Rob's My Last Yummy Birthday Tot



"How do you like your birthday present?" I ask, pounding into Bella from behind. The iron bars of our headboard are crumbling in her clenched fists—the handcuffs are pretty much useless. But at least she looks hot as fuck.

Bella peers over her shoulder at me, a coy smile on her face. "One of your more inspired ideas."

My thrusts falter when she squeezes my cock with her virgin-like vamp va-jay-jay. "I'm sorry about the celebration, babe. You know I couldn't let your first birthday go by without planning something...and then Alice and...pigs on spits and poi and decapitations and...ugh."

Suddenly I'm flat on my back with Bella on top of me, riding me like a cock-starved cowgirl. "You know how much I hate that shit," she scolds.

Placing my hands on her hips, I piston us toward the stone wall. Wrapping her legs around my waist, she buries her face in my neck as I drive into her harder and faster. "Fuck, baby. You gonna bite me?"

Before the words are out of my mouth, Bella's teeth sink into my skin. Unable to hold off any longer, I release inside her.

"You're forgiven but you're gonna hafta do this about twenty more times tonight to make it up to me," she says, then licks my wound clean. Closing her eyes, she rests her head against the wall, "Mmm...that was yummy."

It's been a long ass day, but lying here with my vampire wife (and the mother of my teenage-toddler), I can honestly say I am nothing but moosh.


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