Santana surveyed her surroundings, somehow Mike and Puck had convinced her that watching the Glee club perform while they sat at the back of the auditorium was a good idea. Their exact words were "Come on Tana, It'll be fun we get to laugh at the losers" but instead it had become who would you rather get with on the Glee club. And honestly the options were limited; so far the early favourite Quinn seemed to be leading.

"Come on Satan, bro to les bro, you got to help me hook up with Quinn," Puck whined while simultaneously poking Santana in the ribs.

"Oh, yeah poking me is really going to help you accomplish that," she replied shoving him roughly. He tried to dodge her hit but instead fell loudly into the isle.

The Glee club stopped their performance abruptly and turned towards the noise. Well most of the Glee club at least, Rachel and Finn were so wrapped up in their own conversation they didn't even realise the rest of the teams' attention was diverted elsewhere. That is until Rachel Berry found herself faced with an unusual silence and lack of complaints at her announcement that she would be taking over the solo for Regionals.

"My bad, I just fell over in shock because I couldn't believe how ridiculous Glee club really is. Don't mind me, carry on as you were," Puck said with a smirk waving them on from his position on the floor. Santana and Mike were now battling to fight off the giggles they were overcome with, especially when they caught the murderous look Rachel was sending at Puck.

"You think this is a joke," Rachel said, this time directing her glare at the giggling pair. " This glee club is not just something created for your amusement, it is here to be a stepping stone in achieving our goals of completely realistic fame as we are all extraordinarily talented, especially myself."

"God, you really are that vain," Santana snorted from behind her hand which was attempting to keep the giggles at bay. Rachel made her way down to their isle.

"Oh, well please do tell what is your talent if you even have one," Rachel said to the Cheerio with her hands firmly on her hips and a triumphant grin on her face that told everyone that the diva had thought she had won this round.

"Sex," Santana said blankly as Puck and Mike hi-fived in the background. The sound causing the rest of the Glee club to come out of the Jock induced spell they seemed to be under. Promptly Kurt's mouth fell over, while Mercedes not so very subtly got her phone out ready to record, just in case something gossip worthy happened.

"So, true," a voice from the stage replied. They all turned to see Brittney sitting on stage with a dopey grin and glazed over eyes.

"Irrelevant," Rachel said to Brittney before turning back to Santana. "You are a disgusting human being who doesn't even deserve to be in our presence. So leave, now."

Santana stood quickly and moved. Rachel flinched at the sudden movement before regaining her composure. Santana saw and a slow smirk spread across her face.

"So dramatic aren't you?" Santana said while slowly tapping Rachel's cheek with her hand only to be rewarded with another flinch. With that Santana made her exit flanked by the two boys, but not before sending a wink in Rachel's direction.