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…okay technically it's not here. I'm paranoid about having a story/my entire account taken down for posting what I shouldn't. This has happened recently, with a different story, so I know it's not just an old wives tale told to scare us away. I know some of you will be angry at me for doing it like this, but think of it this way: wouldn't you prefer to have the minor inconvenience of copying and pasting a link than losing the whole story?

Here are the instructions for how to access the last chapter:

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Delete the DOT and replace it with a period. Delete the spaces before and after the period.

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If this doesn't work, please carefully reread the instructions and try again. I have personally checked this link several times using different browsers on my (Mac) computer, my dad's (Windows) computer and both of our (different but still Android) phones and, recently, my sister's Kindle Fire. It works. Really, really, really works.

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Oh, and of course:

The end.