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I've also added in a timeline for any of you wondering how the years fit together between Poppy and Lily. Remember Poppy was born from a teenage pregnancy and Lily was the youngest child, so it makes sense for there to be a fairly significant age gap between the two, and thus for Poppy to be working at Hogwarts when Lily was a student. Hope it makes sense!


1946 - Poppy born to 16 year old mother and adopted
1957 - Poppy starts Hogwarts
1958 - Petunia born to 28 year old mother
1960 - Lily born to 30 year old mother
1964 - Poppy finishes Hogwarts
1969 - Poppy qualifies as a Healer
1970 - Poppy starts working as Hogwarts Mediwitch (age 24)
1971 - Lily starts Hogwarts
1978 - Lily finishes Hogwarts
1980 - Harry born
1981 - Lilly killed & Harry put with Dursleys
1990 - Beginning of Poppy Evans
1991 - Beginning of Poppy Evans II

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Chapter 1

"Potter, Harry"

The Great Hall went silent immediately upon that name being read out, almost as if a switch had been flicked. Harry knew that every eye was on him and sure enough when he glanced up at the head table and saw every staff member focused intently on him. He searched the faces for one in particular and eventually found it, his Auntie was sat next to Professor Flitwick and the chair to the other side of her was empty. Poppy smiled at her nephew and subtly nodded her head. That was all the confirmation Harry needed. That little nod conveyed to him that she was proud of him and wouldn't stop loving him whatever House he ended up in. He took a deep breath and walked forwards towards the hat.

As soon as the hat was placed on his head, the world went black as it covered his eyes. Out of the darkness he heard a voice

"Hmmm difficult, very difficult. You only want your Auntie to be proud of you, eh? There's courage here yes, lots of that... Plenty of self preservation too, had to have had that with your childhood I see... And interesting! The desire to be your own person... Better be GRYFFINDOR!"

The last word was shouted to the Hall at large and was followed by a tremendous cheer, mainly from the Gryffindors. Harry slowly made his way towards the table and spotted the Weasleys there. He had met them in the summer when Poppy had been called over to attend to Mr Weasley who had been ill. She had left Harry to amuse himself with Ron and the twins, knowing that it was good for him to at least know some students in the school, prior to starting.

The Sorting continued and after Harry had reached the Gryffindor table, the students seem to turn their attention back to the unsorted first years, which mercifully for Harry, meant away from him. He sat down next to the twins and after the greetings, continued to watch the sorting.

At last the call of "Weasley, Ronald" was heard and no sooner had the hat touched his red head than it shouted out "GRYFFINDOR!" Harry was ecstatic. His best friend was in the same house as him! He had really enjoyed the afternoon at Ron's house and the train journey up from Kings Cross so that he would be sharing a dormitory was wonderful!

He made space for Ron to sit by him and with sparkling eyes he looked up at High Table, where Poppy was sitting. She smiled warmly at him, showing that she approved of everything he'd done and was proud of him. Dumbledore stood up at that moment, and Harry, suddenly realising that the sorting was over and that Professor McGonagall had taken the empty seat between his Auntie and Headmaster, turned his attention back to his housemates. He didn't last long however before he was back looking at the Head Table again, this time Dumbledore, who was speaking

"Welcome to Hogwarts! Allow me to start off this magnificent feast with a few words. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

Harry looked confused at the peculiar choice of words so Fred quickly told him

"Dumbledore says nonsense to let the house elves know that it's time to send the food up. He changes the words every year and he is as batty as a fruit cake, but he's a great wizard."

From this Harry noticed that the tables were now full of food and then he realised that he was actually rather hungry. He took a look around him and seeing that everybody else was doing the same, started filling his plate with everything he could.

An hour later, the main food disappeared off the platters and dessert appeared there. Taking a fairly small portion, he glanced up to the High Table again and found Poppy engrossed in conversation with Minerva. His eye travelled up and down the table, mentally cataloguing who was sitting where, when he suddenly caught the eye of a teacher in a purple turban and a searing pain flashed across his scar. He hissed in pain and threw a hand up to it, all the while hoping that Auntie Poppy hadn't noticed. Fortunately, she hadn't. She'd been watching him like a hawk to begin with but as he relaxed, so did she.

"Harry, are you alright?" Ron asked

"Yeah" Harry replied. That was true, the pain had gone as quickly as it had come.

When they had all finished eating, Dumbledore stood up again and talked about the Forbidden Forest, the new list of contraband items available from Mr Filch and the Third Floor Corridor which was out of bounds to everyone that did not wish "to die a most painful death". Harry was quite glad when it was over, and everyone started leaving the Hall; the food and excitement of the day had made him quite sleepy and he was looking forward to seeing his bed in Gryffindor Tower.

On this occasion though, luck was not with him.


Snape was sitting calmly eating his meringue when he saw Harry Potter's hand fly to his scar. He decided to do nothing right then and confront the boy about it later. He wouldn't tell Poppy until either he had to, or it was late enough after to not cause a scene. He knew what Poppy was like; she was a brilliant mother figure for the boy but she was a worrier. She was an exceptional medi-witch and able to handle almost anything... unless it involved Harry. No this would not be a good thing to interrupt the two witches' debate of whether lemon parfait or cheesecake was the better dessert. He would confront Potter himself and see what the matter was.

Seeing the group of boys he was watching leave the Hall, Snape quickly got up and left by a door behind the staff table. Moving from there through a short passage he entered the Entrance Hall, just as the group were approaching the stairs.

"Mr Potter, a word if you please?" he asked, causing all four to jump around.

"Cor mate, what have you done to get Snape on you so early?!" Ron asked

"5 points from Gryffindor, Weasley" Snape snarled "and unless you would like to be cleaning cauldrons all night, I suggest you get moving to your common room. I will bring Mr Potter up when we are done" the venom on the word Potter was audible.

"Come on Ron" George urged "you can wait in the Tower for him and make sure he gets a decent bed - the one next to the shower room is always the worst!" The twins turned and headed up the stairs, followed by a very reluctant Ron.

Snape looked back at Harry. The boy had gone very pale and was standing stock still, head down with drawn shoulders, hands clenched together in front of him as if expecting punishment of some kind.

"Potter" Snape started "I saw the episode with your scar during the feast."

Green eyes filled with fear whipped up to Snape's black ones. "Please don't tell anyone sir. Please don't tell Auntie Poppy, she'd take me to the Hospital Wing and I really would like to see Gryffindor Tower sir" Harry said as fast as he could.

"I will not for now." Harry let out a breath. "What were you doing when it happened?"

"Just looking at the professors on the High Table and where they were sitting sir."

Harry let out a yawn as he finished and Snape finished his questioning there. Dealing with Poppy would be even more difficult if Harry was abnormally tired.

Reaching the Portrait of the Fat Lady, Snape said the password and Harry climbed into the common room. All chatter stopped as he entered and everyone turned towards him, wanting to talk to the famous Boy-Who-Lived. Harry turned bright red, feeling even more uncomfortable as an awkward silence ensued.

It was Ron, surprisingly, who saved the day.

"I saved you a bed Harry." he said through a yawn, rather effectively breaking the silence and causing the rest of the common room to look at him in awe.

"Great!" Harry replied. He yawned, and wearily the two made their way to the dorms. Questions could wait. Sleep was required.