"Fairies, come take me out of this dull world,

For I would ride with you upon the wind,

Run on the top of the disheveled tide,

And dance upon the mountains like a flame."

-William Butler Yeats

The Fairy Prince

Chapter 1: Tinkerbell's Great Blunder

Tinkerbell flittered around the baby nervously, who would leave a baby on a doorstep on such a cold night especially when the baby was injured. She fluttered to the baby's face to look at the cut again. Tinkerbell was slowly turning pink with frustration as no one came out to pick the baby. Who leaves a baby out with the mail? Her color gradually crept from pink to a glowing red before she gave a frustrated little scream and began to flutter around the baby coating him in pixie dust.

She flittered around the now floating baby making sure the blanket was firmly wrapped around him before she took hold of a corner to steer the floating baby. Tinkerbell was entirely done waiting around for someone to come take the baby from the doorstep and firmly decided to take matters into her own hands. She guided the baby towards the second star and Tinkerbell flew straight on till morning.

When she saw Pixie Hallow in the distance Tinkerbell calmed down enough to realize she had just basically kidnapped a baby from the humans. Tinkerbell set the baby down in sunflower cove using the tall flowers to hide the baby and then she plopped down on the baby's stomach sighing. "What did I do now!" Tinkerbell said putting her head in her hands.

She popped up hands on her hips not a minute later, "It's not kidnapping if they threw him out, and in fact he was just laying there waiting for the first person to pick him up!" She nodded encouraging herself, "That's right, if I hadn't taken him…he would have been all alone!" Tinkerbell fluttered back to the baby's face when she heard him stirring.

His eyes slowly opened up revealing the greenest eyes Tinkerbell had ever seen, "Hi there little guy!" Tinkerbell said smiling waving her hand at him. The baby yawned a bit and Tinker fought hard not to get sucked into his mouth. "So what's your name little guy?" Tinkerbell said fluttering around the baby's face. The name remained a mystery; the baby couldn't understand her twinkling bell language and Tinkerbell couldn't make heads or tails of his babble.

Tinkerbell sat on the baby's shoulder as he sat up and began playing with the sunflowers gently. "Well, I'll have to give you name! I can't keep calling you baby or boy," Tinkerbell said humming as she tried to decide. She studied the baby trying to get some clue; he had wild black hair, green eyes, and chubby cheeks. "This is harder than I thought, how does Queen Clarion do this so easily?!" Tinkerbell huffed in frustration.

She froze, stiffly fluttering off the baby's shoulder, "Oh no, I am definitely gonna get in trouble big time for bringing you here, aren't I?" Tinker said looking at the baby. The baby giggled and reached for Tinkerbell. She fluttered just out of his reach and began flittering back and forth in front of him. "Oh no, oh no, oh no, I'll have to hide you! Where am I gonna hide you?" Tinkerbell said turning her attention back to the baby.

The baby boy scrunched up his face in concentration as he looked at Tinkerbell. He wanted to be held very badly, but the only one around was a very small person. He remembered that his Daddy and his Uncle Paddy changed sizes sometimes. So the little boy wanted very much to change too, normally the wild magic the baby had wouldn't have done what it did, since it was unfocused and untrained. However, the baby boy had just spent the night bathed in fairy dust, the source of all fairy magic, and it gave his own magic a guiding hand.

Tinkerbell watched mouth dropping as the baby glowed gold from the dust and then a big puff of dust poofed out making her close her eyes. When she opened them where a human baby had been was a teeny tiny baby fairy. "Woah," Tinkerbell said as she fluttered down to where the baby was sitting on the ground. She landed next to him and he lifted up his arms in the universal 'pick me up' sign. Without even thinking about it Tinkerbell picked him up and rubbed her nose to his nose making the baby giggle.

She studied his tiny pretty fairy wings and his tiny pointed ears, "Well you're a much more manageable size now!" Tinkerbell laughed cradling the baby to her. "I'll be able to hide you in my house now!" Tinkerbell said as the baby grabbed her hand to hold onto her fingers. "You still need a name though little guy," Tinkerbell said. Just then his wound caught her attention, and Tinkerbell noticed it was shaped like a lightning bolt.

"I know! I'll name you Bolt!" Tinkerbell said fluttering up and spinning while holding the newly dubbed Bolt close to her chest. Tinkerbell started to fly towards her house hoping she was early enough that no one would notice her and Bolt. She was lucky and got home without running into anyone. Bolt's stomach grumbled and Tinkerbell giggled as she got him some of her favorite pumpkin muffins.

Noticing the mess Bolt was making eating that Tinkerbell decided she would need something special to give him to drink with unless she wanted to have juice everywhere. She whipped up a bottle from out of an acorn shell and some leaves. Then she got to work making Bolt some new clothes she was in the middle of making him some cute little green shoes when she realized something. Bolt was a fairy now.

Most fairies where born from a baby's laugh, fully grown, knowing all they needed to know like how to talk and fly. There was usually a big welcome ceremony for new fairies where the fairy's talent was revealed. Tinkerbell was a tinker but Bolt could be anything, a nature fairy, a music fairy, a storyteller fairy, a healer fairy, a baker fairy or even a tinker. But Tinkerbell didn't know what Bolt would need to train in.

Now that Bolt was a fairy and not a human maybe Queen Clarion wouldn't mind Tinkerbell keeping him. So Tinkerbell scooped Bolt up after she had washed him up and put him in his new clothes. She was careful to not squish his little wings and then she fluttered over to the Home tree in search of Queen Clarion. Tinkerbell was lucky that everyone was too sleepy in the morning to really pay attention to exactly what she was doing.

Tinkerbell found Queen Clarion by the fairy dust well in the pixie hallow tree she was talking to Terence about something. "Queen Clarion!" Tinkerbell said while flittering up to her.

Queen Clarion looked serenely surprised, "Tinkerbell, what have you done?" she said looking at the small baby fairy in her arms. The Queen was one of the first fairies born of one of the first laughs, and never before had she seen a baby fairy. The truth of the matter was that there were no baby fairies…fairies were always born grown.

Tinkerbell slumped to the ground holding Bolt close, she scuffed her shoes and played with his tiny hands, "Well you see, back at the mainland there was this baby he was left out on the doorstep with the mail just waiting for the first person to come along and pick him up. I was really angry because he was left all alone, plus he was hurt!" Tinkerbell said holding back Bolt's black hair to show his angry red wound.

"That was very kind of you Tinkerbell, but that still doesn't explain who he is or how he came to be," Queen Clarion said gently smiling at the flustered fairy.

"Oh, well Bolt was a human but he changed to a fairy when he got here! So I figured that since he is a new fairy we should test him for his talent!" Tinkerbell said holding out the smiling Bolt for the Queen's inspection.

Queen Clarion looked at the tiny little fairy, and felt a warm stirring in her heart that was strange. As was with any thinking creature seeing a defenseless child of their species makes it hard to not feel protective. Queen Clarion smiled taking Bolt from Tinkerbell's arms and placing him in the choosing circle. She waved her hand blowing a bit of dust around the small boy and a ring of mushrooms sprang up around him.

"Well, we usually have more notice to organize these things but we'll have to do what we can. Tinkerbell call for the other fairies. Terence since you are here, place the totem for the dust fairies on one of the mushrooms." Queen Clarion said smiling. Tinkerbell came flittering back surprisingly quick with a fairy from each talent in tow.

Each fairy placed a totem of their talent on one of the mushrooms surrounding the curious looking Bolt who seemed content to just sit in the middle of the ring for now. The fairy circle was an old tradition, dating back to the first fairies; it helped sort the fairies out to their calling so they can use the talent they're gifted with. A new fairy, born of laughter cloaked in joy, would walk around the circle until a totem called to them revealing their talent.

Queen Clarion wasn't sure how it would work with a fairy born a human choosing to become a fairy…it was all very confusing. Queen Clarion could see the equal parts fascination with curiosity mixed in with awe on the other fairies' faces. None of them had seen a baby fairy before, it was a very unique thing and all of them were eager to see where this fairy would go. A Storm fairy place a small piece of thundering cloud on the last mushroom and stepped back.

"We have a new arrival, a fairy brought to us through the most unusual of means…but a fairy nonetheless. Now we shall see where his talents lie," Queen Clarion said smiling. Tinkerbell looked at her Bolt hoping he would pick the hammer and that he would be a Tinker so she could take him home with her again. Bolt having gotten bored with simply sitting had decided to try out his new wings, since he was still very much coated with fairy dust he fluttered up easily enough.

Seeing Tinkerbell's familiar face bolt started to flitter over to her and that's when it all went a little mad. The totems from all the talents began to glow as the Tinker Hammer had glowed for Tinkerbell and the wind had glowed for Vidia. When a totem glowed, flying to the new fairy, it usually meant that the fairy would be very particularly talented with that calling. However, this wasn't just one totem glowing…it was all of them and they all at once began to zoom to Bolt.

Bolt, like any reasonable fairy being assaulted by flying objects, flew about in a panic trying to out fly them. However the whole lot of them tailed him, it didn't matter if he lopped, or rolled, or quickly changed direction the totems all followed close behind. Getting scared Bolt made a beeline for Tinkerbell who caught him in her arm and turned quickly. Her back was hammered with all the totems toppling her over and piling on top of them both.

Everyone looked very confused, "What does that mean?" Vidia asked scowl on her face and hands on her hips. She never did like it when another showed an extreme talent like hers.

Queen Clarion just smiled bemused as she watched Tinkerbell shimmy out of the pile Bolt firmly in her arms and laughed, "It would seem we have ourselves a new prince," she said smiling. She fluttered over to Tinkerbell who was looking at her confused, Queen Clarion sensing the spreading confusion answered the unasked question, "When a fairy shows an extreme talent in all callings it usually means that their calling is to help guide all fairies. In my case I was made Queen, in Bolt's case…since he is so young and untrained he will be named a prince." Queen Clarion said gifting Bolt with a small crown made of fairy dust.

Tinkerbell looked up at Queen Clarion equal parts awed and reluctant, she held Bolt close, "So that means Bolt goes to live with you, like how tinkers live with tinkers," she asked.

Queen Clarion smiled placing a gentle hand on Tinkerbell's shoulder, "Actually, Bolt needs to learn how to master each talent before he can take his place by my side. Bolt is also very young, the youngest fairy in all existence, so he will need to be taught…he was not born knowing all he needs to know. Since you found him Tinkerbell, and brought him here, I task Bolt's upbringing to you. See to it that he learns what he must and is well looked after." She said kindly.

Tinkerbell got a huge smile on her face and fluttered up with Bolt in her arms, "Really!?" at the Queens nodded Tinkerbell fluttered around spinning happily with giggling Bolt in her arms.

"Remember Tinkerbell, Bolt will need to learn how to master each talent equally," Queen Clarion reminded her.

"You got it! I have a bunch of friends that will be happy to help!" Tinkerbell said fluttering over to her circle of friends. Rosetta, Iridessa, Slivermist, Fawn, and Vidia were all nature fairies. Tinkerbell was sure they would be happy to help her with Bolt. Plus she had Periwinkle and her friends in the winter wood. Tinkerbell was sure this was an adventure they all would want to be a part of.

That was how Harry Potter became Bolt the Fairy Prince.