at the clock on his night stand. "...not even six yet. What could possibly be so important that it couldn't wait until I was awake?" Lionel asked if Dominic had delivered the messaged he'd left for Lex. "Yes, he did. Is that all?" Lex was informed that his father expected him to take any threat to their fortune very seriously. "Oh, I do, Dad. Very seriously. Just not at six in the morning. Yes, I am well aware it's nearly in noon in Paris." His father sarcastically asked if he was going to inquire about the flight. "How was your flight, Dad?" Lex mimicked, right down to the sarcastic tone of voice. Lionel had taken the company jet. It wasn't as if he'd spent fourteen hours in coach. Not surprisingly, his father didn't tell him how the flight was, just launched into a lecture about what he expected from Lex's Gotham trip. Lex had other expectations, but he didn't reveal those to his father. Instead, he told his father he'd take care of everything. Then he yawned pointedly. "Sorry, Dad. I only have couple more hours until I need to be at the airport. And it *is* early." His father hung up on him, leaving Lex with the feeling that he'd just been dismissed. He set the phone back on the hook, frowning darkly.

He'd take care of everything, all right. His father just might not like the way things would turn out under his care, though. Of that, Lex was certain. A slight smile spread across his face. Yes, Dad, he thought to himself as he snuggled back into bed, hoping to catch a couple more hours of sleep, I'll take care of everything--you included.