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Rating: Ummm… T: for suggestiveness and cursing?

Summary: There's a reason Dom and Letty work so well together.

Chapter 1

It was their third year at Race Wars. It was late Saturday afternoon, and their team was cleaning up good. Leon and Vince had made around twelve thousand each. Mia had an extra eight in her wallet – sans Dominic's approval of course. But a girl needs new shoes every once in a while.

And Letty and Dom had won nearly sixty thousand between the two of them. Letty was in for a good – long – night of celebrating.

Letty caught the end of Dom's latest win from a distance away with a smirk on her face. Mia appeared at her side, silent as a damn ninja.

"Are we counting how many races he's won this weekend?" she asked sarcastically.

"I'm just counting the money, baby", Letty grinned.

"Look at him", Mia rolled her eyes, watching her brother move his car out of the way and head back in the direction of their trailers. "He's walking around like he's King Shit, or something."

"Mhm", Letty mumbled, distracted by the sight of Dom walking towards her.

"Letty", Mia hissed exasperatedly, elbowing her in the ribs. "You know how he gets. His ego will be bigger than California by the time this weekend is over."


"Yeah- what are we going to do about it?! It'll take weeks to get his head back down to normal size again."

Letty shrugged. "I kinda like it sometimes."

"Oh, Lord-"

She smirked. "It gets me hot."

Mia groaned. "There's something wrong with the two of you."

"All I know is that when he's all loose and relaxed, and cocky as hell, I sure ain't complaining when we get in bed. The sex is fucking magical", Letty practically purred.

"God", Mia whined. "I don't always need to know everything."

Letty gave a throaty laugh. "Yeah, you just wanna know what you wanna know – exactly when you want to know it."

Mia scrunched her eyebrows. "I think I should be offended by that."

"Be offended all you want", Letty said easily. "I'm getting me some hot sex tonight."

Mia grimaced, but her retort was cut off when Dom finally got through the crowd and stood in front of them.

He looked between them and laughed at the distinctly different looks on their faces. "What?"

Letty grinned wide as a Cheshire cat. "Oh, I was just explaining to Mia here, just how hard you're going to be pounding me into the mattress tonight."

He raised an amused eyebrow. "Is that right?" he asked easily.

Letty grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him down for a rough kiss which he reciprocated. She moaned into his mouth when his hands went under the back of her tank top, sliding over her sweat damp skin, heated from the desert sun.

"You still gotta ask?" she growled when they finally separated from each other's mouths.

His hands settled on her hips, holding her against him as he nuzzled her neck. "What's got you so hot and bothered?" he teased.

"You", she muttered roughly.

"Me?" he let out a low laugh.

"Can we get horizontal somewhere, like now?" she ordered, frustration apparent in her voice. Like she was really going to tell him how hot it made her when he raced. Not like he didn't know already.

His teeth grazed her jaw-line, "Yeah? Can't wait, huh?"

"Ugh, just-"

"You guys are starting to attract a crowd", Mia interrupted, mildly amused. She may have learned to avert her eyes quickly – when Dom and Letty got 'in the zone', they didn't see anyone but each other – but they were in public dammit. And standing in a crowd in the middle of the desert was no place for them to be taking each other's pants off.

Dom grinned over at her and tugged Letty towards their trailer.

"Hey, Mia!" Letty called over her shoulder.

Mia turned back with a put-upon sigh. "What?" she asked warily.

"If the trailer starts rockin', don't come a-knockin'", she smirked, making Dom laugh from behind her.

Mia groaned. "Just go", she grumbled, waving them off. "I need a beer."

Before she could make herself scarce, she saw her brother pick up Letty and lift her into the five-wheel, letting her bypass the steps completely before he followed, slamming the door with a bang.

She shook her head. "Total horn-dogs, and still so damn cute", Mia muttered to herself as she walked away to find Hector's crew before the trailer really did start to rattle.


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