Chapter 10: Happily Ever After?

Once the team got back to Domino, Sky ran into the palace with Bloom in his arms and two nurses by his side. King Oritel and Queen Marion sighed. The rest entered the palace and went into the ballroom. Every king and queen from the other realms were already there. They looked up. "Well, did you find her?" King Erendor asked. "She will be fine." King Oritel replied. The ballroom rejoiced.

A week later, Bloom was walking in the Domino gardens with Sky by her side. Since it was winter, and cold, she was wearing a blue and purple long sleeved knit dress, pink leggings, and blue flats. Her red hair was straightened and flowing in the cold wind. Sky was wearing a blue and yellow long sleeved shirt with a blue jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes. Bloom was leaning on Sky since her gash wasn't fully healed. Her ribs had gotten better, but still hurt. All her cuts were healed and her bruises, almost. Sky was holding on to her as they sat down on a bench. "Sky, I love you." Bloom said. She snuggled into his arms. "I love you too." Sky replied. They kissed. But in the distance, someone was watching. "Bloom, I promise you, you will be mine once again. Ahahahahaha, muwahahahaha!" A voice laughed. His eyes turned red. "Valtor is back!"