Vile: Well, it's been almost a week since Valentine's Day, and over the last six days I've been working on this little number: Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART! This story might be in the ZEXAL category, but it doesn't have anything to do with ZEXAL: This is my own universe, with all my own characters and plot elements. I'll be honest, I'm nervous as to whether or not this will be good, but I guess that's what you readers are here for: To judge it for yourselves! I say we don't waste any more time with this. While I don't own the card game, I can safely say that I DO own everything in this fic, except cards that aren't bolded. Enjoy, everyone!


Level 001: Press Start To Play! Player 1: Kohaku Yudin!

A low, rather quiet hum was heard in an odd area. The area had black flooring with a green grid pattern, and the sky was plain dark blue. There were no signs of any life. A golden circle moved across the sky, possibly the sun of this mysterious space. All of a sudden, a laser beam struck the sun and shattered it to pieces…

…Leaving behind a gold "+15".

"Ha ha! Gold target's mine!" A male voice shouted. All of a sudden, two figures dashed across the land, clad in silver jumpsuits. One of them had red markings on them, and the other had blue markings. They were moving along the ground using roller skates while somehow aiming skeet rifles across the air, target cursors in the sky. As they skated, red, blue, and green targets moved through the air in formations.

"You haven't won yet!" A different male voice said, probably the other skater. The two characters began blasting at the targets, "+1"s coming from the red targets, "+3"s from the green targets, and "+5"s from the blue. Then, black targets began flying in, and some of the shots hit them, "-3"s coming from them. "Kuso!"

"Don't drop now!" The first voice said as they continued shooting targets. Eventually, the two skaters saw a white-and-black checkerboard line on the ground: A finish line, which both of them crossed, sliding on their skates to face the opposite direction before coming to a stop, somehow not sliding on the wheels, their rifles to their sides.


Both characters flipped up full-face visors, revealing two faces behind them. Then, their faces appeared next to two "00"s, which quickly increased until reaching final scores.

Kohaku: 54

Makoto: 37

Kohaku Wins!

"Yatta, ha ha!" The red-marked skater said, doing a slight break dance before taking a pose, the blue-marked skater sighing before leaning over, shaking his head.

The laughter of multiple people was heard as the visual zoomed out, being a projection on open space, which cut out. There was a group of teenagers in an open park, many of which were cheering. "I don't get you, Kohaku! How do you always manage to beat me?" A 16-year-old boy with black hair and blue eyes asked.

The person he was talking to gave a chuckle. This person, a boy around 16-and-a-half, was wearing a red short-sleeve shirt, a green summer jacket with a flare in the back, white gloves, light blue shorts that came over his knees, white socks, and dark blue shoes. Held in one hand was a long ovular red device with a screen in the middle, and in his other hand was a green sun visor. His face held a confident yet humble smile, his skin was an average tone, and his eyes were an iconic cyberspace green. His hair stood out greatly: It was golden blonde, coming down to his shoulders, but in the front was a red, spiky, M-shaped fringe, giving him a widow's peak of sorts, and coming from the back were six cobalt blue spikes, pointing straight down with a 15-degree outward angle. The spikes also angled to the sides slightly, so while looking at him dead-on, you could slightly see them. "I get a lot of practice, Makoto-kun!" The boy said. "I've gotta make sure I've earned my title: Ace Game Card Player…" He placed his visor on his head, slightly obscuring his fringe, then regaining his confident look. A card with a burnt orange frame slid out from a slot in the back of his device, which he grabbed and held by his face. "Kohaku Yudin!"

(A/N: Kohaku Yudin Voice-Actor: Scott Menville, as Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia)

Makoto smiled and held out a hand. "Good game, Kohaku." He said. Kohaku shook Makoto's hand firmly.

Then the device Kohaku was holding went off. "Hang on a sec, guys." He pushed a button on the bottom that said "HOME", taking him to a menu of sorts, finding an email. "Hmm?" He opened the mail and read it.

Where r u? We were gonna find our classrooms today -Doc

Kohaku's eyes widened. "Aw, man! I forgot about that." He said, quickly sending a message back.

On my way. I'm near a monorail station –Kohaku

A message came back within seconds.

Go to Chi Station –Doc

Kohaku nodded, placing the device inside what looked like a holster on his back, closing it. "Sorry, guys, I gotta run! See ya!" He said, running off, the other kids waving as he left. Kohaku reached a station that was near his location, a large Greek letter Xi emblazoned on the overhead. A monorail, though it looked only as long as a bus, was parked there as people began to enter. The boy went up to a ticket worker. "Direct ride to Chi Station. Delta High pass."

"Can I see your student ID, please?" The worker asked. Kohaku pulled out his device, pressing a few buttons before an ID Card appeared on-screen, which he showed to the worker. "All right, you're all set!" Kohaku nodded and walked toward the nearby monorail while the ticket worker said something over a mic. The man near the door nodded at him as Kohaku boarded the monorail. Not many other people were on the train.

"Direct path: Chi Station." A voice said over an intercom.

Kohaku moved to a seat and sat down, but he immediately noticed that the seat felt lumpy. "Nani…?" It was then that he heard snoring. Looking down, he saw a white blanket covering a body. "EEGH!" He cried, jumping up. Upon further inspection, this wasn't an ordinary blanket. This boy was wearing it over his body. He had long and VERY thick lavender hair that completely obscured his eyes, but the snoring clearly indicated that he was sleeping. His skin was the same tone as Kohaku's. The blanket-like addition came down to just below his knees, showing black shoes and the bottoms of gray pants. Kohaku smiled as the monorail began to move. Leaning down, he moved some of the hair away from the boy's ear. "Mezameru!"

Upon that word being said, the lavender-haired boy immediately snorted, his eyes opening. His eyes were a dull brown. He slowly sat up with a yawn. "Where am I…?" He said, groggy before looking at Kohaku. A small smile came over him. "Oh, hey, Koha-kun. Where am I?"

"You're on a monorail that's on its way to Chi Station. Did you forget? We were supposed to meet Doc-kun and Plata-chan to find our classes today." Kohaku said, placing his arms behind his head. "Why are you even here, Yoru-kun?"

Yoru yawned again. "I was going to meet up with Doc and Plata, but I fell asleep before the monorail moved. Having narcolepsy is no picnic, Koha-kun."

(A/N: Yoru Mezameru Voice Actor: Greg Cipes, as Kevin Levin from Ben 10: Alien Force onward)

"Yeah, I know. It's still a way to get a good laugh, though." He smirked at Yoru. "You know I'm right."

"If I didn't know you were right, I'd be pissed at you right now." Yoru said, making them both laugh.

Within a few minutes, the monorail came to a stop. "Station Stop: Chi Station."

"Gotta love these high-speed monorails." Kohaku said, standing up. Yoru nodded and followed him. The two of them exited the monorail and headed on their way, giving a gesture to the ticket worker. Kohaku pulled his device out of his holster, whipping out a stylus pen from a holster in the back of the device and tapping the screen.

"I've been meaning to get my D-Controller and Gamepad customized." Yoru said, pulling out a small white box. "I'm thinking of going with purple."

"Purple sounds good, Yoru-kun." Kohaku said. "I'm just making a few adjustments to my D-Vatar." A virtual chibi Kohaku was on-screen, an ID Card next to him. He updated the status on the Card from "Sophomore" to "Junior". The D-Vatar hopped one with a closed-eye smile. "There, accurate."

"Hmm, I'd better do that too." Yoru said, pulling out his own Gamepad. A chibi Yoru appeared on-screen, and its ID Card was changed as well.

After about five to ten minutes, the two teens were in view of a large school building, four floors high, a large Delta symbol on it. "Hey, there you are!" A voice said. Kohaku and Yoru turned to see two people in front of the building. One was a 16-year-old boy with pale skin, red eyes, and medium-length dark orange hair in a bowl cut. He was wearing a standard button-up white shirt with a red collar and sleeve cuffs, jeans, and white shoes, and around his neck was a doctor's headband. The other was a 16-and-a-half-year-old girl with tanned skin, short black hair, and sharp light gray eyes. She was wearing a dark green band over her breasts, acting like a bra of some sort, a short-sleeve ridged blue jacket was tied in a knot at the bottom, exposing her midriff, black sweatpants, and green boots.

(A/N: Jason "Doc" Robinson Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith, as the current Sonic the Hedgehog voice)

"Hey, Doc! Sorry for taking so long, guys!" Kohaku told them.

"Hey, you found Yoru! Where were you?" The girl asked.

(A/N: Plata Vuelo Voice Actor: Hynden Walch, as mid-tone between Starfire and Blackfire from Teen Titans)

Yoru scratched the back of his head nervously. "Eh heh… Gomen, Plata. My narcolepsy kicked in on a monorail. Good thing Koha-kun woke me up."

"I do what I need to." Kohaku said. Then the four of them looked at the school. "Well, gang… we've done this once, so this is basically New Game Plus: Our return to Delta High." He smirked and pumped his left fist. "It is ON!"

*Opening Song: Start the Game* *Melody: Over The Top from Mega Man Battle & Chase, Game Intro Version*

*8 second intro* (Kohaku's red Gamepad spins into the air, being grabbed. Kohaku is then shown placing his visor on his head, looking at the camera with a smirk, then holding the Gamepad in front of him like a video game controller, the screen turning on as it zooms in.)

Don't give up the fight! Play on! (Kohaku drawing a card from his D-Controller before leaping toward a flagpole, grabbing hold of the rope and swinging down, raising the Delta High flag)
(Background singer: Yeah! Play on) (Multiple HERO-like monsters fly past him)
Fight to reach your goal! It's on! (Doc appears with his headband on his head, tossing vitamin pills forward with a shadowed dragon behind him. The screen switches to Plata waving a blow torch around, multiple Machine-Type monsters behind her. The screen switches again, and Yoru rises up, apparently having just woken up, several other monsters rising alongside him as if they had just woken up.)

*rest* (The three of them are standing beside Kohaku, who leaps forward)

With every step you take you grow (Kohaku presses the buttons on his Gamepad furiously, transparent images of various games being played appearing on-screen)
Everything you do, big or small, paves the road (Two eight-and-a-half-year-old kids, one boy with spiky cobalt blue hair, one girl with red hair in a mushroom style, jump in past each other, high-five each other, then jump up in excitement, a few shadowed kids jumping up behind them. The screen switches to a shadowed male form spins around on one foot before punching with his right fist, a shadowed monster outlined in red behind him, heavy wind blowing)
Life's just a game that everyone has to play (Multiple human monsters leap forward, the screen zooming toward a shadowed female form that swings her arm, forming a cyan-colored circular barrier that Kohaku tries to punch through, but he is blown back)
Use what you learn, and you'll seize the day (Kohaku screeches to a stop, snapping his head up before holding a card to the sky, the card shining red, a large red warrior appearing behind him conjuring fire)

Level yourself up, and you can make it through (Kohaku, Doc, Plata, and Yoru's D-Vatars run along a path, jumping through the screen to become the real deals)
(Background singer: Yeah! Play on) (The screen flashes through several shadowed characters and their monsters)
There's a great big world, waiting for us! (Kohaku's Gamepad clacks onto his D-Controller on his wrist, the Card Zones extending)
All that is left is for us to Start the Gaaaaaame! (Kohaku smirks and does a fist pump/thumbs-up with his right arm to the camera as his red warrior appears behind him, shooting a fireball at the screen)

It is ON! (Kohaku is striking a pose with Doc, Plata, and Yoru, with the title in front of them)

The interior of Delta High was surprisingly busy: School didn't start until tomorrow, yet there were numerous students walking around, either checking their classes or just hanging out with other students. Kohaku, Doc, Plata, and Yoru walked in the building, Kohaku breathing in through his nose. "Hah… smell the aroma of nostalgia, guys." He said.

"Uh, I think that's my wake-up breath." Yoru said.

"Gross, man…" Doc complained.

"All right, we might as well get searching." Kohaku said, pulling out his Gamepad. "Let's see, where did I store that schedule information…?" He tapped across the screen with the stylus until he found a small file. "Is this it?" Tapping it, a list of classes came up. "Yep, found it!"

"Hey Koha-kun, let's see if we've got any classes with each other this turn!" Plata said. She had out a dark green D-Controller Gamepad. Yoru had out his Gamepad while Doc had out a white Gamepad.

"Sounds like a plan." Kohaku said, tapping an option on his Gamepad that said "Sync Up". An icon appeared on-screen that said "Syncing…", which appeared on the other three Gamepads. Soon, all four said "Sync Complete". Everyone else's schedules appeared on every screen. On each schedule, some classes were highlighted in different colors. One thing that stood out was that the first class was highlighted on all four schedules, making Kohaku grin. "Aces! We've got the same homeroom!"

"How lucky are you, Koha-kun? Second year in a row that we've got the same homeroom." Doc said, making Kohaku laugh. "Looks like we're heading to Room 307. That's two floors up. I've got a map up. Follow me." Doc led his friends to a nearby staircase, the four of them going up two full flights to reach the third floor, following a map of the school, revealing the school to be shaped like a large triangle. Upon reaching the third floor, the group passed by a few classrooms. One side of the building's room were counting up from 301, so they were going the right way.

"Yo, Koha-kun!" A voice called out. Kohaku looked and saw a student with dark green eyes and medium-length black hair with purple streaks running at him with a grin. He was wearing a red shirt decoration with a large X-shaped design going over the shoulders to the back of the shirt, creating a loop. The X design was purple with gold borders, several gold circles going down the X, ending in a star in both the front and back centers. He also wore gold-colored pants and white shoes.

"Oi, Ginju-kun!" Kohaku called back, pointing a finger at him in a gesture.

Ginju screeched to a halt by them, dropping his grin. "You hear the news? Cleo's trying to pass that uniform requirement for the school!"

All four of Kohaku's group went wide-eyed. "EH?!"

Doc facepalmed. "Unbelievable… she's trying this again?"

"You'd think she would've learned her lesson after last year. Oy, ella es estúpido. (Oy, she's stupid.)" Plata said.

Kohaku, however, was still smiling. "Ah, there's nothing to worry about. Cleo-chan's never gonna get that thing passed."

Ginju grinned again. "Roger that, Koha-kun! Can't keep chatting, I got a bet to make with a group of guys! Ja ne!" He quickly ran off toward the stairs.

"Share some spoils with us, if you get any!" Kohaku called back. Ginju threw up a peace sign before heading downstairs. "You think that guy will win his bet?"

"Who knows? He can be pretty *yawns* lucky." Yoru said. The group continued on down the hallway until they reached their destination: Room 307. Kohaku tested the door, finding it unlocked, allowing them to check it out. The room seemed basic enough: There were three rows of three tables: Six three-seat tables and three four-seat tables, making 30 seats total, with a teacher's desk in the front. A couple students were already in the room.

"So this is where the days will start." Doc mused as he entered the room with the others. "Rather quaint."

Kohaku walked over and took a seat at the end of one of the four-seater tables. "Oh yeah, I think we'll be right at home here." He said, placing his hands behind his back.

"Uh… we've still got seven classrooms to look for." Yoru said.

Kohaku looked at him. "Oh, yeah. Let's go." He got up out of his seat and left the room with his friends. Kohaku checked his Gamepad. "Looks like Plata-chan shares the next class with me. Looks like this is where we split up for now."

"We'll meet up in the break area in the middle of the school." Doc said. "Hope everything goes well!" Everyone signed off before leaving, Kohaku and Plata going down the hallway while Doc and Yoru went back toward the staircase.

"Okay… next class is Room 319." Plata said. Looking at the room numbers, the other side was counting down from 333. "Should be on the right."

"Don't move!" A voice suddenly shouted. Female. Kohaku and Plata immediately went rigid, exasperated looks on their faces.

"Oh, don't tell me…" Plata sighed as she and Kohaku turned around. Sure enough, there was a girl their age looking at them, about 5'5" with orangish-yellow hair in two side ponytails, skin that was midtone between Kohaku and Plata, and big blue eyes. She was wearing what looked like a sailor fuku school uniform, being predominantly black with gold trim.

Kohaku's face became a cocky smile. "Long time no see, Cleo-chan." His voice sounded sarcastic.

Cleo immediately walked up to them. "You're coming with me, Yudin!" She said, grabbing his shirt and pulling him.

"H-Hey!" Kohaku griped, struggling.

"Bug off, Hamun!" Plata said, grabbing Kohaku from behind and pulling him back, causing Cleo to lose her grip and fall to the floor.

Kohaku fixed his shirt. "Whew. Arigatou, Plata-chan." He said, high-fiving her.

"You've got some nerve, Vuelo." Cleo said, picking herself up. "In case you weren't aware, I'm the Class President of your homeroom, which I'm in as well." She held out a gold Gamepad with a schedule on it, smirking with her eyes closed as the homeroom was highlighted. It was the same as Kohaku and his friends' homeroom.

Kohaku pretended to look interested. "Ooh, what a surprise!" He said, sarcasm extremely obvious. "You mind telling me who you paid off to fix that schedule?"

"Or who she laid with." Plata whispered loudly in his ear, causing Kohaku to snicker loudly before laughing out loud, high-fiving Plata again, who was also laughing.

Cleo was fuming. "I HEARD THAT!" She walked back up to them. "You'd better watch your steps this year, or I'll-"

Kohaku placed his hand over her mouth, muffling her speech. "Okay, seriously, Cleo-chan, this is getting old!" Cleo backed off. Kohaku was somehow still smirking. "You've been getting on my case for practically no reason since we were 13! What did I ever do to you?"

Cleo "hmph"ed, flicking one of her ponytails. "You're an uncivilized boy who needs to learn that your carefree attitude isn't going to help you in the real world."

"And what about you?" Plata jumped in. "Acting all higher-than-thou since eighth grade just because you have an Egyptian ancestry! There is such a thing as being too civilized, y'know!"

Cleo gasped. "Blasphemy! Being civilized will mean the difference between making a living and ending up on the streets. You of all people should know that, being from Mexico."

"WHAT'D YOU SAY, PUTA (bitch)?!" Plata yelled, furious, about to reach for something under her jacket.

Kohaku quickly stopped her, confusing Plata. "Don't bother, Plata-chan. She ain't worth it. Besides," He began, making Cleo look at him. "How would she know what your country's like when she hasn't even been to her supposed 'homeland'? How does she know Egypt's not just a big-ass sandpit?"

Cleo's eye twitched before she growled angrily. "YUDIN!"

"Ja ne!" Kohaku said innocently before rushing down the hallway, Cleo tearing down after him. "Meet me with the others, Plata-chan!" Plata threw a peace sign, but she was laughing like heck. Kohaku pulled an armrail slide down the flights until reaching the first floor, then quickly bolting down the hall and ducking into an open room. It was empty, so Kohaku didn't have to worry about him being ratted out.

"You can't get away from me!" Cleo was heard, her footsteps rushing down the air but passing right by the room he was in. Kohaku heard the footsteps fade from earshot, chuckling to himself.

"Oh, she's funny when she's mad." He said, peeking out of the room. She was gone. Kohaku left the room and rounded a corner, but ended up bumping into someone. "Oof!" He reeled back a bit, but kept his footing. He saw the person he had hit: A 15-year-old boy who was apparently a first-year student. He had long and frizzy scarlet hair, pale skin, and dull pink eyes. His face looked completely emotionless. He had on a drooping orange tank top with creepy markings on it over a black long-sleeve shirt, green pants with the same creepy markings, black futuristic-looking boots, and dark blue gloves with spiked cuffs. "Oops. Gomen, kid."

"…It is no worry." The boy said. His voice was emotionless, yet it sounded creepy. "We have not met. Who are you?"

Kohaku thought this kid seemed friendly enough and smiled. "Name's Kohaku Yudin."

The boy gave a very small smile. "…Kuran Hiwatari." He held out a hand, which Kohaku shook.

"…Can I see your Gamepad?" Kuran asked, pulling out an orange Gamepad.

"Uh… I guess so." Kohaku replied, handing Kuran his red Gamepad. Kuran Synched Up the two pads and began transferring data from his Gamepad to Kohaku's. Kohaku's D-Vatar went to Kuran's, finding no other D-Vatar, confusing it. Returning to Kohaku's Gamepad, his D-Vatar saw a map of Delta High appear, a red line moving from point to point before stopping and vanishing.

"…All finished." Kuran said, handing Kohaku back his Gamepad. "I used your class schedule to plot your route for you."

"Neat! Arigatou, Kuran-kun!" Kohaku said with a smile.

"First name already, Yudin…?" Kuran asked.

Kohaku scratched the back of his head. "Ehehe, it's something I do. Honorifics are just nicknames to me."

Kuran nodded, giving another very small smile. "Very well then. Perhaps you should go to the center area. There are some interesting Duels going on, to my knowledge."

Kohaku gave it thought. "Yeah, I could do that. I'm supposed to meet the others there later, anyway. Arigatou, Kuran-kun."

"…No worry. If I may ask a favor in return, though?" Kohaku was all ears. "I have recently acquired this. It is my first card of this type." He held up a card. It was a monster, but it had a bright red card frame.

"Your first Composition Monster, huh? I see you're finally getting with the times!" Kohaku said with a smile.

The younger boy nodded. "However, I am lost on how to Summon such a card. Would you please show me how to…" He looked at the card again. "…Composition Summon?"

"Sure thing, Kuran-kun. Come on, let's go to the center area." The tri-color-haired teen walked off, the younger boy behind him, exiting the building and coming to a large area in the center. There was a lot of wide-open space, and he could see that several people were Dueling. "Man, Delta High was smart to make this space for everyone to hang out."

"I have heard that this school took a design cue from a school in another city… Heartland, I believe." Kuran mused. "Well, shall we start…?"

"Right away, Kuran-kun." Kohaku replied, he and Kuran moving to an open spot.

Before any of them could do anything, though, an all-too familiar voice rang out. "Found you!" Kohaku, looking annoyed, turned and saw Cleo rushing up to them.

"Took you long enough to find me, but now is not the time, Cleo-chan." Kohaku said, smiling again. "I'm about to teach Kuran-kun here how to Composition Summon."

Cleo suddenly smirked. "Oh, you are, are you?" She said, walking up to the younger boy. "A lot of good you can do…" She quickly swiped the orange Gamepad. "If he can't even Duel."

Kuran showed some emotion this time. "Give me back my Gamepad…" He said, but Cleo held him off.

"Cleo-chan, was that really necessary?" Kohaku asked. "I get that you're mad, but why take it out on Kuran-kun? I'm the one who pissed you off."

Looking back at Kuran, Cleo looked up in thought. "Hmm… all right, Yudin. You have a point." She gave Kuran back his Gamepad before looking back at Kohaku. "I had a job for you, anyway. You're helping me with my campaign to have Delta High switch to using uniforms. A little class in our dress code might help you and your ragtag friends."

Kohaku began snickering, making Cleo raise an eyebrow. "Okay, tell me WHY I should help you pass this, when I was opposed to it last year? Did you eat something rotten this morning?"

Cleo smirked. "Because, Yudin, if you don't…" She typed a few buttons on her Gamepad before turning it to him. "I'll show everyone this."

Kohaku looked closer, reading the words on the on-screen document. As he read each word, his eyes grew more and more afraid. "'This document establishes that the parties of Kohaku Yudin and Cleo Hamun are joined legally and spiritually in holy matrimony'?! What the hell?!"

"That's right, Yudin. According to this, you and I are legally married." Cleo said with a smug smirk.

"How the hell did you even get this?! We're not even 18!" Kohaku griped, in complete shock.

"I have my sources. Now, I'm sure you don't want this to get out. So, you help me win this, and I keep this a secret and not bother you about it. Deal?" Cleo asked.

Kohaku gulped. He really didn't want to help her out, but he didn't want everyone to know he was legally married before he was even 17. Looking at Kuran, he got an idea, smiling. "…Maybe there's a better way we can settle this."

"Eh?" Cleo asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You want me to help you with this campaign, but I don't want to." Kohaku said. "I also told Kuran-kun that I'd teach him how to Composition Summon. So, I say we settle this by a Duel!"

"A Duel?"

"Yep. You Duel me, Cleo-chan, with Game Mode on. That way I can teach Kuran-kun about Game Cards, too." Kohaku said. "If you beat me, I'll help you out on your campaign. But if I beat you, you have to drop the campaign completely! You able to handle those odds?"

Cleo placed her fingers to her chin for a moment, then giggled with her eyes closed. "You certainly know how to make things interesting, Yudin." She opened her eyes. "So let me them more interesting by raising the stakes. If you win, not only will I drop the campaign," She held up her Gamepad. "But I'll also destroy this license."

"And if I lose?" Kohaku asked.

"If you lose, then not only will you help me win my campaign…" She leaned in close to him. "But you have to fully accept being my husband forever."

"The odds seem rather grim… I would not take this risk." Kuran told him, still emotionless.

"Trust me, pal, there's no way I'm gonna lose against her." Kohaku whispered to him before looking at Cleo confidently. "All right, Cleo-chan, you're on. Just lemme gather us a small audience." Kohaku sent out a message over his Gamepad.

I'm Dueling in the center area. You're gonna want to see this. –Kohaku

"They'll be here soon." Kohaku said. "Shall we start this sucker?"

"Bring it on… anata." Cleo said teasingly while walking to another spot, making Kohaku scoff, not dropping his smile. Several people in the area were interested in what was going on,

Kohaku grabbed the bill of his visor and pulled, turning the visor so it faced backwards. "It is ON!" He cried, grabbing a box-like object from his back holster. "D-Controller, switch on!" He tossed the box into the air, which converted into a wrist-worn device that clacked onto Kohaku's left wrist. On the left side of his wrist was a Deck, and on top of it was a slot for the Graveyard. On top of the Graveyard slot was a Deck holder that opened up, revealing Game Cards. Six card slots emerged from the device, and on the edge of the front-most Card Zone was a holder that opened, revealing his Extra Deck. "Game Mode, hatsudo!" Kohaku's Gamepad, which was tossed into the air, hooked on top of the Graveyard of the D-Controller, the touch screen flashing.

Cleo twirled once before throwing a gold box-like device into the air, which converted into her own D-Controller. "D-Controller, switch on!" The device clacked onto her wrist. "Game Mode, hatsudo!" She threw her Gamepad into the air, which clacked onto her wrist, the screen flashing.

A small blue device was thrown into the air, converting into a device with a clear lens. "D-Gazer, set!" Kohaku grabbed it and placed it over his left eye.

'D-Gazers... D-Controllers evolved from D-Pads, enabling them to stay in use.' Kuran thought.

Cleo caught a gold-colored device with a white lens out of the air, placing it over her eye. "D-Gazer, set!"

"Hey, are we late?" Doc's voice asked. He, Plata, and Yoru were rushing toward them.

"Just in time, guys! Put on your D-Gazers to catch the show!" Kohaku said.

"AR VISION, LINK ESTABLISHED." A male voice stated from the system. Everyone's D-Gazers flashed (Kuran - Basic gray with blue lens; Doc – White with red lens; Plata – Green with brown lens; Yoru – Basic gray with lavender lens), as well as others that were watching. "ESTABLISHING LINK BETWEEN A AND B." The area warped into a different-colored space, several people that weren't watching vanishing from the reality to get them out of the way.

'Do you have what it takes, Kohaku Yudin…?' Kuran thought.

Kohaku and Cleo drew 5 cards each, then looked at each other confidently. "DUEL!"

*Stat readout style: 8-bit green digits that re-arrange their pixels, appears on-screen like ZEXAL's readout*

Kohaku LP:4000

Cleo LP:4000

Kohaku went for the first draw. "Boku no turn! Draw!" He drew his card, placing it with the other five cards in his hand. "Hmm… looks like a good start here. Pixel HERO – Green Jumper, Shoukan!" From a summon portal, a figure leapt out and somersaulted in the air. It uncurled itself to reveal a human male character dressed in a green-and-blue heroic-looking outfit, a Times New Roman capital "P" on his chest that looked like it was made out of square pixels. His hands were white, and his boots were brown with wings on the back and springs on the bottoms. He wore a green cape and a green beret with wings on it, having brown hair. His eyes were bright blue, and he had black marker on his upper lip that extended from both sides slightly into his cheeks like a drawn-on mustache. He landed on the ground, bouncing twice before staying on the ground.

Pixel HERO – Green Jumper: Lv.3 WIND Warrior ATK:1200/DEF:400

Kuran made his way to Kohaku's friends. "Does he stand a chance with monsters like those…?"

"There's no way Koha-kun can lose against Cleo." Doc said. "His strategies are as varied as the Game Cards he collects." Kuran looked back at the Duel.

"Kaado ichi mai settei! (I place one card facedown!)" A facedown Magic or Trap Card appeared on the field. "Turn end!"

Cleo pushed her right ponytail away from her. "Watashi no turn… Draw!" She drew her card. "You haven't seen what I can do, Yudin. Behold!" She picked one of her cards. "Seikokuryū (Hieroglyph Dragon) – Aset Dragon, Shoukan!" An odd golden sphere emerged with multiple cracks, lavender-colored energy within the cracks. Then the energy shined, causing the sphere to open and convert around the energy, becoming a dragonic form with two wings, a helmet with small silver "wings", a spear-ended tail, and a symbol on his back. Two red eyes and a mouth formed on the head, then it let out a roar.

Hieroglyph Dragon – Aset Dragon: Lv.5 LIGHT Dragon ATK:1900/DEF:1200

"I thought Level 5 monsters required a monster to be released in order to be Normal Summoned." Yoru mused.

Doc tapped his Gamepad screen, bringing up an image of Aset Dragon. "According to this, Aset Dragon's effect enables it to be Normal Summoned without releasing a monster. However, its original Attack Points are reduced from 1900 to 1000."

Aset Dragon ATK:1000

"But that isn't all. By releasing Aset Dragon, I can call forth a new monster!" Aset curled back into a sphere, but the cracks changed. "Tokushu Shoukan!" The energy within changed from lavender to sky blue, then the sphere opened up again, expelling the energy. "Seikokuryū…" The energy and sphere pieces formed a new dragon, but this one had ridged wing armor, miniature wings coming from its helmet, and the symbol on its underside. "Shiyu Dragon!" Red eyes and a mouth opened on it, and it let out a roar.

Hieroglyph Dragon – Shiyu Dragon: Lv.6 LIGHT Dragon ATK:2200/DEF:1000

"*whistles* That's a pretty good combo, Cleo-chan. Why haven't I seen you Duel before?" Kohaku wondered.

"I'm not sure. Maybe you will more often once I've won." Cleo replied with a giggle. "But now, Aset Dragon no kouka hatsudo (Aset Dragon's effect activates). Since I released it, I can Special Summon a Dragon-Type Normal Monster from my hand, Deck, or Graveyard, so long as I make both its Attack and Defense Points zero." A card slid out from her Deck, which she grabbed. "Shinryū no Seikokuin (Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon), Tokushu Shoukan!" A bright light began to descend from above, as if it was the sun itself. However, when it reached the field, the light died down to reveal a golden sphere not unlike the others, but it was much larger, and no energy was between the cracks. On the front was the same symbol as on her other dragons, in red, resembling an eye of sorts.

Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon: Lv.8 LIGHT Dragon ATK:0/DEF:0 (Defense Mode)

"So… you did all that for this thing?" Kohaku wondered.

"This Seal is not as weak as it looks." Cleo told him. "But you won't find out this turn. Shiyu Dragon no kouka hatsudo. By releasing a Hieroglyph monster from my hand or field, except Shiyu itself, I can destroy one Magic or Trap Card you control." She picked a card from her hand. "I release another Shinryū no Seikokuin!" The image of a green Hieroglyph Dragon emerged and began to convert into a sphere.

Kohaku smirked. "You can't destroy what I activate! Trap Card, Player 2 Join-In, hatsudo! Since I only control one Pixel HERO monster, I can Special Summon another one from my hand!" A red "P1" appeared over Green Jumper's head, making him look up. Then, a blue "P2" appeared next to him in the next Monster Zone. "Pixel HERO – Angel Wing, Tokushu Shoukan!" From a portal, a new monster emerged, being a younger human male (around 15) wearing what looked like a white-and-gold chiton with a black undershirt, the same pixelated "P", colored red with gold trim, as the buckle for his belt, and brown boots with white openings. Two white feathery wings were on his back, and he had two red shoulder pads. He had no helmet, showing brown hair with a gold headband, and he had blue eyes. He landed on the floor and formed a bow from light in his right hand, then he crossed his arms and wings.

Pixel HERO – Angel Wing: Lv.5 LIGHT Fairy ATK:1300/DEF:2200 (Defense Mode)

"Hmm, not bad." Cleo said, the image of Usir vanishing. "Oh well, time to move in. Shiyu Dragon, attack Pixel HERO – Green Jumper!" Shiyu reared its head back before expelling light blue fire that washed over Green Jumper, causing him to explode.

Kohaku LP:3000

"Ngh! Not bad, Cleo-chan! I'll be looking forward to a rematch after this!" Kohaku said with a grin.

Cleo smiled. "Well, I'm honestly glad you're impressed. Kaado ichi mai settei. Turn end!" A facedown emerged on Cleo's field.

"Man, Cleo got a good lead on Koha-kun." Plata said. She then looked at the golden sphere. "But what's up with that Seal thing? No lo entiendo (I don't get it)."

Then, an alarm went off. Three words appeared in the AR space, which the system spoke: "GAME CARD INTERMISSION."

Kuran raised an eyebrow. "I have never done this before. How does this work?"

"Each time both Duelists take a turn when Game Mode is on, a Game Card Intermission occurs." Doc told him. "During these, Koha-kun and Hamun load up to five Game Cards into their Gamepads, then one is chosen at random to be played."

Kohaku and Cleo placed their hands into a slot in the Card Zones, then they pulled their Gamepads off their D-Controllers. Kohaku swiped five cards from his Game Deck and loaded them into his Gamepad, while Cleo only loaded three (as she only had three). Images of the eight cards appeared in the AR field, the top card out of eight being highlighted. Then, the highlight moved clockwise along the circle of cards quickly before slowing down. Finally, the highlight stopped, the selected card flashing: "SKEET SKATERS."

"Yosh!" Kohaku said, pulling the stylus from his Gamepad.

An image of a black field with a green grid pattern and a dark blue sky appeared on the AR field. Kohaku and Cleo's D-Vatars appeared on-screen before being changed into silver jumpsuits (Kohaku with red markings and Cleo with blue markings), wearing roller skates and holding skeet rifles. "TAP TOUCH SCREEN TO FIRE SKEET BLAST AT TARGETS. TARGET SCORES ARE AS SHOWN." Five targets appeared on-screen: Red, green, blue, gold, and black. Each one had a score value: Red - +1, Green - +3, Blue - +5, Gold - +15, Black - -3. "HIGHEST SCORE WINS. WINNER'S MONSTERS GAIN 800 ATTACK POINTS." Full-face visors came down over both D-Vatars, then they turned around.


"It is ON!" Kohaku shouted. The two D-Vatars took off down the path, crosshairs appearing in the sky. Soon, targets began to fly in. Kohaku and Cleo began tapping on their touch screens to shoot at the targets. Kohaku's taps were faster, as he was getting most of the shots in. Soon, a gold target flew in, which Kohaku shot to gain 15 points. "Yosh!"

"Kuso…" Cleo growled, trying to keep up with Kohaku's tapping. She was losing her patience, causing her to accidentally shoot two black targets, costing her 6 points. "Shimata!"

"Not used to this, Cleo-chan?" Kohaku taunted.

"Shut up!" The girl shouted back, tapping wildly.

Eventually, the two D-Vatars reached the finish line, screeching to a stop and turning around.


They flipped up their visors, and their scores were tallied up.

Kohaku: 76

Cleo: 17

Kohaku Wins!

"Yatta, ha ha!" Kohaku's D-Vatar said, doing a slight break dance before taking a pose. Cleo's D-Vatar slunk to her knees, covering her face with her hands.

"KOHAKU YUDIN'S MONSTERS GAIN 800 ATTACK POINTS." The AR system said. Angel Wing suddenly felt stronger.

Pixel HERO – Angel Wing ATK:2100

The game visual cut out, ending the Intermission. The Game Cards were then ejected from the Gamepad slots, though Kohaku's Skeet Skaters had a marking on it. "What is that…?" Kuran breathed.

"Now that Koha-kun's used Skeet Skaters, he can't use it again during this Duel until all of his and Cleo's Game Cards have been used once each." Yoru explained.

"Boku no turn! Draw!" Kohaku drew his card. "Pixel HERO – Green Jumper no kouka hatsudo!"

"Eh?" Cleo wondered. His friends all smirked.

"My Pixel HEROes work like video game characters: Until they run out of Lives, you aren't done with them! Pixel HERO – Green Jumper can be Special Summoned from my Graveyard during my Main Phase up to two times!" The green-and-blue-clad HERO emerged from nowhere, taking his position. However, a visual appeared above him, showing his face with an "x2" by it. The "2" then became a "1".

Pixel HERO – Green Jumper: 1 "Life" Left

"Next I switch Angel Wing to Attack Mode!" The angelic hero stood up and readied his light bow. "Pixel HERO – PK Kid, Shoukan!" This Pixel HERO looked only around the age of ten, wearing a yellow-and-blue-striped hero outfit. Odd spheres of blue energy were emanating from his hands, and he wore a helmet that resembled a red baseball cap pointed backwards, the pixelated "P" on the back of the cap (so it was facing forward).

Pixel HERO – PK Kid: Lv.4 DARK Psychic ATK:1500/DEF:1700

"Equip Magic, Bit Blade, hatsudo! This increases a Pixel HERO's Attack Points by 700!" PK Kid grabbed hold of the sword and channeled his energy through it before swiping it once.

PK Kid ATK:2200

"PK Kid, attack Shiyu Dragon! Psychic Pierce!" The youth leapt up and dashed at the dragon with its psychic-power-enhanced sword, which went right into Shiyu's head. However, the combined energy was unstable, causing them both to explode. "You did a good job, PK Kid. But now it's time for the others to attack! Green Jumper and Angel Wing no kouka hatsudo! Both of them have the ability to attack you directly, but for Green Jumper, the Battle Damage is halved! Jumper, you first!" The green hero squatted down before jumping sky-high. Soon, however, he came crashing straight down, landing near Cleo and causing a small explosion before hopping back to Kohaku's field.

Cleo LP:3400

"Angel Wing, follow up with your own direct attack!" The angelic hero stuck out his left arm, forming an arrow out of blue light and drawing it into his bow. "Fire!" The arrow was launched right past Cleo's monsters, striking Cleo right in the chest.

"Ugh!" She grunted.

Cleo LP:1300

"That's the way, Koha-kun! Knock that puta's block off!" Plata shouted.

Kohaku snapped his fingers with a smirk. "See what I've got under my belt, Cleo-chan? You really might want to give up now."

"With what's at stake? You wish!" Cleo retorted, slightly angry.

Kohaku sweatdropped. 'I'm scared to know whether she's talking about her campaign or the marriage license.' He thought. "Pixel HERO – PK Kid no kouka hatsudo! It has 2 Lives to spare for its effect!" PK Kid emerged from a Summon portal, its face appearing as a Life Icon, the "x2" becoming a "x1".

Pixel HERO – PK Kid: 1 "Life" Left

"Kaado ichi mai settei! Turn end!" Kohaku threw down a facedown.

"Watashi no turn… Draw!" Cleo drew her card, a smile appearing on her face. "Dragorado, Shoukan!" This monster appeared as a small purple dragon with a head similar to Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It was covered with black armor of sorts with white spikes, an odd red core on its chest, two red-webbed wings being part of the armor.

Dragorado: Lv.4 DARK Dragon ATK:1300/DEF:1900

"Dragorado no kouka hatsudo. When it's Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Normal Monster with 1000 or less Attack Points from my Graveyard in Defense Mode. Shinryū no Seikokuin, Tokushu Shoukan!" The core on Dragorado's chest opened up, firing a small ball of red energy that sailed around in the air before impacting the ground, forming a Summon portal that an identical copy of the Seal on her field.

Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon: Lv.8 LIGHT Dragon ATK:0/DEF:0 (Defense Mode)

"Another Seal? You realize that those things don't have any points, right?" Kohaku pointed out.

Cleo giggled eerily. "Just because they have no Attack or Defense Points doesn't make them useless… That's not what my Hieroglyphs are all about! Watch this!" She thrust a hand to the air. "Watashi wa Reberu Hachi no Shinryū no Seikokuin ni tai de… Obarei (I Overlay my two Level 8 Hieroglyph Seals of the God Dragon)!" The two golden spheres became two orbs of yellow energy before streaking into the air, spiraling around each other. A red spiral portal opened up in front of Cleo, and the two streaks sailed inside. "Ni tai no monsuta de, Obarei Netwaaku kochiku (With these two monsters, I construct the Overlay Network)! Ekushiizu Shoukan (Xyz Summon)!" From the portal, a Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon emerged, floating into the air, but this time, red energy was moving along the cracks. The energy glowed, and the sphere opened, causing the red energy to take shape. "Arawareyo (Come forth)!" The plating of the gold sphere became various armored plates across the body, but the body became much larger than Cleo's other monsters. Wing armor formed from some of the pieces, flaring out energy into wings that were yellow at the armor and became orange as they flared out. "Seikoku Shinryū (Hieroglyph God Dragon)…" The head formed from the energy, the helm sporting the Hieroglyph symbol. The large dragon curled its joints before extending its body with a loud roar, two yellow orbs orbiting it with streaks of yellow light. "Ennead!"

Hieroglyph God Dragon – Ennead: Rank 8 LIGHT Dragon/Xyz ATK:3000/DEF:2400 2 Overlay Units

Kuran seemed impressed despite his emotionless look. "Is that the Composition Summon…?" He asked.

"Close. That was an Xyz Summon." Doc explained. "By Overlaying two monsters of the same Level, she was able to Summon a stronger one with an equal Rank."

"Impressive, don't you think, Yudin?" Cleo asked, her eyes closed. "My Seals have no points, but they hold the soul of this divine dragon." All of a sudden, she heard loud laughter. Opening her eyes, she saw Kohaku laughing his head off, which made Cleo angry. "What is so funny?!"

Kohaku tried to calm himself down, at least so he could speak. "Oh my god… You use freaking Xyz Monsters?!" He said, still laughing. "Man, you are behind the times! No one uses Xyz Monsters anymore, hahahaha!"

"Uh… Koha-kun?" Yoru asked. "I don't think you should be saying that while staring down a monster with 3000 Attack Points…!"

The Yudin boy finally managed to calm down. "Hah… I'm sorry, but now I have another reason not to take you seriously, Cleo-chan. Get with the program: It's all about Composition Monsters now!"

Cleo had a tic mark. "I'll teach you to disrespect my Deck, Yudin! Seikoku Shinryū – Ennead no kouka hatsudo! By using one of Ennead's Overlay Units, I can activate its effect!" One of the yellow orbs floated near Ennead's head, then it chomped down on the orb.

Ennead: 1 Overlay Unit

"Now, by releasing any number of monsters from my field or my hand, I can destroy the same number of cards you control!" Cleo picked a card from her hand. "I release Dragorado from my field and Seikokuryū – Nephthe Dragon from my hand!" The image of another Hieroglyph Dragon, this one looking very similar to Aset Dragon only with larger gold "wings" on the helmet instead of small silver "wings" appeared before curling into its sphere form. Dragorado let out a small roar and leapt into the sky next to the image, glowing purple. Then, the image and Dragorado turned into fireballs that shot toward Kohaku's field, obliterating PK Kid and Angel Wing, taking Bit Blade with it.

"Kuso!" Kohaku grunted.

"Nephthe Dragon no kouka hatsudo. Since it was released, I can Special Summon another Shinryū no Seikokuin from my Deck!" A third golden orb formed on her field.

Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon: Lv.8 LIGHT Dragon ATK:0/DEF:0 (Defense Mode)

"Now, Ennead! Attack Pixel HERO – Green Jumper! Divine Solar Flare!" The large red dragon beat its fists together, powerful light converging into them to form a powerful fireball in them. "GO!" With a powerful roar, Ennead threw the fireball at the green HERO.

Kohaku went to flip his facedown. "Trap Card-"

"Oh no, you don't! Counter Trap, Hansha no Seikokuin (Hieroglyphic Seal of Reflection), hatsudo! By releasing Shinryū no Seikokuin, I can negate the activation of your Trap Card and destroy it!" The golden sphere rose up before shooting down in golden fire, striking and destroying the facedown.

"Oh, crud!" Kohaku cried. The fireball from Ennead stayed on course, obliterating Green Jumper. "Gwaaaaah!" Kohaku cried, being thrown back from the force of the attack, landing on his rear.

Kohaku LP:1200

"Ouch…" Doc, Plata, and Yoru said at the same time. Kuran merely looked on emotionlessly.

"Dang… what power." Kohaku said, picking himself up with a grin. "Xyz Monsters are old news nowadays… but I guess they can still kick it with the best of 'em!"

"That's why you shouldn't underestimate what they can do, Yudin." Cleo said with a smirk. "Turn end!"

"GAME CARD INTERMISSION." The AR system said. Kohaku loaded five new Game Cards into his Gamepad while Cleo reloaded her three. The cards appeared on-screen and were cycled through before stopping on one. "LEVEL CRANE."

"A 1-Player Bonus Card." Yoru said. "Hopefully the chooser lands on Koha-kun." An arrow began to rapidly flash back and forth above the two Duelists, eventually slowing in pace.

Finally, the arrow stopped above Kohaku, flashing. "Yatta!" Kohaku chirped.

An image of an old crane game appeared on the AR field, and Kohaku's D-Vatar appeared on-screen, running to the controls, the camera panning to be on the other side of the controls. "MOVE CONTROL STICK TO MOVE CRANE AND PRESS A BUTTON TO LOWER CRANE. IF AN ITEM IS GRABBED, RAPIDLY PRESS A BUTTON TO HOLD ONTO ITEM. IF THE ITEM IS SUCCESSFULLY ACQUIRED, THE PLAYER WINS AND MAY ADD 1 MONSTER WITH A LEVEL TO OR LESS THAN THE NUMBER ON THE ITEM." Kohaku readied himself on his Gamepad as his D-Vatar grabbed the controls.


"It is ON!" Kohaku moved the Control Stick, causing the crane to move left and right. "Position it right… here!" He hit the A Button, causing the crane to lower into the prizes, sinking it. Soon, the crane came out holding a circular object with a "4" on it. "Just what I needed!" Kohaku began hammering the A Button with his finger as the crane swung, the "4" object threatening to slip from the crane's grasp. However, the crane made it to the other side, dropping the object down the slot.


The camera panned back around to the front as Kohaku's D-Vatar turned around, and the object tumbled into the prize area, floating into the air above the D-Vatar with the "4" facing forward, which began jumping with a closed-eye smile. "KOHAKU YUDIN CAN ADD 1 LEVEL 4 OR BELOW MONSTER FROM HIS DECK TO HIS HAND."

"And I've got just the one in mind." Kohaku said, a card sliding out from his Deck, which he grabbed. The gaming field cut out, and the players ejected their Game Cards. "Boku no turn! Draw!" Kohaku drew his card. "Cleo-chan, this was a good Duel, and I admit, your Xyz Monster is pretty cool… but it's high time I showed off what I can do!"

"Here it comes!" Doc, Plata, and Yoru said at once. Kuran looked on.

"Pixel HERO – Red Hammer… Shoukan!" A new HERO monster emerged, though this one looked very similar to Green Jumper, only with a few differences: He wore red in place of green, his boots lacked the wings and springs, he lacked the cape, and the beret lacked the wings. However, he was more muscular than the green HERO, and the mustache-esque markings looked more like ripples. The pixelated "P" was still on the chest, but he hefted something from a fireball: A large black hammer with a wooden handle. He slammed the hammer's handle on the ground, the hammer to his right.

Pixel HERO – Red Hammer: Lv.4 FIRE Warrior/Base ATK:1600/DEF:1400

Kuran looked slightly confused. "Base Monster…?"

"Take note, Kuran-kun: A Base Monster is important! You need one in order to perform a Composition Summon!" Kohaku explained. "If you have a Base Monster on your field, I can Synergize it with monsters in my Graveyard, combining their souls to form a Composition Monster that has a Quality equal to the Base Monster's Level!"

"A Summon with monsters in the Graveyard…" Kuran breathed.

Kohaku snapped his fingers, and Red Hammer gave a whistle. Then, from purple portals, PK Kid, Green Jumped, and Angel Wing emerged. Red Hammer turned to them and gave a thumbs-up, which the other three HEROes returned. "Boku wa, Green Jumped, PK Kid, Angel Wing to, Reberu Yon no Red Hammer de… Shinajaizu (I Synergize Green Jumper, PK Kid, Angel Wing, and Level 4 Red Hammer)!" The four HEROes formed a circle and placed their hands in the center, each one's hands glowing a color that matched their Attribute (Jumper – green, Angel – yellow, PK – purple, Hammer – red). Then, an energy ball began to form in the center of their hands, being tye-dye of their Attribute colors. All the while, Kohaku was chanting: "Kono yon-tai no tamashī o ketsugō shite, yori kyōryokuna atarashī no tamashī ga umareru! (By merging these four souls, a stronger new soul shall be born!)" When the energy ball grew larger, the four monsters jumped straight backward and let out a shout while thrusting their hands to the sky. Then, all four of them changed shaped, transforming into small thin towers that each held an odd white crystal on top. The crystals then fired red lightning at the energy ball, causing it to grow and change shape, forming a humanoid shape. Kohaku whipped out and held out a card with a bright red border, having four blue Level Stars with white circles in the center of the card underneath the name. "Kōzu Shoukan (Composition Summon)!" He said as the card glowed. Then, the shape burst into flame, and a large arm shot through the flames, being fully clad in white, a ridged ring indicating the wrist. Blue eyes shot open from the flames, then the whole form knelt down before jumping sky-high, shaking off the flames, the red lightning following it. It came back down and landed on the ground, showing the rest of its body: A large human male, its main color being white, but the torso and legs were also clad in red, similar in construction to Red Hammer and Green Jumper, right down to the brown boots and the pixelated "P" on the chest. "Pixel HERO…" Rather than mustache-like markings, this HERO had an actual mustache, though it was orange, and he wore a white helmet instead of a beret over his hair, which was also orange instead of brown. Holding his hands in front of them, fire burst into his hands. "Red Blazer!" The large HERO waved its flaming hands around before dispelling the flames and striking a peace sign, flames erupting behind him, the red lightning still connected to him from the towers around him.

Pixel HERO – Red Blazer: Quality 4 FIRE Warrior/Composition ATK:2500/DEF:2000 4 Active Soul Towers

Kuran let out a breath. "So this is… the Composition Summon…"

"That's right, Kuran-kun." Kohaku said. "The Composition Monster is a literal composition of the souls of the monsters that made it, hence the four crystals around it. Those are Soul Towers, and they come in two states: "Active" and "Inactive". Since I just Summoned Red Blazer, all of its Soul Towers are Active, which you can see by the white color and the lightning coming off of them." He showed his D-Controller spaces, which had the four Materials in a slot in the front of Red Blazer's Zone. "The Soul Towers go in these slots in the front."

"Would you mind getting on with your turn, Yudin?" Cleo asked, impatient.

Kohaku merely smirked. "Would you mind showing a little patience for a newcomer to Composition Monsters? There's plenty of others out there who don't know about these cards." He flashed a discreet glance to the camera before looking back at Cleo. "But if you insist! Magic Card, Synergized Strength, hatsudo! This card gives a Composition Monster that was Summoned this turn 300 Attack Points for each Active Soul Tower it has!" The red lightning from the Soul Towers surged, giving Red Blazer more power.

Red Blazer ATK:3700

"Nani?" Cleo gasped.

"Pixel HERO – Red Blazer no kouka hatsudo! Once per turn during my Main Phase, Red Blazer can destroy one face-up monster you control that has less Attack Points than he does!" Blazer's hands caught ablaze. "Go, Red Fireball!" With a thrust of his hand, Blazer fired a large bouncing fireball that shot up and struck Ennead in the chest, catching its whole body on fire.

"Ennead!" Cleo cried. The massive dragon roared in pain before its energy body staticed into nothing, the armor pieces exploding.

"So sorry about that, Cleo-chan. But I'm afraid this Duel is over!" Kohaku said. "Pixel HERO – Red Blazer, attack Cleo-chan directly! Burning Red Finisher!" The large HERO waved his burning hands around before bringing them together by his side. Then, with a battle yell, he thrust his hands forward, unleashing two red fireballs that spiraled around each other bolo-style, trails of fire spinning behind them.

The twin fireballs barreled toward Cleo and struck the ground hard, causing a powerful explosion. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" She screamed as she was flung back, landing hard on the ground.

Kohaku LP:1200

Cleo LP:0 – LOSER

Kohaku's picture appeared in the AR space with the word "WIN", and a buzzer sounded. "Duel Clear!" Kohaku said with a peace sign.

"Way to go, Koha-kun!" Doc said.

"You showed her who's boss!" Plata cheered.

"Sweet Duel!" Yoru said.

Kuran was silent, though he allowed himself a small smile. '…Perhaps he is the one I'm searching for…'

Kohaku walked up to Cleo as she was getting up, holding out a hand. "Nice Duel, Cleo-chan." Cleo glared at him, but accepted his hand, letting him help her up. "A deal's a deal. Drop your campaign and rip up that license."

"'License'?" Doc, Plata, and Yoru asked at once.

Cleo sighed. "Fine." Pulling up her Gamepad, she brought up the marriage license and drew a zigzag along it with her stylus. When she lifted the stylus, the license was ripped in two and deleted.

"Uh, Koha-kun? What 'license' were you talking about?" Yoru asked.

"Don't worry about it. It was fake, anyway." Cleo said, turning to walk away.

"EH?!" Kohaku gasped. "You tricked me with a fake marriage license?" His friends gaped at him.

Cleo smirked back at him. "Some people will do anything to get what they want. But I know when I'm beat." She looked forward and gave a gesture. "See you tomorrow in homeroom, everyone." She walked off without another word.

Kohaku crossed his arms. "Do you guys think we'll ever understand her?" Doc, Plata, and Yoru all shook their heads.

Kuran then walked up to Kohaku. "Your skills were impressive… Thank you for showing me how to perform a Composition Summon… Perhaps I can make it from here."

"No problem, Kuran-kun." Kohaku said, shaking Kuran's hand when he held it out. However, when Kuran pulled his hand back, there was an odd card in Kohaku's hand. It called itself a Game Card, but it was silver-bordered instead of burnt orange. "Nani…?"

"It was something I found not too long ago… Maybe you'd want it." Kuran said. "Ja ne, Kohaku-kun…" The boy walked off in a creepy fashion.

"Who is that guy?" Doc wondered.

"I don't know, man…" Kohaku breathed, looking at the odd silver card. It had no name and no words aside from the Game Card Attribute symbol. He smiled. "But I've got a feeling that this school year is gonna be awesome." His friends smiled at him as he put away the card. Kohaku grinned and leapt into the air, his fist held high. "It is ON!"

*Ending Song: Continue* *Melody: Ghost Rider's theme from Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, ends at 1:24*

*7 second music* (Kohaku's D-Controller unravels and hooks onto his wrist. The Card Zones extend, and Kohaku inserts his Deck. Then he places his Gamepad on the D-Controller, shows it off, then runs into the foreground with a determined look.)

I will not lie down, roll over (Kohaku in a duel, Composition Summoning Pixel HERO - Red Blazer.)
*3 second music* (Camera pans to show a shadowed figure with a large dragon monster.)
I will not just let it by (Kohaku orders an attack on the monster, and Red Blazer runs towards it.)
*3 second music* (The monster attacks Red Blazer, but misses, and Blazer unleashes his attack.)

I will fight for what is right, yes I will not just let it go-oh (Kohaku running to the foreground as multiple imposing silhouettes appear around him.)
You may think you got this won but I still got till the clock's zero (Kohaku stops running while face-to-face with a large floating monster, a fearful look on his face. A large eye opens on the monster, and an attack is fired.)

I will not let this end here there's too much riding on this now (Kohaku lays spread-eagle on the ground as the camera spirals and zooms in on him, images fading in and out like memories, then his eyes snap open.)
With my friends here by my side I will not let you tear me down (Kohaku sits up and looks behind him, seeing the Pixel HEROes appear and show their support for him, making him smile)
Give me one more quarter now 'cuz now's not when I take my bow (Kohaku stands up to see the othr silhouettes, standing in front of him, now accompanied by monster silhouettes. However, a green aura begins to surround Kohaku.)
There's still time, I still got breath, so here's where I continue now (Kohaku, determined, draws a card with a yell, causing a bright flash of light)

10… (Kohaku is walking forward in a dark area, a light in the horizon behind him, casting a shadow.)
9… (An image of Doc placing his headband on his head with a determined look is seen, and Doc joins Kohaku.)
8… (An image of Plata readying a blow torch appears, then she joins Kohaku.)
7… (An image of Yoru waking up with a determined look appears, then he joins Kohaku.)
1… (From 6 through 1, silhouetted images appear, and no one else joins Kohaku's group.)
0… (Kohaku and the group stops, and the light fades out, making the screen fade to black.)


Kohaku: School's finally in at Delta High, and things look great… Huh? A camera? Am I on TV?

?: Who needs TV when you can go viral? I can see this video getting millions of hits!

Kohaku: Millions of hits… I'm thinking I might've just found a new friend to add to the party!

Kohaku: Next time on Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART: "Doorman Dizzy, the Hit Video Hunter!" It is ON!

Author-Made Cards

Pixel HERO - Green Jumper
Level 3 WIND Warrior
During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card (from the Graveyard). If this card would be sent to the Graveyard after this effect has been used twice: Banish it. Reset this effect if this card is in the Graveyard again after being banished. This card can attack your opponent directly. When it does so using this effect, all Battle Damage it inflicts to your opponent is halved.

Pixel HERO - Angel Wing
Level 5 LIGHT Fairy
During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card (from the Graveyard). If this card would be sent to the Graveyard after this effect has been used 4 times: Banish it. Reset this effect if this card is in the Graveyard again after being banished. This card can attack your opponent directly. If this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, except from a direct attack by its own effect: You gain Life Points equal to the damage inflicted.

Pixel HERO - PK Kid
Level 4 DARK Psychic
During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card (from the Graveyard). If this card would be sent to the Graveyard after this effect has been used twice: Banish it. Once per turn, if this card would be destroyed by battle and you would take Battle Damage: It is not destroyed, you take no Battle Damage, and you gain Life Points equal to the damage you would've taken.

Pixel HERO - Red Hammer
Level 4 FIRE Warrior/Base
During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card (from the Graveyard). If this card would be sent to the Graveyard after this effect has been used twice: Banish it. When this card battles: The opposing monster loses 500 ATK during the Damage Step.

Pixel HERO - Red Blazer
Quality 4 FIRE Warrior/Composition
"Pixel HERO - Red Hammer" (must be Level 4) + 3 or more monsters in your Graveyard
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls with less ATK than this card. Once per turn, if this card would be destroyed by battle, you can deactivate 1 of this card's Composition Materials instead. If you use this effect, at the end of the Battle Phase: Negate this card's effects until your next End Phase.

Bit Blade
Equip Spell Card
Equip only to a "Pixel HERO" monster: It gains 700 ATK.

Synergized Strength
Normal Spell Card
Target 1 Composition Monster that was Composition Summoned this turn: It gains 300 ATK for each of its active Composition Materials until the End Phase.

Player 2 Join-In
Normal Trap Card
Activate only while you control exactly 1 "Pixel HERO" monster. Special Summon 1 "Pixel HERO" monster from your hand.

Skeet Skaters
2-Player VS Game Card
Tap Gamepad touch screen to fire skeet rifle. The player with the most points at the finish line wins, and all monsters they control gain 800 ATK.
Target Scores:
Red Target - 1 point
Blue Target - 3 points
Green Target - 5 points
Gold Target - 15 points
Black Target - -3 points

Level Crane
1-Player Bonus Game Card
Move Control Stick to move crane and press A Button to drop crane into prize bin. If a prize is grabbed, rapidly press A Button to keep hold of the prize. If the prize is dropped into the giveout bin, the selected player wins and can add 1 monster with a Level equal to or less than the number on the received prize.

Vile: Whoof! I didn't expect one chapter to take this many words in it. Then again, most of my Numbershots are meant to be one whole episode, so I shouldn't be surprised. XD Anyhoo, if you guys liked this chapter, leave a review for me! I hope GSTART can grow into a great fic, but remember: We're only in Season 1 right now! Until next chapter, ja ne!

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