Chapter 1: Taken

"Mother, father! Oh, I missed you so." Daphne said as she flew into her parents arms. They laughed as she hugged them and they hugged her back. "How is Lake Roccaluce?" King Oritel asked. They walked around the ballroom. There were many guests in the ballroom for today was their little Princess Bloom's 19th birthday! The Winx were with her in her room while she continued to get ready. The Specialists were waiting patiently down the steps for their beautiful girls to show off their dresses and such. Their Royal Highnesses of Domino neared Sky and the rest of the Specialists. "Great. Wet, but great!" Daphne said playfully and the trio laughed. When the Specialists saw them near, they immediately bowed. "Your Majesty's." They said in unison. King Oritel and Queen Marion smiled. "Well, I have a feeling that the girls will be very happy to see you, and be very impressed by your attire." Queen Marion said. The Specialists were wearing tuxedo's with a flower of each of the girls color in their coat pocket. Timmy wore a lilac, Riven wore a rose, Nabu wore a calla lily, Brandon wore a marigold, Helia wore a tulip, and Sky wore a sweet pea. "Thank you, Your Highness." Sky said. "You're welcome Sky." Queen Marion replied and the trio went on walking around and talking to other royals. "Do you think the girls actually WILL be happy to see us?" Riven asked. He had just earned himself five slaps on the back of the head. "Oww." Riven wailed. He rubbed the back of his head. Then, the doors to Bloom's room opened. Everyone turned to the room. "Alright Stella! Let's go!" Musa's voice rang out through the ballroom. "Coming!" Stella's voice echoed through the ballroom.

First, Tecna came out. Timmy's jaw dropped to the ground. She was wearing a purple and green one-shoulder gown. Her magenta hair was straightened and came up to her upper back. Musa then came out. Riven's jaw dropped open, wide. She wore a strapless red and silver gown. Her hair was curled and into a long side ponytail up to her lower back. Then Princess Aisha came out and Nabu's jaw dropped open. Aisha was wearing a green and blue gown with long-sleeves. Her hair was straightened and came up to her lower back. Then Princess Stella came out and Brandon's jaw dropped open, so Sky closed it for him. She was wearing a strapless orange and yellow gown. Her hair was in a high pony-tail and reached her back. Flora then strutted out and Helia's jaw dropped open. She was wearing a one-shoulder, pink and green gown. Her honey brown hair and blonde bangs were straightened that came up to her lower back. Finally, Princess Bloom came out and Sky's jaw dropped down to the ground. She was wearing a blue and pink strapless gown. Her red hair was curled and had pink and purple roses in it. Her hair reached down to her lower back. She wore the Domino crown on her head.

The girls walked down the stairs gracefully and the boys jaws dropped down to the ground even lower. Once the girls got down to the ballroom floor, the boys were dying. Their parents giggled. Bloom walked up to Sky who blushed. He gently took her in his arms and they hugged. "Sky, I missed you so much." She said. "I missed you more." Sky said. Bloom looked up into his eyes. "I love you Sky." The other Winx were in their boyfriends arms. Then, Bloom and Sky kissed. The crowd awed and Bloom and Sky blushed a bit and let go of each other. Then, the boys led their girlfriends to their seats. Oritel took a microphone from his butler. "Well, I would love to thank you all for coming to my beautiful daughters 19th birthday. So, without further to do, let the party commence!" Oritel said. Bloom had fun with her friends and boyfriend until...

"Bloom dear. All of Domino would like to thank you, Sky, and Daphne for saving us. If you didn't, our world would still be trapped in ice." Oritel said. "And what's wrong with being trapped in ice Oritel?" A raspy voice said behind them. Bloom slowly turned, along with her friends. "Oh boy." Stella said. "Ugh, them again?" Musa asked. "You have got to be kidding me." Aisha said. In front of them were all the enemies, except the Wizards of the Black Circle for some reason, that they have ever faced. The Trix, Lord Darkar, Tritannus, The Ancestral Witches and, "VALTOR?!" Bloom and the rest of the Winx cried. Valtor stepped out of the shadows. "Yes my dear Bloom. The one that you had killed, is right here in front of you." Valtor said coldly. "And I see that the former Company of Light are all alive." He continued staring at Bloom's parents and Daphne who, wasn't exactly alive. "You keep them out of this." Bloom shot at him. "Oh and what a surprise, you just turned 19 today. We must have ruined the party. Saddening now isn't it?" Valtor looked her dead in the eye while the other villains cackled behind him. Valtor smiled and took a step forward but the boys got their phanto-blades out and got in front of their girlfriends. "You get anywhere near Musa and I will personally rip you to shreds." Riven said and all the others shook their heads in agreement. "See, that is your weakness. You care for your girlfriends so much that you would do anything for them. That is how we always win and always will win." Valtor said and took another step closer to Sky and Bloom. By now, the guards were ready and Oritel had his sword drawn, Marion right beside him. "Oh but I don't want a fight, no no, just a talk with Bloom here." Valtor said. Sky tightened his grip on his sword. "Villains. Get those three fairies." Valtor said and the enemies rushed forward. "Girls transform! Magic Winx Harmonix!" The Winx cried. After a second, they had transformed into their Harmonix form. They flew up into the air, ready to fight. "Take Bloom, Flora, and Stella, alive." Belladona said to her two sisters. They nodded and headed for the three fairies. Lysslis was the first to attack. "Eternal Darkness!" Lysslis cried and shot a ball of darkness towards Stella. "Shining Mirror!" Stella yelled and blocked herself with her mirror. But the spell was too much and she ended up getting hit and falling into Brandon's arms. "Thunderous Lightning!" Tharma yelled and three blasts of lightning headed for Flora. "Fall Vortex!" Flora yelled and tried to counter against Tharma's attack, but she also ended up being hit and falling into Helia's arms. "Shivering Icicles!" Belladona cried and shot icicles at Bloom. Everyone below could only watch as Bloom tried her best to counter Belladona's attack. "Fire Blade!" Bloom cried and shot flames at the icicles to try and melt them, but they never did. They kept coming. At the last second she cried, "Dragon's Embrace!" And a shield was thrown up around her. But sadly, that did not stop the icicles. "Bloom!" Sky yelled and jumped up to catch Bloom's body. When he did, he landed on his butt holding Bloom so she wouldn't get hurt more than she already was. She, Flora, and Stella slowly woke up. They looked at each other and flew up in front of all their enemies. The rest of the Winx followed. "Well, well, well. Harmonix and the Dragon-fire together huh? Huh, last time I remember seeing you in person, you had your Enchantix." Valtor said to Bloom. "And last time I remember seeing you in, person monster thing, you were dead." Bloom snapped. Valtor smiled. "And that, my dear, is why I love you so very much." Valtor said. "Excuse me?" Bloom said. "Excuse me!?" The Winx and Specialists shouted. "Yes. It's true. I love Bloom, Tritannus loves Flora, and Darkar loves Stella." Valtor said, the other two smiling.

Bloom, Flora, and Stella looked as if they were about to puke. "Okay, please tell me he did NOT just say that." Stella said. "I need to puke." Flora said. "Right behind you." Bloom said and ended up, along with Stella and Flora, being chased in the halls of the palace by the three that loved them so very, very, very much. "You better get the heck away from us!" Stella screamed. Everyone heard. Then they heard three screams and gasped. All the Villains smiled. "What is that?" Flora asked. "Monster?" Bloom asked. "It's way more than just a monster. It's a big, smelly, violent one!" Stella cried. She and the two others flew into the ballroom just to almost crash into the other villains. If they had not backpedaled somehow they would have probably crashed. The monster was right behind them. "Okay we need to get out of here. Any suggestions?" Flora asked. "Fly." Bloom said. They looked up and flew before they were caught by the monster. "Faster girls faster! Their gaining on us!" Stella cried. "We are flying as fast as we can Stella!" Flora shouted over the wind noise. Just then, Stella got caught by something, or someone in her way. Darkar had grabbed her by the waist. "Ahhhhhhhh let me go!" Stella screamed. Darcy had put a spell on all but the three fairies in the air so they couldn't save their friends. "Stella!" Flora and Bloom screamed and flew back down to try and help their friend. Just then Flora was caught by Tritannus. He held her by the arms. All the people down below could do was watch in horror as their daughters, friends, and girlfriends were captured by their worst enemies. "Flora!" Bloom cried but was caught by Valtor. He held her close to him. Had one arm tightly around her waist, the other covering her mouth. "Good-bye dear old friends. You should probably say goodbye to your friends, daughters, and girlfriends, forever." Valtor said. He looked down at Bloom and laughed as she tried to escape his grasp. Flora and Stella tried to too but the men were too strong, and they were so weak. Stella and Flora were shouting to their boyfriends and Bloom tried but her voice was muffled by Valtor's hand. "Adieu my friends, adieu." Valtor said. Then he and the other enemies escaped, and so did the three Winx fairies. The spell that had been on the people below had come to a halt. "Stella!" Brandon shouted. "Flora!" Helia yelled. "BLOOM!" Sky cried.