Alex Rider former junior spy for MI6 looked longingly at his beautiful new girlfriend Gabriella Montez who was standing next to him. Her beautiful flawless olive skin, her long pretty dark curly hair, her long toned smooth legs and her chocolate brown eyes really turned him on. The two of them had just come out of a huge megadome where the band Duran Duran were playing. Alex had been introduced to Duran Duran's music by his uncle Ian (who was also an MI6 Agent had died when Alex was fourteen).

To say Alex was thrilled to be working for the people who had hired his uncle was a lie because Alex had never wanted to be an agent at all. Matter of fact he didn't know what he wanted to be at the time so to compensate he joined the police force instead after leaving school and was now a trainee detective.

"How's that for some Brit culture Mr Rider" Gabriella asked smiling. That smile always made Alex's heart melt he hadn't felt like this towards a girl since Sabina Pleasure and she was now dead too.

Alex took Gabriella's hand and the two walked all the way back to Alex's car. Which was a black Chrysler. The moment they got in Alex sneaked a glance at Gabriella's bum it looked so nice and tight in the Leapord short skirt she wore. "Fancy coming back to my place love?" Alex suggested with a grin. Gabriella giggled at the idea which obviosly meant yes.

When they arrived at Alex's house (which he had bought with the money Ian had left him to be accessed when he came of age). Alex led Gabriella by the hand into the living room which was nicely decorated with all the comforts of the UK from the union jack to posters of The Who, Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Mcfly.

"You really outdid yourself babe" Gabriella remarked looking round admiringly at the room. Just then Alex took that moment to grope Gabriella's bum which made her squeal and giggle. "You Brits are so cheeky literally" Gabriella said laughing and then kissing him. After a moment when they parted Alex smiled at her,admired her legs which looked so sexy in her black heels and leapord skirt and said "Christ I love you" and then kissed her again while stroking her hair. He then ran his hand up her leg and went underneath her skirt till he reached her thong.

"Let's do this upstairs" Gabriella whispered sexily. Alex nodded and with that Gabriella ran upstairs tripping when nearly got to the top of the stairs mainly because Alex grapped the back of her ankle while running up behind her. "That wasn't fair" Gabriella mocked pouted. Alex grinned and picked up her up bridal style and carried her into his room he then put her on the bed and yanked off her heels. "You know your moments don't you Mr Rider" Gabriella said in her best Bond girl voice.

"Oh yeah" Alex purred tickling Gabriella's bare feet and making her scream and giggle madly. He then unzipped her skirt letting it drop to the floor leaving her in her bra and panties which were black and lacy.

"Fancy staying the night babe" Alex asked. "Yeah" came the reply and with that Alex stripped himself down and began kissing Gabriella softly and then deeply.

The young couple lay there in bed deeply loved up with each other.