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Severus walked into the quarters he shared with his wife of fifteen years. It had been a long day of teaching Potions to class after class of complete dunderheads. After the war, Severus had decided to go back to teaching Potions. He had only taught Defense Against the Dark Arts because it was what Voldemort had wanted. Severus actually enjoyed the art of potion-making.

Making his way to the bedroom, Severus smiled at the sight in front of him. Hermione stood at the window, her back to the doorway. She had yet to notice Severus' presence, so he took the opportunity to simply watch her. Severus couldn't help but smile at the beautiful picture his wife made. Staring out the window, Hermione had a small smile on her face. Sunlight was shining on her, causing the light to play off her hair like a halo.

"What is going through that beautiful head of yours," Severus' silky voice asked. He smirked when she jumped slightly.

"I'm just happy, Severus," Hermione responded with a smile.

"I must admit, I never dreamed I would be this happy," Severus agreed.

Severus made his way over to Hermione. Coming to stand behind her, he wrapped her in his arms. Nuzzling Hermione's neck, Severus kissed the spot just below her ear.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you look this way," Severus asked. Bringing his hands up from her hips, Severus lovingly touched her swollen belly.

Hermione turned, putting her arms around Severus' neck. She smiled up at him and he bent to kiss her softly. Severus held her closer, deepening the kiss. Their romantic moment was soon interrupted by a sound of disgust by the door. Severus and Hermione turned to look at their fourteen year old daughter.

"Ugh, I don't want to see that! Would you two get a room?!"

Severus raised an elegant eyebrow. "Rowan, we are in our room," he responded sarcastically.

"You could at least shut the door then," Rowan responded. Her eyebrow raised in a spot on impression of her father. Hermione couldn't help but laugh.

Rowan had been born almost exactly a year to the day of Severus and Hermione's wedding. She was now fourteen years old, and quite precocious. Rowan was just like her mother. She loved books and she craved knowledge. Another quality Rowan and her mother shared was their fierce loyalty to their family and friends. Like both of her parents, she could also have quite a temper. However, when it came to physical appearance, Rowan looked very much like her father. She had raven black hair, although she inherited her mother's wild curls. She also had piercing black eyes. Severus thanked Merlin that his daughter at least managed to inherit her mother's nose. As a Slytherin, he was also quite proud to have her in his house. It came as no surprise when she was sorted. She was quite cunning after all.

Severus and Hermione followed Rowan out to the sitting room. Rowan took a seat on the couch and began reading a book. Severus smiled when he saw his son sitting on the floor, playing with his potions set.

Aidan had just turned eleven. He was an extremely intelligent boy. He loved learning, just like his parents. Aidan was very interested in potions. He could often be found in his father's lab, watching Severus work. He had straight, brown hair. Aidan wore his hair long, just like his father. He had wide, whiskey colored eyes, just like his mother. Unlike his sister, Aidan had inherited his father's nose. He was a very determined little boy. He loved learning new things and wouldn't stop until he figured something out. Like his sister, he was fiercely loyal to those he loved.

"Are you excited for the sorting tonight, Aidan," Hermione asked her son.

"Yes! I can't wait to find out what house I'll be in," Aidan answered excitedly. Severus and Hermione smiled at their son's eagerness.

"Well, it's about that time. Shall we go find out," Severus asked. Aidan didn't have to be told twice. He jumped up and ran to his father. Severus laughed as Aidan grabbed his hand, pulling him to the door. Hermione and Rowan followed close behind.

Severus and Hermione sat next to each other at the staff table. Hermione had become the Arithmancy teacher after she completed her apprenticeship many years ago. She had also become Head of Gryffindor when Minerva decided she was getting much too old for the job. Severus and Hermione sat, hand in hand, listening to Albus make his speech. Once he finished, Minerva began the sorting ceremony. After several minutes, she finally called Aidan. He all but ran up to the stool, wiggling excitedly as Minerva placed the sorting hat atop his head. Hermione squeezed Severus' hand.

"GRYFFINDOR," shouted the Sorting Hat.

Turning to look at Severus, Hermione smirked. Severus rolled his eyes with a groan.

"I told you. I hope you enjoy taking over my patrols for the next month, darling," Hermione whispered with a smug smile.

Leaning over so his mouth was close enough to touch her ear, Severus whispered. "Or we could always do them together." Hermione shivered at his suggestive tone.

"I think that is a fair compromise, love," Hermione responded. It was Severus' turn to shiver at the look of desire he found in her eyes.

Severus and Hermione turned their attention to their dinner. However, the couple continued to hold hands, smiling every time their eyes connected. It had been fifteen wonderful years, and they loved each other more and more each day.

Neither Severus or Hermione noticed Albus watching them. He smiled fondly at his two very dear friends and colleagues. His blue eyes twinkling brighter than they ever had before.

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