Song from Strip Club is Here: watch?v=euxEat5VhbM - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs - Phenomena.

The bar glows. The drinks laid out like conquests for the costumers. The Budweiser sign, bright red. Spilt beer on the bar, Sandy the "real" blonde with black roots and pin up tattoos clearing it up. The music pumping the rhythm into the girls, me included. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it is. Phenomena - a good one. I stuck with Mallory, the name is is. It worked. Better than Destiny, or Diamond, or Dazzle. I smirked. Only 15 minutes to go; it was a rough shift. A Virgin in the Paradise Lounge, only single dollars in tips. And I know In N Out would be closed by the time I got out. Fuck I'm hungry. I worked around the pole still, twirling down, going upside down, hair dangling, smiling upwards. Feels worse with nothing in the stomach. I climbed of the stage, there were more lap dances here than in New Orleans. I don't like that. I slid onto his lap, grinding relentlessly, sometimes looking up to roll my eyes. After not eating for 7 hours, and no cigarettes for 2 weeks, you lose your "sparkle", as the Boss would say. He slid his fat knuckles up my leg. "No touching."Obvious rule, D'uh.."Oh sorry, darling. Your just so pretty..." I step off of him. "Mhmm, okay." He gave me a ten and I walked out into the back, away from the neon and the stench of Jack Daniels. Then I saw Jason. "Rough night?" He gleams. Jason is the bartender, and my best friend. He has trim hair cut, short back and sides if you will, dirty blonde hair, a tight black t-shirt with the bar logo on and he knew very well how his muscles came through it. He was vain. But fucking hot. Thank God, for he's Gay. "You wouldn't know the half of it. You got any food? I'm fucking starved." He grabs my hand and led me through to the employee lockers, teamed with girls adjusting their pasties and thongs but with their needle scars and bug eyes, not as half as sexy as some would've thought. Welcome to the strip. ,He lead us to the back with both our lockers, out of the eyes of everyone else. To say I was a "popular" in this "establishment" is an overstatement. Didn't happen in High School, won't happen here. Everyone's boobs were bigger, or legs longer. "Here." He hands me a melted Mars bar. "And didn't that sugar daddy of yours tell you to stop swearing."

Doug. Damn, I miss him. Last time I phoned him, we made jokes on how my new flat was even worse than the one in New Orleans and how I wanted him to get the plunger and pliers out again. I wonder how Louis is as well. We didn't end well. Fuck, I felt so bad. "Why yes he did, and his name is Doug. But Fuck it. It's too depressing here not to swear. It'll be my New Year's resolution." "Mallory, it's August." I gave him a cheeky wink and tucked ravenously into the Mars Bar. I don't care how I act or look with Jason. I was glad he was gay, it let me be more myself. As with an occupation like this, you were always physically judged. And he didn't mind. Unlucky for him, working in a strip club, he got no eye candy. Not many of the other guys liked him as they felt the "gay thing" was a lie so he could look them up. Stupid bitches. So we'd relied on each other since I started 3 weeks ago. "You get any perverts in tonight?" He laughs as he tried to help me with my increasing panda eyes eyeliner problem, and straightens out my boob tube and plaited short skirt. "Just a few in." I shrug. He pouts."Not that Philip guy in again? Y'know...Mr. Straying Hands." I laugh hysterically for a long time. "No. Thank FUCK! But there's a new one...Mr. Obvious Boner." I made shocked eyes and widened my mouth into an O as he laughs. "Don't be doing that, baby girl. They'll be thinking blowjobs are on the Menu." I giggle and lick my lips. "Anyway, Handsome. I've gotta run and hopefully find some place to eat." Maybe, McDonald's is still open..."Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. And if you see that hot waiter from Burger King again. Tell him I want my socks back." I open my locker and put on a shirt, some baggy jeans and Chucks. "YOU NEVER?!" I exclaim - Damn the man was getting more action than me. "Oh, I did. And I showed him some of my moves." He chuckles as he grinds erotically into the lockers. Giggling, I give him the big thumbs up, a sarcastic smile and go out into the back exit into the even more light-filled Vegas strip.

I turn into In-N-Out in Dean Martin street, stumbling my feet. "Oi! Lady? Fancy a good time?" I don't even turn around. They see you coming from that place and they assume everything. I flipped the bird and reminded myself that Scarlett, my boss - real name debatable, told me I should "paint my nails to increase my sparkling sexual impact." I rolled my eyes, she was full of bullshit sometimes. But after all, she gave me a job at short notice and it was still better paid then Orleans, so overall she was still in my good books. I order a Grilled Cheese, fries and Large 7Up and sit down in the booth and dive in. Nobody ever expects how much I can eat. My 5'6'' tomboyish figure and all. God, it's so goood! I'll never leave that long before eating again! As all eyes were on the meat, cheese and fries, somebody breezes over. "Do you mind if I sit here?" I look up, almost scowling at him for interrupting my meal. A tall, sleek yet roughed up looking man stands over me. "Erm. Yeah. Sure." Nobody will stop my meal. I dive back in. He also dives into his Double Meat Burger, but with less enthusiasm as me, grabbing at some of the lettuce and tomatoes. I could swear he's smirking at me. I looked back up. "Sorry, rudeness and all. But why are you sitting here when there's like 7 other booths?" I stare around, it's empty. Give me some alone time with my Burger. Jeez. As he looks around, I get a closer look at his face: green bright eyes, but with small pink bags underneath. Hungover? He has crooked yet adorable teeth and thin lined pink lips, he has a slight case of stubble under his chin and his hair's super messy. His Fleetwood Mac Rumours shirt is grumbled and his leather black Dr Martens boots come out under the table, as his legs are splayed apart. "" He looks back at me, with his lopsided smile. I narrow my eyes and ate the remainder of my fries. He seems more positive than was normal at 3am in the morning. "So do you live here?" His accent sounds eastern, maybe New York. "Yes." Maybe.. if I give him one word answers, he'll hurry up and eat his damn burger. "Where?" Oh fuck me. It's like I'm on Jay Leno. "Erm...stalker much. But as I haven't got much to steal. Near E Harmon Avenue. Near 7-11." He laughs at my first line. Okay, Mr. Smart Arse. Let's question you..."Why you in Vegas? Stag do? Quick Marriage?" I say quickly, accusing. He giggles and downs some Coke, chin up, eyes closed, fingers grasped around the orange cup. He's quite distracting. I mean he isn't ugly. No, not ugly. Pretty. Pretty? That's not right. Handsome, very. "I'm here on a road trip." "Oh, flying solo?" I say, maybe too accusingly then I mean. Long shifts don't agree with me. He moves onto his fries, slowly. He has no rush. "Nah, just tonight. I'm with my friend. By the way...I'm Tyler." He said, giving a crooked, smile to the eyes grin. Why, Hello Tyler. He lays out his hand and I shake it, still doubting. "Mallory."