History Repeated, Lesson Learned

Chapter 18

Written By KitBeast

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who has been supportive of my little girl joining my family. And now on to the Reviews and questions that I've received since chapter 17.

No the title of chapter 17 doesn't mean that I believe the Protheans to be 'Unholy' like a couple of people has asked. I called it Return of the Unholy because as I've said before I think timeline chapters are the 'Unholy' offspring of a Timeskip and an Infodump.

To the Guest who reviewed chapter 12 I don't see how all my main characters are Female. From what I can think of the only 'main' characters that I can think of that are female are Laura, Tevos and the Rachni queens/Empress. Of course that's just whats been introduced so far. As for the Male portion well theres Admiral Jenkins, Tanlayn and of course the rest of the Citadel council.

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Now some of you might be thinking what happened, well I met a Beta who lied so bad I couldn't help but laugh. You see what happened is before I wrote under the pen name KitBeast I wrote under the pen name Drag0nclaw, and my biggest story under that pen name was a story called Rumours of a Shadow Fox. I was 'interviewing' a potential Beta about what stories they'd worked on and he/she claimed that they were the beta of Rumours of a Shadow Fox, now I know that they didn't Beta my story so I thought that they might of Beta'd for the Author who adopted my story so I talked to the author and it turns out the Beta was lying.

Now onto the story. I will warn you this chapter will be a very short chapter when compared to normal, since this is to reimburse me back into writing so think of it as a filler that will have impact on the story. I wonder if anyone would be able to guess how I intend to make it impact the future story.

14:36 UNSC Shadow's Cloak, Battlecruiser, Flagship, 1st Recon Fleet, Reach

As the newly finished battlecruiser hung in orbit around the rapidly expanding military fortress of Reach waiting for the newly reorganised 1st Recon Fleet, the first of the new recon fleets, to finish bringing on supplies for their newest orders.

Within a couple of minutes the 1st Recon fleet would be making way for the Elcorian Homeworld to partake in a join Naval Exercise to help them with naval tactics since the Elcor were new to commanding a fleet.

While the new and improved Shadow's Cloak had more than a respectable offensive and defensive increase over the old Shadow's Cloak the thing that truly made Laura feel safe as she sat on the bridge waiting for the supplies to be taken on board was the familiar faces that surrounded her.

The majority of her crew had been transferred over with her with only a couple being promoted, most of these being mid ranked officers with the exception being the newly promoted Captain Danielson in command of one of the Destroyers that were new to her fleet.

"Admiral the last of the fleet's supplies has been delivered." Andrea announced breaking Laura from her thoughts.

"Good. Contact the fleet and tell them to assume formation and issue Jump countdown." Laura answered.

"Yes Admiral." Andrea replied relaying the message "Jump countdown at t-minus 60 seconds."

Once the countdown was finished all 54 ships submerged themselves in the deep blue energy that propelled them on the way to their destination.

15:00 EDS Shield of Unmoving, Command Ship, Elcor Defence Fleet, Dekuuna

The space around the home planet of the Elcor was buzzing with activity since this was considered to be a huge point in the progression of the new Elcor military which stood as point of great pride for the Elcorian people which explained the large amount of civilian ships which stood ready to watch as the Elcor ships moved on its first mission beyond the Elcors own borders.

Each of the military ships of the Elcor stood out from their civilian cousins by the deep maroon colour of their hulls as they glided through the stars into the desired formation of the newly promoted Elcorian Admiral slowly making their way towards the Mass Relay to meet up with the UNSC Fleet.

Silently the ships came within range of the Relay and a blinding flash of white light each individual ship was catapulted to their desired location one after each other.

The progression of the Elcor ships left Dekunna under two separate sets of eyes, one the proud eyes of the Elcorian people gathered on their planet the other set was a cold set of eyes which wanting simply to complete its duty.

Like I said earlier this chapter is very short sorry if it upsets anyone but like I said it was just to get me back in the grove of writing.