Long-time no see! Well, here's my new story- Forces of Attraction. I hope you like. Set after the joys of Bitter Blood, except pretend that Claire has not asked to go to MIT, but is instead waiting on a favour from Amelie. An undisclosed favour. Apart from that, everything else is as before- Shane did ask Claire to marry him- unfortunately, and Michael did kiss Claire.


We still weren't talking, and somehow that seemed a whole lot worse then it actually was. It wasn't just Shane and I, who were trying our very best to talk, and not start arguing or for him to try and show his trust in me, it was Michael and Eve too. Michael, was avoiding me, and still wouldn't look me in the eye. And Eve, she had got half way to forgiving me, Michael had been forgiven almost instantly, well, a week or two, before they were once again back to normal. But, there was a barrier between us, a barrier that had never been there before.

I think she saw me as competition, even though she was married to him, and he was totally dedicated to her, and he had kissed me, under mind control, but still. But, yet, she hadn't forgiven me, for the fact that I hadn't instantly pulled back, as if I should have been prepared. It stung that she didn't believe me when I said that I only liked him as a friend, not as potential secret-lover potential.

Yet, she couldn't understand that, and that, stung.

So, dinner was awkward, because Michael wouldn't look at me, Eve barely spoke, and Shane was still trying to show he trusted me- which he was failing at. He couldn't seem to stop himself from asking what I was doing(science), where I was going (the lab) or who with (Myrnin). Nor, could he stop himself from constantly trying to prove his trust for me, which usually failed, because the fact was- he didn't trust me.

I'd always tried to persuade myself that that wasn't the case, that he was being curious, or boy friendly, or over-protective. But, the cold, almost cruel fact, was that he didn't trust me. And in turn, I didn't trust him now, either. And that, somehow seemed not sad, not even slightly annoying, but instead: normal. As if, somehow I had always known that he didn't trust me. He certainly didn't trust me at the lab, which in retrospect, perhaps was right, since Myrnin had kissed me, and I hadn't pushed him away, but then again he'd gone before I could. But, was I actually going to? Would I have pushed him away?

Realising that I was dwelling and moving through potentially murky, and dangerous water, I stopped myself. I couldn't, dwell on the kiss. Shane may not trust me, but he still loved me, and not just 'for my mind', as Myrnin had put it. He loved me for so much more, my body, my personality, my strength, my smile, my kisses, my…but not my mind. And, was that not more important, as even if my body faded, would not my mind remain?

Blinking, to clear my mind I walked down the stairs to the portal- they were up and running again. A donor had been found, well, had been got, and their brain used- purely for running and calculations, not for the holographic element that frank and Ada had enjoyed. Myrnin had been very happy for that to take place- to not resurrect their mind and brain, but only to utilise it's processing power, and also the use of their knowledge of the town.

It was a compromise, at least. It wasn't my brain afterall- yet.

Calling up the image of the lab, I smiled as I saw that he had remembered to turn the lights on, as sometimes, only sometimes, he didn't. He forgot, or simply sat in the dark, staring at the portal. I wondered if, maybe, his stay in the oubliette had maybe opened up the vault inside him, the mad side, that he often kept under wraps, but sometimes sprung to life.

Closing the portal, I turned round, and my hopes of a passably normal work day ceased. It wasn't that the lab was extra messy, or that he was suspended from the ceiling, like a bat (he'd done that last week), but that the lab was…eerily clean, and tidy. The books were stacked, the equipment in its place. It was tidy, but in its centre, was Myrnin- and he looked anything but tidy and clean.

He was stood, in positive stillness, staring at the wall, his head cocked to the side. I gave him the usual once-over.- just to check he was actually wearing the right things. It had become an increasingly bad habit, for the simple reason, that sometimes, he wasn't wearing the right things- he'd be missing an essential. Like a shirt, usually. This meant I had to coax him into one, which usually involved a lot of persuasion, since in reality, in a purely objective manner, his chest, and stomach area was, to put it simply- Fascinating.

His chest and stomach were muscular, with a six pack, but so pale, so entirely white- that it was dazzling.

However, today, he was wearing the essentials- although it looked as if he just thrown on the first things he found, not always in the right place. Today he was wearing a pair of bright red velvet trousers, that had several, darker stains on. I hoped it was water and chemical spills that stained it- not another red substance. His top half was covered by a frock coat, in a rich golden brocade, complete with lacy cuffs- now stained brown, yellow and green. His feet were wearing odd socks on, with a pair of Jesus sandals. He had a tie wrapped round his head.

Putting down my backpack, I gently moved towards him- he didn't seem to notice me, not until I was stood in front of him. I'd presumed he'd be wearing something beneath his frock coat- he wasn't. Taking a slightly deeper breath then normal I said,

"Myrnin?" He blinked, and his eyes flickered down to mine, before his brow creased.

"Claire?" He asked, his mouth framing the word slowly, an accent that I rarely noticed blooming in front of me.

"Are you alright, Myrnin?" I asked, trying to guess his answer.

"Alright? Such a hard sounding word, don't you think Claire? Alright, trying to classify all that is right, in one word. I suppose that the best way in which I could give a response is that no, I am not alright. There is a darkness inside me Claire- I have kept it hidden for so long, from you, but sometimes it slips- you've seen it happen sometimes. But, my Claire, I think that it has slipped all the way, and is trying to find an opportune moment, in which it can present itself, and make itself known. So, Claire. I am not alright. But, I suppose, I will have to be- for your sake." He finished, smiling down at me, before blinking twice and seeming to change.

"Now, what should we do today then, little apprentice?" He said, smiling down at me, his maudlin manner disappearing.

"I don't know, Myrnin. But, maybe you could put a shirt on?"

"But, why?" He said, suddenly moving closer to me, until he was a lot closer then I was usually accustomed to.

"Because, you wouldn't want to ruin your frock coat?" I said, not meaning to phrase it as a question.

"Hmm, I suppose." He said, before quickly taking it off, just in front of me. His eyes focused on mine, as if testing me. I didn't look away.

A slow smile glanced across his features. Before he promptly disappeared and reappeared, wearing a neon surfing shirt, completer with tiny pictures of hoola-girls. The tie, however, was still secured round his head, as if he didn't realise it was there. Which, perhaps, he didn't.

"Better?" He asked, as he began to poke at the neatly lined books.

"Yes, but you still have a tie, tied round your head." I said, trying to stifle a laugh as he frowned, before trying to rip it off his head. But, it soon grew less funny, because it was clear that it was distressing him, as he tried to untie the tight knot.

"Here, let me try." I said, moving forwards, were his animalistic movements stopped.

"As you wish." He replied softly. I smiled at him s I gently reached up onto my toes, pulling his head down slightly, so as to see the knot. Gently, I moved my hands round the knot, just caressing the sides of his hair, which was surprisingly soft to the touch.

Gently, I moved my hand under the tie, making sure that no hair was caught in it, before beginning to untie the knots. The knots were complicated, and it soon became clear, it was futile.

"I'm going to have to cut it." I said, sighing at the look of abject horror on his face.

"Cut it?" He said, sounding vaguely shocked.

"Yes, the knots are too complicated for me, or you, for that matter to do." He sighed, before disappearing from beneath my hands.

Blinking, I noticed him in the corner of my eye, searching through a drawer, before slamming it shut, and moving to the next. He was back within a second, a pair of rusty scissors clasped in his hand.

"Don't cut the hair please." He said, staring at me his dark eyes moving for round me.


"Because it doesn't grow, notably. Once it is cut- it's gone, possibly forever." He said, a hint of sadness colouring his tone.

"How can it not grow?" I asked, trying to distract him as I started sawing at the tie round his head.

"Claire, I did not say it did not grow, at all. Only that it did not grow noticeably, and, are you trying to distract me?"

I laughed at that, before taking the tie from his head, and gently smoothing down the hair it had ruffled. It was soft and thick, and felt like, like I had never imagined it would. It felt like Myrnin. Pure, and confusing.

"Claire?" He sighed, his eyes were shut, and his face seemed calm.

"Yes, Myrnin?" I said, pulling my hands through his hair until my hand rested by my side.

"I am so sorry." He said, his eyes opening to a shocking scarlet.


His hands enclosed around my head and neck, tilting my head to the side in a blindingly fast motion, before sinking his sharp fangs into the scars on my neck.

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