Love My Brother, Love Me!


Merlin and Raven are idental Twin and both go to Camelot College. Merlin wear's glasses and is the dork of the two where Raven or as he is known to the people at College Emrys, is the bad boy with tattoo's and piecing's.

Merlin has been in love with Arthur Pendragon since he started College but Arthur only has eyes for the sexy dangers Emrys.

Story told by both Emrys brothers and Arthur

I want to say a huge thank you to Allthingsmagical for Betaing and co-writing this story.

I love ya girl x

Chapter Four

Arthur's POV

I sat in my room trying to understand what had happened, where things had gone wrong. It had been a day since Emrys... Raven, came clean with me and I still felt sick.

I loved him and yet he did this to me, was this how Raven had felt when he found Leon with Merlin.

There was a knock on the door and I had little time before my idiot roommate let the person in.

"Arthur there is a guy here to see you." and with that Raven walked into the room.

"You look like hell." I told him.

And he did, he looked like he hadn't slept at all last night and his eyes were red and puffy.

"I just wanted to tell you that you never fell in love with me." he whispered.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"The first time you noticed one of us was at that football game last year right?" he asked.

"Yeah, you were jumping up and down cheering me on when everyone else was cheering for someone else, you didn't care if you looked stupid. I thought it was cute." I replied.

"That wasn't me. I never seen a single one of your games or tournaments that was all Merlin. He never missed a single one." Raven told me.

"You fell in love with Merlin Arthur not me, never me. It was him always and I need you to see that because Merlin needs your support now because... Because I overheard that ass of a doctor trying to get my parents to hospitalise him, that mean he would live in a fucking Mental Hospital until he gets better if he ever does, and even then his life is over. He won't be able to become a teacher because they'll think he might be a threat to the kids. Merlin will forever be treated like a child. And I don't want that to happen to him and if it does then I'm going to be right by his side. Because if the doctor has his way I will never see my brother again." Raven informed me wiping his tears away.


"Just think about it Arthur that's all I ask." Raven said as he made his way to the door.

"You have a game tonight; I hope you play like Merlin was there." He whispered before leaving.

I couldn't stop thinking about what Raven had said and I thought back to all the times I had seen one of the Emrys brothers and realised that I had indeed seen Merlin far more than I had Raven.

"You ready for tonight?" Gwaine asked .

"Bring it on" I replied.

I didn't play as well I normally did and I couldn't think of the reason, but at the moment it was halftime and the coach is yelling at me for not having my head in the game.

"Awe come on leave him alone, the guy he was trying to impress didn't show." Gwaine said standing up for me.

"Yeah he always plays a great game when that Merlin guy is there cheering him on." Another of his teammates said.

"No its Emrys that's is always at the games." Someone else replied.

"Nope its Merlin, Raven doesn't wear glasses." Arthur turned to see who had spoken.

"Lance?" I asked.

"Go on mate we don't need you. But I know someone that does" Lance replied.

I got up and hugged him "Thank you." I whispered.

"Just tell Raven it was me that sent you." Lance smiled shyly.

"You love him." I said.

"That I do, just been waiting for him to be him again." Lance said sadly.

I raced off to the hospital and when I got there I asked for Merlin Emrys.

"I'm sorry it's past visiting hours." the nurse said.

"Look I know that but his brother called me last night and I hopped on a plane to get here I just need to see him, please if that was your boyfriend wouldn't you want a chance to see him?" I asked .

"I shouldn't be doing this but if you promise to stay in the room and behave I can let you stay." the nurse whispered.

She showed me his room and made a note about how his dinner was still untouched.

"Hey Merlin." I said once the door was closed.

"I'm sorry I should had seen, I guess Raven was right love is blind. Because I sure as hell didn't see you." I told him taking his hand.

Merlin's eyes opened but he didn't say anything just looked at our hands.

"I want a chance at a future with you Merlin but I can't... we can't have that unless you get better. I need you to get better please." I begged.

"You know Raven told me everything. You know I fell in love with the man that was always cheering me on. And now I need to be the one doing the cheering." I told him.

"Raven." he whispered.

"He found out the truth about what happened with Leon and he realised what he was doing was wrong." I told him.

"I got my brother back?" he asked.

"Yes he told me not to call him Emrys and that his name is Raven." I smiled.

"Merlin I need you to eat please." I begged.

"Can I have some Jelly? It helps me feel better." Merlin asked.

"Let me go ask the nurse." I told him.

It didn't take long before I was back with a jelly cup the nurse noted down that Merlin had asked for it and she even came in, said she needed to make sure that he was going to eat it and not me, once Merlin had finished the jelly she waited to see if he would keep it down and when he did, she wrote down that he had eaten and kept it down.

"You like Jelly then?" the nurse asked and Merlin nodded.

"I'll make sure that you have a jelly cup for each meal but you will need to try and eat some other food." the nurse told us.

Merlin nodded.

"Would it be okay if we had our meals together, we always ate together before I went on my trip." I lied.

"Yes that would be fine, anything to get Mr Emrys to eat, we don't want to have to... well, you know." she stuttered, not wanting to upset Merlin.

"Thank you nurse." I replied.

"All those things you said." Merlin started.

"I mean it all Merlin. I was blind and now I see I do love you Merlin and I will be here every step of the way." I told him leaning closer.

"Arthur?" Merlin asked.

"Shh let me show you that I love you." I whispered kissing him softly on the lips.

It didn't take long before Merlin kissed him back and ran his fingers through my hair.

"I love you Merlin and I'm not going anywhere." I told him.

"Won't it be weird?" Merlin asked worried.

"Maybe but you're not your brother any fool can see that and so can I, It never felt right with Raven and now I know why. I was meant to be with you. To love you, protect you." I replied.

"I love you too." Merlin smiled.

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