Last chance

Chrissy wasn't exactly sure where she was. She remembered dying at Billie's hands, then this. She wasn't sure how much time had passed, before she saw him. Chrissy had never met this man before. But she's heard the triad talk of his evil power, and she'd seen pictures of him in the Halliwell home. This was Cole, also known as Baltazar. Was he good or evil? The question Chrissy had struggled with herself.

: How long have I been here?

That's a complicated question. By earth time you've been dead less than 5 minutes. Billie is still crying about it.

She killed me.

And you tried to kil her. Still you are sisters and she still loves you.

So, what happens now?

You and I both died evil, but we caught a break. I took my evil powers back to prevent the much worse demon Barbas from having them. You were raised to be pure evil, it's the only life you knew. Those things have earned us each one last chance. We work for him.

Who? One of the elders?

No. This thing is like the boss of their boss. Much more powerful and good. He goes by different names, God, Allah, Great spirit, and so forth. Anyway, since my death I've been helping others, showing them the dangers of going down dark paths. I even helped Phoebe learn to love again, which frankly was my most painful assignment.

And that's what they want me to do, help others?

After I train you yes. That's my final assignment. Than I'm reincarnated and, fingers crossed, me and Phoebe will be reunited in a future life.

What about Billie?

I assume she'll mourn you but eventually move on with her life. Maybe you'll help her in this job, maybe not. But you'll probably see her again, one way or another.

What if I don't want this job?

: You go to hell. Not for eternity, but it will feel like eternity. Trust me this gig is better. One other thing I should mention. The boss won't punish you for making mistakes but he knows the difference between a mistake and slacking off. You in?

Yeah, I'm in.