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Walking through the portal was a metaphor- I was quite literally walking from my past into a phase of my future. It felt odd, to think that I would never have to go through that frequency again, back to the Glass House, this was my home now, no matter how temporary that situation might be.

The lab, much to my surprise was normal, cluttered and untidy, but with no trace of anything overtly wrong in it, which had become unusual, as of late.

"Myrnin?" I asked, turning to see him peering through a microscope, his brow furrowed as he looked up.


"Where's all my stuff?" I asked, walking round the tables, checking that nothing of mine had somehow found it's way onto one- you never knew with him.

"by 'stuff' I presume you mean your belongings? I took them to your quarters." With a dawning comprehension he quickly started another sentence- "Ah, how rude of me, I have not shown them to you, I fear that they are rather rudimentary compared to your previous abode, however, I'm sure you'll find them to your liking." He said, before twirling around and grabbing my arm, out of no-where ,to drag me quickly to a small, hobbit sized, door in the wall.

"How am I supposed to get through there" I asked, eying the door. He shrugged and returned to the lab table, clearly he didn't think that was his concern.

Walking closer to the wooden door almost half my height, I noticed that it was in fact, a few steps down from the lab height, carefully stepping down onto them I was, fairly, pleased to see the door was not in fact as small as it had looked. Turning the knob I stepped in, and nearly had a heart attack. There were about four steps down into the room, and I'd missed all of them.

He could have told me there were steps, I thought pensively as I groped along the wall for a light switch, the room was dimly lit, despite there not being any lit lights. Sighing I realised that the room might not even have electricity, which would mean candles, or oil lamps, but did I really trust him with candles and flammable materials?

Suddenly an arm brushed behind my back, and flicked a switch, the room then being flooded with a dim glowing light.

"I thought you might require help in your endeavour to find light- such a pity, humans such as yourselves being completely reliant upon it." Turning I came face-to-face with a smiling Myrnin, his face mere inches from mine.

"Thanks, but I'm not dependant on light!" I said, I hated him to see a weakness, not because I didn't trust him- I did- but that I feared that a darker side might use it to his advantage hen he wasn't as controlled.

"Of course not Cariad." He said before leaving with a flip of his lab coat.


Turning back to the room I wasn't sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn't this.

The room was round, and stone, but with a high set window, letting in a dim diffused light into the room. The room itself was small, with comfy looking old fashioned chairs and seats in, a low table sat in the middle of the room, and bookcases lined the walls. The floor was carpeted and there were two doors leading off from the room, each just as small as the original door. Walking through the room to reach one of the other doors I was suddenly aware of how old fashioned the room seemed, and how very feminine. The chairs were a dusky rose colour, and looked feminine, not masculine like the furniture I would expect Myrnin to have. Walking to the door I realised with a shock that one of my books was in the nearest bookcase, the vivid black cover stark against the classically bound leather ones that otherwise adorned the shelves. I wondered briefly who had unpacked my books, and various other limited belongings. I wondered if it would be best not to ask.

The nearest door to me stuck a little as I turned the knob, but was easy enough to push open. The room was once again in darkness, however it was easy enough to find the light switch this time, even if the light emitted was a soft amber colour. The room the light covered was stone like before, dominated by a large four poster bed, this time in a plum like colour. The bed, rested on an ornate rug, and a mirror hung on one of the walls, but there was no other furniture, no wardrobe, not even a night stand. Stepping into the room in a slight disbelief I realised the problem, the room was dusty, and smelt faintly of must. Coughing slightly I walked towards the bed and felt the velvet hangings. A vivid image came to mind- one of Ada, for who else would have such a room? I wondered briefly if Myrnin had come in her since her death, but from the look of the dust, I doubted it. Staring at the gilded mirror on the wall, I wondered how Ada must have coped; surely she must have had another room, a dressing room perhaps? Perhaps that was where the other door had led. Moving from the bed I walked back towards the door before-

Look at the mirror. There is a catch upon it.

Startled I spun around, thinking that Myrnin was in the room with me- he wasn't. He was inside my head. Lovely. Turning to look again at the mirror, I noticed something that I hadn't before. A large dent to the side of it, walking over I carefully put my fingers inside it, and felt my hand go through completely, before it latched into something solid. Pulling the solid thing I realised that the mirror was a door, and the door was opening.

The room was already lit, and already looked as if someone had been in recently, which was odd considering there was no other door. But then again, this was Myrnin, and he did odd things like that. The room in front of me was undoubtedly a dressing room, complete with several wardrobes and a large vanity table, still cluttered with makeup and jewellery cases from what must have been at least a hundred years ago. A large flowery suitcase that I had never seen before stood desolately in the middle, a small holdall in a shocking shade of violet sat beside it.

I was silently thankful that Myrnin hadn't tried to unpack my clothes, even if it seemed he had unpacked everything else. But then again, I had little else. Perhaps, a dozen books or so, a new laptop, a new phone, some picture frames, a blanket and various other things- but little else. It was sad, in a way.

Stepping down to pick up the case I realised it was rather heavy, and so impossible to lift. Sighing I opened it on the floor and unpacked slowly, savouring each piece of clothing as I put it in a wardrobe- an experience in itself, as they still had Ada's clothes in. Finishing that I went to the vanity and was saddened to see that it looked as if Ada had had every intention of coming back, a pair of earring was carelessly tossed on the wood, a powder puff up ended, the powder tin itself was still open, the powder gone, evaporated, dust now. It was a testament to her memory.

The only thing out of place was a single teardrop earring, a hair wrapped round it, stained in blood.

I shivered and looked away- I'd have to sort it out at some point, the clothes too, but for now it felt right to leave them, a testament to the room's last occupant.

Leaving the dressing room, and my room, I realised there was another door, which seemed odd, considering it seemed a bit far away from her room, and dressing room. The door itself, I found, was immovable, rusted shut. Giving up I decided I'd ask Myrnin if I could portal inside, or take the hinges off, or…something. Liquid nitrogen could do the trick, but it was difficult to carry, not that Myrnin would have any problem with that.

Stepping back into the lab I noticed that Myrnin was still at his lab table, looking in the same microscope. Taking a deep breathe I asked,


"Yes?" he called, not looking at me.

"Thank you for the rooms, they're quite something. But,"

"One does not open, does it? I feared as much, Ada always was very secretive of the contents of that room. I believe I knew once, however, I fear I cannot remember with clarity. Perhaps it would be best if I did not re-discover it's purpose, I fear it may appeal to my less savoury side."

He looked up from his microscope then, his eyes unfocused, stuck in past memories. I wasn't sure if I wanted to know what they were about, I knew Myrnin had had unsavoury tastes before.

But, I didn't know if I wanted to know in detail.

Or if at some point I might be made all too aware of what those 'less savoury' things were.

I hoped not, at any rate.

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