Love My Brother, Love Me!


Merlin and Raven are idental Twin and both go to Camelot College. Merlin wear's glasses and is the dork of the two where Raven or as he is known to the people at College Emrys, is the bad boy with tattoo's and piecing's.

Merlin has been in love with Arthur Pendragon since he started College but Arthur only has eyes for the sexy dangers Emrys.

Story told by both Emrys brothers and Arthur

I want to say a huge thank you to Allthingsmagical for Betaing and co-writing this story.

I love ya girl x

*Merlin and Arthur*

Chapter One

Arthur's POV

My name is Arthur Pendragon and for the past year I have been in love with one man, I see him everywhere I go, the coffee shop, Classes and even in the parking lot. Sometimes he looks different, in the morning he seemed to be the bad boy but when I see him at lunch he looks like the smart sexy type.

I love the way he looks, spikey black hair, tight pants, rock shirts and don't even get me started on the tattoo's and piecing's, god that tongue stud drives me mad I keep picturing what it would feel like around my cock and how it would feel as he slammed into me.

But then again I like how he looks all smart and gorgeous with his glasses and jeans and that cute puppy look he sometimes has, I imagine us making love softly and cuddling, but I have yet to even speck to him and I don't even know his name, he is just my mystery guy.

Turning the corner to I bumped into my mystery man and it seem he was dressed as the bad boy again.

"sorry umm…" I said.

"Emrys gorgeous" he smirked.

I hated the fact that I blushed at that commit.

"Arthur, umm do you want to get a cup of coffee?" I asked.

Emrys smirked and leaned forward reaching out and grabbing my junk throw my jeans.

"As long as Coffee means going back to my place and fucking you hard" He replied squeezing my cock.

"Wow forward I like it" I smiled

"Well then shall we leave?" He asked holding out his hand.

Emrys's POV

I couldn't believe how easy it was to get Arthur back to the flat I shared with me twin brother, I wanted to see the look on Merlin's face when he finds out that I fucked the man he loved just like he did with Leon, I don't care how many times he said he didn't.

I've seen the way Arthur looks at me, his eyes begging me to fuck him and that's just what I'm going to do, I'm going to fuck him so hard that he won't be able to walk right or let allow look at my twin without getting a hard one.

I always had to listen to Merlin go on and go about how he loves Arthur and how he wishes that he would notices him.

Well after tonight Arthur sure will be noticing Merlin, well me because Arthur is far too stupid to realize that I was a twin, I mean come on he asked me why I wasn't wearing my glasses.

When we got back to my flat I made quick work of dragging Arthur into my bedroom leaving a trail of Cloths for Merlin to find when he comes home, once I had our naked I pushed Arthur onto the bed.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't walk right for a week" I whispered in his ear before biting his earlobe.

"Oh God" Arthur moaned

Merlin's POV

I had planned on talking to Arthur today in English but he never showed up, I have loved Arthur Pendragon from a far since me and my brother started College.

But I saw how Arthur looked at my brother with lust and I just wished Raven didn't do anything to make Arthur hate me.

Ever since Leon Raven changed he was darker towards me, he never believed the fact that I never slept with his boyfriend and that I have no idea how we ended up naked in bed together, but I still live in hope that Raven will find the truth and then I'll have my brother back.

We didn't run in the same crowd anymore, he was the bad boy with the motorbike and piecing where I was the nerd who wore glasses, Before Leon Raven, who was just Raven and not Emrys, he use to look out for me, he once punch a guy for picking on me but now he's the bully and I never get a moments peace.

I guess I just want my brother back more than anything.

Entering our small two bedrooms flat I knew right away that Emrys had gotten lucky seeing at the fall was littered in cloths. I knew Emrys wasn't here he was the type to fuck em and leave em and seeing as they never knew he was a twin it was my job to kick them out.

I don't ever think he will be done punishing me.

Walking into Emrys's room and gasped in shock as tears started to come to my eyes, there on the bed was the man I loved Naked as the day he was born. Arthur moaned and opened his eyes smiling at me, it was so hard not to cry when I saw the love he fell for my brother and not for me.

"Hey Emrys, where did you go?" He asked sitting up

A part of me wanted to pretend that I was my brother but I couldn't lie to him even if it might I could never have him.

"I'm not Emrys" I whispered

"What? Come on man what you playing at?" He asked

"I'm Merlin Emrys's nerdy twin brother" I replied

"Your twins?" Arthur asked shocked

"Yes" I then stuck out my tongue "See no hole, no stud"

"I… wow… umm sorry" he replied

"That's okay, umm listen Emrys is…" I stopped when I heard the front door close

"Arthur, baby I'm back with coffee ready for round 2" Emrys's said coming into the room

"Merlin" He smirked

"Wow twins." Arthur laughed

"I should get going I promised Gwen I would help her with Maths" I said leaving the room.

Emrys's POV

Seeing Merlin ready to burst into tears at the sight of Arthur in my bed has to be one of the greatest things I will ever see.

"Hold on sexy just going to talk to Merlin" I said giving Arthur a quick kiss before walking after my brother.

"Hey Merlin wait up" I yelled

He paused by the front door and turned to face me; a long time ago the sight of Merlin is tears would have made me want to hurt the bastard for making him so upset but now I couldn't care less in fact I enjoyed it.

"What Raven?" Merlin asked

"It's Emrys Nerd. Anyways I just wanted to see this" I said jittering to the sobbing mess he had become "get use to seeing Arthur here Merlin, I mean he is my fuck buddy now. I plan on making it so you will never have him because once I'm done the site of my face, your face will make him wanna be sick." I hissed

"Why are you doing this?" Merlin sobbed

"Because I want you to know the pain I felt when I found you and Leon together. I can never have the man I love and now neither will you." I laughed and watched as the tears fell as he run from the room.

Smiling to myself I walked back into my room.

"So baby you up for another round? I promise I'll fuck you so hard your forget your name" I smirked when Arthur moaned already turned on.

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