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Back at the Disney Corporate Complex

Only half a second ago MJ had been completely relaxed. Sorrowful, guilty and perhaps fearful...but still relaxed. The Emperor had revealed a disturbing truth to her and Luke, and her heart and stomach sank. But then out of nowhere, they were suddenly forced back into position. By the G-force of the leap. One moment she was lamenting with Luke on the ground, and before she even had time to scream, she was soaring in the air with him, being held by her wrist. It was a wonder how her shoulder wasn't dislocated.

She squinted as the air blasted into her face and her auburn hair flew about wildly behind her. All she could see was Luke's blond hair waving in her face and frenetic flashes of blue and white from the sky. Then they came crashing down. She felt her stomach drop as they stopped soaring upwards, and start to plummet. MJ tensed herself and flinched for the incoming fatal impact.

But it never came. She felt a thump, and the rush of air stopped. When she opened her eyes, she was in Luke's arms, on the roof of a tall building. Tear marks were still fresh on Luke's face, and he panted in a mixture of confusion and fatigue. MJ quickly squirmed free of his grip and stood before him.

"Okay, dead father or not...NO...more of those spiderman bullshit force stunts..." MJ started complaining.

"Ssh..." Luke held a up a finger to his mouth, and scanned the horizon.

Two figures were leaping across the buildings after them. When they came a little closer, Luke saw that one had a blue flaming head and the other a bright red suit and hat. They closed in, and simultaneously reached for their belts.

Luke gaped as he saw what they produced. Hook, the first pursuer, produced the handle to his usual sword, except this time it was different. Instead of a blade, there was a gaping hole in its place on the hand-guard. ZZEW! A crimson blade ignited upon it. The weapon had been converted to Lightsaber. Hades then activated a similar weapon and held it before them as they got closer.

"Oh no..." Luke murmured and grabbed MJ by the wrist again. She looked at her hand, and then back at him.

"Don't you da-" Too late.

Luke force leapt off the building and took MJ along with him. They landed in a dark alley separating the buildings, and MJ dizzily got to her feet, glaring at him as she fixed up her hair and dusted herself off.

"I'm surprised you didn't scream." Luke remarked and MJ scowled at him.

"You didn't exactly give me a chance."

Thud, thud. They quickly snapped their heads around as Hook and Hades gracefully touched down in the alleyway, but luckily they first started looking the other way, giving them time to flee. Luke grabbed MJ's hand again and started running the opposite way.

"Why don't you just kick their asses?" MJ panted as she ran alongside him, looking back over her shoulder. The two villains had noticed them now, and had started making after them.

"A Jedi's power is for knowledge and for defense. Never for attack." Luke told her as they ran around the corner of the building, out of the villains' view.

"Great time to be pacifist..." MJ commented to herself sarcastically.

They soon came across a few possible hiding places. There was a few sheds, a garage and a warehouse all lined up behind the building. Luke quickly checked behind them and saw the villains' shadows growing larger and larger out of the alleyway. He nudged MJ and gestured to the garage. Using the force, he slid open the garage roller door as they ran towards it. As soon as they were past it, he let it slam shut behind them. He could hear Hook and Hades' footsteps as they rushed into the small courtyard.

They were overwhelmed by the sudden blackness of the garage, and the only sounds to be heard were Hook and Hades' faint frustrated cries, along with their own desperate pants.

Click! Suddenly a light broke out. MJ held a cigarette lighter in her hand, and glared at Luke.

"What the hell is going on?" She hissed at him.

"I don't know. Palpatine must have sent them...I don't know what he's up to, but-" Luke started whispering.

"No! I mean why aren't you attacking them! You can probably kill them easy..."

"No Maria. I've taken enough life for one day." Luke murmured and sniffled again. MJ rolled her eyes.

"First of all, I like 'Mara' better and secondly...Even if you did kill your father, is this what he would have wanted? To see you turn into a sad little pacifist? No. From what I've been told he was a highly aggressive fighter. He'd cut your other hand off if he saw you like this..."

"Watch your words woman..." Luke snarled at her.

Meanwhile, Hades and Hook were still searching the entire area outside, leaving no stone unturned. They could hear them making a racket as they searched.

"You can't hide forever cowards!" Hook called out, and MJ nodded inside.

"You know what? The red moron is right. You are a coward. You've never fought a person stronger than you and you run from your mistakes like a little...ugh..." MJ started to feel her throat contract.

Luke had his hand outstretched and a vicious snarl was etched onto his face, illuminated by the dim light of the flame. The fury of Anakin Skywalker had been unleashed.

"Never call me a coward MJ, never." Luke said and released his grip on her. She dropped to her knees and coughed to get her breath back. Luke meanwhile got a grip on his anger and snapped out of it.

He put a hand on his head and wondered what had come over him, MJ meanwhile listened as Hook and Hades' footsteps grew fainter and fainter as they searched the warehouse opposite them. It wouldn't be long before they searched the garage.

"So now what? How do we get out of here?" MJ asked, and gingerly got to her feet, rubbing her throat.

Luke picked up the fallen lighter and stepped deeper into the garage. The dim light revealed the large silhouette of a vehicle, which was also covered by a large gray cloth. MJ stepped over and yanked it off. The revealed car gleamed under the light of the small flame. It was bright red, with a spoiler and long lightning bolt painted down the side, as well as a huge number 95. It was obviously a custom racer. They both whistled their approval in unison. Suddenly the voices broke out again:

"The Garage! Its the only other place!" They would be found any second now. Luke quickly spun around to MJ.

"Can you drive something like this?"


"Good, hot-wire it. Quick!"

"And what about you?" MJ asked as she opened the door to the dormant racecar.

"I'll hold them off."

We'll see who's a coward now...Luke thought and pulled out his lightsaber. He then drew MJ's rather familiar looking saber that he had confiscated from her before, and wondered. Hmm...Then an idea hit him. On the mechanic's bench in front of him was a roll of black duct tape. He looked at the hilts, and then back at the duct tape again and smiled.


Hook and Hades quickly paced towards the garage door and drew their 'lightsaber' hilts. It was time to end this. No Skywalker, nothing more to stand in their way. He was the only one who could stop them. But then there was that American girl...but she was reckless and probably hopeless without Luke. All they had to do was kill him, and then it was all clear for the rest of their operation. This was it. They could only be in there.

"Come out Skywalker! Let's make this quick, shall we?" Hook called out, but suddenly felt a feeling of unease.

The garage door suddenly started to slowly ascend up, and they instantly ignited their bright red blades. ZZEW, ZZEW!

As the door opened, it revealed a figure in a dark tunic. It was Luke. He was just standing there, with his arms folded, and a solemn frown. Hook then smiled wickedly.

"Ah...Skywalker...any final words?" Hook said and raised his lightsaber into an aggressive position.

"I was about to ask you the same thing." Luke replied, making Hook and Hades exchange glances. He then drew a lightsaber hilt, no...Two lightsaber hilts that were crudely duct-taped together at the pommels.

ZZEW! Luke ignited his first, traditional green blade and assumed an aggressive stance. ZZEW! The other blade was then activated. He then proceeded to hold the weapon out in front of him like a saber-staff, one side glowing green and the other blue.

Uh-oh. Hook and Hades both thought at the same time. Palpatine had never mentioned a Jedi with a double blade! Well, a makeshift double blade. A saber staff on a budget.

Luke then leapt through the air, somersaulting and landing right in between them. Instinctively, Hades swung a blow aimed to decapitate Luke as soon as he landed, but he had anticipated that. As soon as Luke's feet touched the ground, he dropped to his knees and leant back, and felt the heat of Hades' red blade as it whizzed across his face. The blow continued on, and Hook narrowly avoided being decapitated himself, but Hades' lightsaber still skimmed the right hand side of his pointy mustache as he turned his head away, and completely burnt the side off.

"FOOL!" Hook cried at his ally. Luke smirked, and blocked a head high blow from an enraged Hook, while the other side of his weapon blocked another strike from Hades aimed at his legs.

For the next few moments, it was a recurring pattern. Luke watched his opponents become more and more frustrated as they continuously swung reckless humming blows at him, one after the other, and he could predict them far too easily, blocking them with no effort whatsoever. And when they decided to strike at the same time when they figured that wasn't working, Luke could dodge skillfully and send them sprawling, almost making them hit one another again, which discouraged them from that tactic. Despite his clear ease of defense, Luke still couldn't find a breakthrough facing two opponents. It was too quick to make aggressive decisions like that.

Meanwhile, MJ fiddled with the wiring inside the car. Truth was, she didn't know how to hot wire at all. She was just doing what she saw in the movies; touch two random, differently colored wires together, and when they spark, the car should start. But alas, that would not occur. There were dozens of different wires before her. Which were the right ones?

"Come on, come on..." She grumbled to herself as she fiddled.

She then angrily threw the wires back and sighed loudly. No...let go...A calm voice inside her head seemed to tell her. Suddenly, all the frustration, fear and desperation were filtered out of her mind and heart. She then reached out...and used that strange energy that had earned her a place in the CIA, and the one she seemed to share with Luke. She let it flow through her, and felt her hand slowly reach out, and gently glide across the wires...

(Force Theme)

MJ felt her hand slowly slide up the steering column, away from the other wires. What? That can't be right...But MJ didn't question it any further. She let the force be her guide, and she knew it would guide her to the right wire. She then felt her hand rise up onto the dashboard, and close on something cold and metal, with a distinct sharpness to it. This is what the force guided her to.

When she opened her eyes, she felt sudden shock sweep over her, as well as a sudden feeling of utter stupidity.

"Oh." She thought aloud, and went a little red.

It was the keys to the damn car; and they were just sitting there the whole time she was screwing around with the wires.

So much for that mystical bullshit...She thought angrily and started plugging the different keys into the ignition, trying to find the right one. Now that she was up on the car seat, she could see out the windshield and what was happening outside.

Luke was still on the defensive, absorbing blows without being able to deal any of his own. He could feel himself backpedalling towards the garage.

Suddenly...VRROOOM! The V12 motor of the car behind him roared to life, and the headlights suddenly activated, shining out of the darkness of the garage. I knew you could do it, Maria.

Inspired by the sudden new confidence, Luke force leapt over his two Disney opponents and landed a few meters back, further away from the garage. Okay now...no more Mr. Nice Guy... Luke thought and quickly spun the saber-staff around in front of him, creating an intimidating blur of green and white like glowing propellers on a plane. He could practically hear Hades and Hook gulp. Then he switched to his good old aggressive style of Form V.

He sent a brutal series of strikes backwards and forwards to his two adversaries, and they were forced into the same position he was a few moments ago. They were nothing against his experience. Luke quickly ducked a strike from Hades, and then stood up to deliver a glancing roundhouse kick to Hook's jaw, sending him tumbling backwards. It was just him and Hades now. He slowly swiped a hand across his face with a grin, and watched Hades' expression change as he felt his blue flaming hair be blown out by the force. He let out a little girl-like shriek and patted his head, lowering his guard.

Luke pounced on the opportunity. He rammed the blue end of the double-lightsaber through Hades' dark heart, ending him. Black smoke rose from the wound as Luke retracted the blade. Never did like Greek. Luke thought and turned his attention back to Hook, who was back on his feet now.

He had a bloody nose, and half of his mustache was burnt off. But he still smiled sinisterly. He revealed his second hand, the one that was meant to be a hook. But instead, there was a black metallic hand. Great. Luke thought. The Emperor must have hooked him up with one of his hand guys back on Coruscant.

Hook then picked up Hades' fallen saber and held it in his opposite hand. He had two now as well. Luke bit his lip.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting screech sound broke out. The red racer had rolled out of the garage, and did a massive burnout, swiveling the car around so that the open driver's window could face the duel. Luke saw MJ's face; her eyes locked on Hook. She then stuck an arm out the window, with a blaster in hand. Wait, that wasn't a blaster. It was one of those things.

Hook turned around to face the car skidding car and held his sabers up in a defensive position.

BANG! MJ fired off a round from her pistol, and it smashed into the crossed blades of Hook, sending sparks flying everywhere; making the evil Captain flinch. He was also knocked backwards a little by the intense impact.

BANG! Another bullet hit one of his lightsabers. He didn't have time to block it. Even a proper force user couldn't stop that. It knocked his blade and himself backwards yet again as the bullet disintegrated onto the blade.

MJ adjusted her aim so that the iron-sights of the revolver lined up directly on his forehead. I would have chosen the crocodile myself. She thought before pulling the trigger.

BANG! Hook's head lurched back and blood sprayed everywhere. What a barbaric weapon...Luke thought and shook his head. No time for that though. He quickly ran over and jumped inside the car next to MJ.

"Where to?" She asked quickly, above the steady growl of the car's engine.

"Anywhere but here."

She asked no further questions as she stamped her foot down on the gas pedal, making the car blast forward, making an unusually loud racket as it did so. Luke flinched a little. The Emperor wouldn't even have to sense his presence, he could probably hear them from miles away. And then there was the look of the car.

"Couldn't we have chosen something a little more conservative?" Luke asked.

"We didn't have much of a choice." MJ reminded him. Luke nodded.

"But this thing is fast for an Earth vehicle?"

"Oh yeah. This is a racer. Meant for NASCAR. This baby is faster than fast, quicker than quick. It is Lightning." MJ smiled as she ranted.

"And probably not even road legal." Luke muttered.

"Skywalker, half the crap we've done between the two of us is 'legal', so don't worry about that."

Speak for yourself. Luke thought to himself, and looked over his new double bladed lightsaber. Well, makeshift 'double bladed' saber. Duct tape worked miracles. How come nobody had thought of that before?

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