I rip the letter open, the paper smells of roses and the handwriting is probably Lois', it's all twirly and neat.

"Dear Mallory/Alison.

Your New Orleans landlord said this was your correct address, we really hope it is. We're so worried about you. Doug and I hope your well and phone us to let us know your safe. Lois and Doug x"

Under it was their phone number, and I grabbed my hot metal phone to type it in, it was now a bit bashed about from the amount I'd thrown it on the floor and spilt beer on it. Tyler was still watching TV and giving me quick glances when the adverts came on. "What's up?" I shook my head, I couldn't get into this now, we hardly know each other, I'm not just going to go tell him some 50 yr old guy half way across the country cares for me. Although he has been pretty tolerant about most things, looking at his bruises and bloodied jeans again. I still can't believe that.

Should I phone them? Now? No, the time differences will be all wrong, it'll be late...or early for them. I push it to the back of my mind and try and calm down. I do miss them. I wonder if they'd like Tyler. I smile to myself. Well they'd like that he saved me. Nobody's ever really saved me before. Arms twist around my waist and the kisses down my neck make me shiver. Ah, the commercials are on of course. "Well...I'd say your pizza looks a little worse for wear." Nodding towards my burnt cold masterpiece. "Yeah, your right. Subway?" There was one 2 blocks from here and I had a craving for salami and barbeque sauce. "Well if I can bear to keep my hands off you in public, then sure." He smirked and let go of me quickly, yanking is bloodied shirt from the night before over his chest and tugging on his Vans. "We really need to get you a new shirt, or go to your hotel and get one." He looked like he'd just walked out of Hospital, but strangely he still looked good, too good. I blushed hard and put on my Keds and some shorts and a shirt. Before walking to the door, he tugged me into his chest, grabbing my hair so my mouth met his, licking my lower lip and tongue and grabbing my arse - it was over just as quickly as it had happened. Damn. I could've easily skipped my hunger for him. "That's all. Off we go now." He winked and me and my knees nearly buckled. What was it about him? This has never happened to me before! Was it him saving me? Or the sex? The sex defiantly had an impact, he defiantly had a big impact. Shut up Mallory.

We walked down the stairs and on the 2nd floor he grasped my hand into his as we went out into the heat. "You wanna come with me to the hotel later and fetch all my stuff?" "Yeah, sure. But where are you going to put it all?" I knew where he was thinking..."In your apartment of course." I smirked, I've never lived with anyone before, well except for Doug for a little while, I don't think I'm easy to live with - but I could get used to waking up to him every morning. "Oh so your notifying me now that your moving in? Didn't think to notify me?" I stood in front of him with a fake pout on my face and hands on my hips. He gave me that fuck me grin and looked me up and down. "After last night,..and this morning, I didn't think you'd mind for a little while." I tried to hide my smile in my chest and continued walking my his side, kicking at the stones and cigarette buds in the sandy road. A little while? Was he going to go back to NYC after all? I know Aidan is. After the last 24 hours the thought of him leaving almost made me ache. "A little while?" He kicked the same way I did and shot a glance at me. "Well, if I plan on staying here longer, we could buy something nicer. I don't like buildings you might possibly get raped outside very much." The word we made me melt then I remember that I had no money and hi and his mysterious-rich-as-fuck father would be doing the spending. I was a bit hurt he didn't like my apartment, it had a certain charm to me, but then I remember the accident and get his reasons why.

The shining lights of Subway appears and he opens the door for me and lightly pats my arse as I waltz past him. Blushing like a 14 yr old. We eat and we talk, for a long time. The salami is delicious and so are his stories. He tells me of his University life - NYU. His family, photos of some of them on his phone. And then he asks about mine - Crap. Tyler's handled a lot, and I'm not ashamed of it, he won't look down on me and I know it. It's one of the reasons I've let him in so easily. "Well my Mum died in a car crash when I was young, and then well...my Dad looked after me for a little bit but we didn't get along much as he didn't get why I survived the car crash and she didn't, ..I was in there. So I left home at 16 and just travelled doing what I do really." His face was hard and unreadable. And it felt like a good 5 minutes before he said anything. "Mallory, I'm so...sorry. That's so shitty." He grasped my hand that was on my Sub and squeezed it tight and brought it up to his mouth and kissed it hard. I smiled at him. Anything I did or said he made me feel better about, he made me feel better about myself. I wonder how long it would last. And with a sudden pang, I needed to talk to Doug.

I excused myself from Tyler and ran to the bathroom, my back against the cold cubicle door. My hands were strong as I press "Call" on the Number and held it to my ear.

"Hello?" It was Doug.

"Hi, Doug. It's Mallory."

"Oh Jesus Christ. It's you! Finally! Why didn't you phone? Where are you now? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, it's good. Vegas now. You got my address right. I'm fine, good actually."

"Well Lois is out so I'll have to tell her you called, but it's so good to hear from you!"

"Yeah, it's good to hear from you too. I've missed you a lot. I'm sorry for not calling sooner."

"It's fine. We guessed you were busy. And well, I missed you too."

The pleasantries went on for another 5 minutes with us never really getting anywhere, just telling each other how much we missed each other and what we were up too. His voice made me beam after I'd hung up. Like Tyler he was one of those people that just made me feel better about myself. Walking back out I saw Tyler at the table, but somebody was in my spot, a girl. I remembered I wasn't the jealous type but I wanted to kick her fucking ass. I walked up to the table looking at both of them. with evil eyes no doubt. "And then I went to the Oregon for a weekend..and that was fun..." I coughed way too loudly. She was batting her eyelashes and her boobs were pushed up to her chin. God, if I had those business at the club would be so much better. "Ah Mallory. Your back. I've got to go, sorry. Nice talking to you." He leapt up and put a hand on my back, pushing us both out of Subway as quickly as he could. "Who was that?" "Urgh, some girl. Aidan met her on our first night here. She wouldn't leave us alone." I couldn't really blame her, in his plaid shirt and jeans, he looked like a dirtier James Dean. This time I was the one to hold his hand first, he trailed little circles up my wrist with his finger and frankly, it turned me on. "We can go to my hotel later, right now, I need a quick intake of you." My heart nearly fell out of my chest and has we reached the flats I could tell he wasn't going to wait much longer. Pushing me up outside the wall, he hiked my leg around his waist, and his tongue plunged into mine while his hand ran from my chest to my arse. Pedestrians went past but as we were hidden by a bush, they couldn't see us. But someone could.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" We both turned, blushing hard as we were caught in the act. Aidan. He was drunk, and I was guessing he'd gone to more stripper joints tonight as there was the telltale sign of red lipstick on his neck. "Aidan. Your drunk. Go back." He growled. His anger scared me, but I wasn't sure why he was so angry. Did he want me that badly? "Oh it's the little rich boy and his SLUT." He stumbled over to us. The words didn't drift off me as quickly as they should've, I've been called it so many times. But Tyler, he was off like a roaring engine. He let go of me completely, tugging at Aidan's shirt. "What'd you say? Take that the fuck back!" Now I really was scared. I closed my eyes and remember his smirk, and his wink, and his touch. I hated violent men, my Dad was one of them. "Tell, tell Mallory about Allie. Oh Allie! How "in lurrrve" you were with her before you came here. How you FUCKED her everyday and nearly got her pregnant!" What? I blanked out. My eyes were still closed and when I reopened them my cheeks were wet. I knew something was still on with her, I asked him and he lied. I couldn't be here anymore. I ran up the flights of stairs and into the apartment. Why does everything bad happen outside this building? If Aidan is lying, we should move, defiantly. Making plans in my head of a garden, and a dog, and a kitchen to make cakes and shit. All while tears filed my eyes. He nearly got her pregnant. What?

I heard his large footsteps outside and I realize I hadn't locked the door. Fuck. It must've been a good 40 minutes since Aidan showed up. He came and sunk down on the mattress next to me. "Y'know Aidan's a liar." His voice wasn't as confident as before. It was shakier. "Was he lying this?" Please say yes, please say yes. "Parts of it. By the time I left, she was dead to me. That was it. I don't talk to her anymore. She went crazy. She started stopping her contraceptives without telling me so she'd get pregnant. I don't even know why she wanted one so bad..." I turned around at him. "What a crazy bitch. Did she get pregnant?" He laughed at my statement, he obviously thought so too. "No she didn't. And yes she was mental." Wait till I tell Jason about this, he loves a good psycho story. He planted one of his arms around me and kissed my head. I felt myself relax again. "I took Aidan back to the hotel, I also grabbed somewhere shirts. I'm sorry Mallory. He's a dick." Oh I could defiantly agree with that. I crawled into his lap and kissed him softly, him kissing me back deeper with his hands digging through my hair. "It's only you, Mallory. I fucking love you." And it was the most unexpected four words ever. "Without the fucking please?" I giggled. I wanted to hear it. I hadn't heard it since...my Mom. "But the fucking's good. Everybody loves the fucking." I laughed hysterically now. "Okay. I love you, Mallory. And forget what that motherfucker said, you're not a slut. And I know you can't say those three words back to me right now. But I'll enjoy the ride while I wait for you to be ready to say them. And I'm a very patient man." He did his wink and it made me further melt into him. He got me, he knew I couldn't say them back. "Well..let the ride begin then." I beamed. And he kissed me hard until we both fell hopelessly further into each other.

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