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Word Count: 159

Prompt: D is for Dinnertime

Harry watched with a smile on his face as his youngest son Albus ran around chasing James. Melody sat in the corner play with Lily.

He had four beautiful children. Albus and James looked just like Harry, each with black hair and green eyes. Melody and Lily both looked like their mother. Melody had blonde hair and blue eyes, while Lily had blonde hair and green eyes.

Harry had never suspected that he would settle down after the war with Luna; everyone had always thought it'd be Ginny. But after everything he had been through, Harry wanted peace and quiet, while Ginny had wanted to be in the limelight.

"Dinner's ready!" Luna called from the back porch.

There was a squeal of excitement. All the kids came rushing towards the house. "I wuv dinnertime!" Albus cried, scrambling into the kitchen.

Harry smiled, giving Luna a quick kiss. Luna was peace and quiet. She was everything he would ever need.