"Isn't this our first date, Kagami-kun?" The quiet blue haired boy mused, attempting to make direct eye contact with this date of his, who at the moment was making eye contact kind of difficult by constantly avoiding his gaze out of embarrassment.

"Yeah..." His date, Kagami Taiga, blushed and looked off into space. This wasn't quite as simple as he originally thought it would be. Truth be told, this was the first actual date he has been on in a very, very long time.

Not to mention the only place he could come up with for a date was Maji Burger.

"Two milkshakes." Kuroko raised two fingers, as if strengthening his point. Fortunately for him, the red haired, taller male was way too flustered to even properly reject such a request.

"...Yeah, sure."

It wasn't long before the two of them had their food. For Kuroko, two vanilla milkshakes, and for Kagami... a plate full of a very large amount of burgers. Nothing different from their usual outings here in that sense.

The two of them started to eat. Kuroko slowly sipped his milkshakes, while Kagami started making progress on the pile of burgers, eating nearly quick enough to break his own personal record. Maybe his nerves had something to do with it. Maybe.


Kagami took one more bite of the burger he was currently devouring and set it on the plate along with the others.


Kuroko extended his arm, now offering his milkshake to his date.

It took a minute for Kagami to realize exactly what Kuroko was offering here and his cheeks were soon covered with a blush. Did.. Did Kuroko really.. expect him to...

"Try some." Kuroko spoke innocently, just as innocently as he usually does, in fact.. there wasn't a sign of anything other than innocence in both his expression and voice. Even for him, Kagami thought it was a tad bit weird.

More flustered than ever, Kagami hesitantly reached out to grab hold of the milkshake, the blush across his cheeks increasing as he brought it up to his mouth and took a very quick yet strong sip before putting the now empty milkshake glass down on the table, bringing up a hand to cover as much of his cheeks as he could while he thought back to exactly what just happened.

An indirect kiss. On normal occasions, such a thing wouldn't have been a big deal. In fact, in the past, there were several times the two of them would drink out of the same water bottle. It couldn't be helped, and it's not like it was a problem.

However. This time circumstances were different. This time, he, Kagami Taiga, was flustered enough that every little hint of contact with Kuroko Tetsuya would most likely result in him becoming an even more flustered and nervous mess.

Was this how all first dates were like?

"Did you like it?" Kuroko leaned in, too close for comfort, causing Kagami to lean back against the booth as much as he possibly could.

Oh, the milkshake. "Y-Yeah, it was good.. I guess."