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Summary: There's a reason Dom and Letty work so well together.

Chapter 2

It started like most drama-filled nights did – at the races, with some racer chasers running their mouths. Dominic usually made it a point not to take them seriously, even if Letty said he humored them too much for her liking. But occasionally, they forced his hand. More like, they forced him to grab Letty so she couldn't rip their jelly spines out their throats. Her words, not his.

Apparently the belt-skirts were feeling exceptionally stupid and daring tonight. At least three of them were being vocal enough to Letty's face that the crowd was gathering closer.

Dom rolled his eyes. Did all these girls have to talk like they had a mouth full of bubblegum? And since when was a vest and bikini bottoms count as an outfit? Maybe the cowboy hat made it an ensemble-

He shook his head and tuned back into the conversation.

"- why he even keeps you around. You look down your nose at us like you think you're better, but I've never seen you out there racing", the nasally blonde gestured towards the street.


"Listen here, you little-"

Letty was approaching the girl with menacing intent. Dom stepped in swiftly then, before there could be any bloodshed. He snagged her by the belt loop of her skin tight jeans – she'd been aiming to torture him, and damn was it working – and yanked her back against his chest braced for her fist.

Her head whipped around and she glared at him. "If you know what's good for you, you'll let me go before I decide to make you sleep on the couch tonight", she growled.

He just smirked. She hated when he stepped in on her fun. "I've got a better idea", he said pointedly in her ear, "One that won't end up with me trying to bail you out of jail for assault. I can't imagine that would go well."

Letty relaxed marginally. "Make it quick", she muttered under her breath.

Dom looked over at the girls who were less than pleased, but still managed to look smug. Maybe he should just turn Letty loose-

"You think Letty can't race?" Dom wondered lazily.

"I've never seen her" one of the girls answered.

"Anyone else? Someone care to make a wager on that? Because I'm thinking two grand for the buy in, winner goes home with the pot. We just need three challengers", he eyed the crowd, chancing a quick glance to Letty who was leaning on him, now semi-relaxed and looking dangerously amused. "You wanna race tonight, baby?" he purred in her ear.

"Don't make it too easy on me, papa", she murmured. "You know I like a challenge."

He snorted. "I'll see what I can do."

It took only minutes to weed through the crowd to find a few semi-decent racers that thought they'd be getting easy money. Finally, Hector was holding the eight thousand, and the cars were lined up, drivers waiting for their cue.

"That's cruel, dawg", Leon smirked as they waited at the finish line. "Those guys are gonna be pissed."

Dom just nodded. "People shouldn't run their mouths if they can't back their shit up."


Less than two minutes later, the race had started and ended, Letty's car crossing the finish line by what may have been a mile ahead of the other three leaving the crowd a bit stunned. Dominic just grinned. "That's my girl", he said with a nod, heading to meet her as noise erupted.

Dom scooped her up from behind and set her on his shoulder, grinning at the sound her surprised shriek. "Put me down, asshole!" she ordered with a laugh.

He set her on the ground, getting a glare for the discreet pat on the rear he had given her. "Go get your cash, baby", he smirked. Then he looked back at the crowd. "Anyone else want their ass handed to them?" When no one else opened their mouth in challenge, Dom snorted. "I thought not", he muttered under his breath, sort of amused that his girl had literally beat the crowd into submission – at least for one night.


Music was booming from the speakers, the house was filled to capacity, and a few people were dancing in the living room. Letty was in good spirits, still riding the high from her win. And since this party was more or less in her honor, the skanks were in short supply. Dominic stood on the sidelines with a beer in hand and just watched her. He was more than content letting her run things for the night.

Vince came from the kitchen after passing Letty a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. Dom wondered absently where the hell that had come from as Vince headed in his direction warily. "Some of Hector's guys challenged to a shots contest", he explained. "I would have tried to stop her, but… I'm kind of afraid she'll scratch my eyeballs out." He shuddered.

Dom snorted. "It's fine. They'll end up on the floor before she'll even feel it."

"That's 'cause she's been drinking with us since she was fifteen", Vince shook his head wryly. "She's practically immune."

"Yeah, and she's pretty damn pleased with herself right now", Dom added with a grin. "Adrenaline burns the alcohol right out of her blood."

"And we're heading into territory I don't want to hear about", Vince muttered, walking away.

Dom barked out a laugh. Yeah, maybe his and Letty's personal relationship left a little to be desired by way of discretion most times.


Twenty minutes later had Letty looking even smugger than before, and a few guys glaring at her half-heartedly as they leaned drunkenly against the counter.

She turned her head then, meeting his eyes for a brief second, flashing a grin before continuing what she was doing.

He groaned. God, he wanted her. He didn't think anyone besides her could get him revved up so damn fast. Dom walked up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. "I want you naked in my bed in five minutes", he growled heatedly into her ear.

Her head tilted just slightly to catch his look. The lust in his eyes nearly stole her breath. She managed a smirk. "What's in it for me?"

He pressed himself against her, keeping his voice low enough to reach her ears only. "I'll make you scream until you're hoarse tomorrow."

Her eyebrow cocked, "Promise?"

"Get upstairs", he ordered. "Let's find out."


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