"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair..."
Susan Polis Schutz

Chapter 3: Summer Wind

Bolt fluttered around Sora making sure the two empty barrels he had made were tied securely on her back and that they weren't uncomfortable for her. It was always strange wearing the glittering gold of pixie dust as clothes but today was his day with Queen Clarion so he had to dress for the occasion. Spring was just about ready to fade into summer on the mainland and the fairies were getting ready to go to summer camp.

This would be his fifth summer on the mainland for camp and he was excited to see Lizzy again. Lizzy, Elizabeth Bradshaw, was one of the only human friends to the fairies. When she had been a little girl Lizzy had accidentally captured Tinkerbell in one of her fairy houses and through a series of adventures they had become great friends. Through the years Lizzy had remained a friend to the fairies and was one of their treasured contacts on the mainland.

As with all humans Lizzy had grown into a very sweet old woman, older than any living human she knew of, thanks to the help of her fairy friends. Lizzy was almost a hundred and forty years old now without their help she would die very quickly since she was well past the age of any other normal human lived to. Bolt had been helped Queen Clarion make Lizzy's potion last year and was excited to so again this year.

Bolt fluttered back into his house lugging out one last thing and tied the package to Sora's leg firmly. Then he smiled, gave Sora the signal, and they were off to meet the Queen at mermaid cove. This year Lizzy had sent a letter with a dove asking for their help, her great granddaughter was very ill and she needed something more than what the humans could give her. Queen Clarion made sure to have Bolt make and extra barrel for the extra potion.

The healing potion would be much easier to make than Lizzy's revitalizing one so it hadn't been too much of a burden for Queen Clarion to agree to brew it. They made it to Mermaid Cove with time to spare and Queen Clarion was there waiting for them. She floated over to them with a smile smoothing a hand through Bolt's hair and making him a small crown from Pixie Dust. It nestled in his wild hair like a small egg in a nest and Bolt fiddled with it for a minute before he settled with leaving it alone.

"Are you ready to meet with Queen Coral Bolt?" Queen Clarion asked as she floated to the water's edge.

Bolt nodded with a smile, "Of course Queen Clarion!" he said as he easily took one of the barrels from Sora's back. It had been an interesting development; Bolt had learned to retain his big person strength with his little person body so lifting things much larger than him became a norm. His increased strength had started to bleed over into his bigger form but Bolt did notice that. Bolt had always just figured big people were very strong and that belief had eliminated the thought that there was a limit to that when he was in that form.

So Bolt lifted boulders with one hand as easily in his fairy form as when he was in his big form. Never mind that for normal humans lifting a boulder as big as a house was normally impossible, Bolt didn't know that and so he did it as easily as he would pick up an acorn. He placed the barrel near the water's edge and untied the package from Sora's leg as well. He blushed a little at Queen Clarion's curious eyebrow raise but didn't say anything about the package.

Suddenly the torso of a beautiful woman burst from the water and showered the both of them with water droplets. Queen Clarion somehow managed to look just as dignified as always but Bolt looked a bit like a wet kitten. His hair hung down past his shoulders weighted down by the water and pulled straight making his small crown look even more adorable on him. He shook himself and pushed the hair out of his eyes so he could see.

Queen Coral giggled a bit at him; she was a very beautiful mermaid with long orange hair that pooled around her waist in the water in lovely curls. Unlike the other mermaids that frequented the cove her hair was absent the usual decoration of shells and the like. Coral also had a small top made of pearls where the other mermaids usually favored a pair of shells to cover their chests. It was only natural that Coral was a bit different from the other mermaids…she was the Queen after all.

"Hello again Bolt," Queen Coral said as she rested her head on her crossed arms at the water's edge allowing her to be relatively face to face to the two fairies. As a mermaid though that just meant more eyes to whole face since Coral was closer to the size of a grown human.

"Hi Coral," Bolt said as he moved his package so that she could see it. "I got that thing you wanted," he said as he slowly opened the package revealing pearls entwined beautifully with shining sliver unicorn hair.

Coral squealed excitedly, "Oh I insist you get big right now Bolt and help me put it on right now!" Coral said beaming.

Bolt looked around making sure he wouldn't step on a bug or anything when he got bigger. That was always a concern for Bolt, that he would get big and accidently hurt someone. Queen Clarion nodded he permission with a small smile on her lips so Bolt nodded in turn. His body glowed gold and his limbs began to grow before long the glow faded leaving behind a bigger Bolt. Bolt shifted uncomfortably, his wings were gone now though his ears were still pointed and his clothes were still glowing pixie dust.

That had been one of the harder things to learn, how to get bigger along with his clothes he had ended up naked with ruined clothes enough that he eventually learned how to make his clothes bigger as well. Not that Bolt minded being naked but if Lizzy was to believed humans had sensitive sensibilities and would be offended if he ran around naked. Coral smiled and turned around giving Bolt better access to her hair. He picked up the pearls and gently wove the creation into her hair making sure to make it so the pearls accented her features beautifully.

Coral might be a bit different from the other mermaids but she, like every other mermaid, was very vain about her appearance. She had asked Bolt to make her a Crown a few days back and he had done so as his Tinker project. Well that and the barrels. Coral turned and looked at him expectantly. Queen Clarion laughingly nodded to encourage him so Bolt summoned some of the water from the cove. He flattened it out and let Coral use it as a mirror to see her new crown.

The pearls glittered with the braided unicorn hair lovely white against the orange of her hair and she squealed happily. Then before Bolt could stop her Coral grabbed his face and gave him a big kiss on his mouth. Turning Bolt a deep pink that had previously only been seen on Tinkerbell when she was angry…though his glowing pink face was from embarrassment not anger. Coral just laughed at him and picked up the barrel from the shoreline gently.

The barrel was very small in her hand, easily engulfed by her hand as she picked it up, Coral turned her attention to Queen Clarion and left Bolt sputtering. "So how many tears this year Queen Clarion," Coral asked as she raised the barrel to her face. Her eyes were already welling with happy tears already as she giggled at Bolt who was pouting at her rough handling of his first kiss.

"Ten this year Queen Coral, if you please," Queen Clarion said bowing her head towards Coral. Coral nodded placing the barrel under her chin to collect the tears that ran down her face and then she placed it back on the shoreline next to the ruffled Sora.

Coral winked at Bolt saucily and handed him a handful of pearls in a pouch, "Here's my end," she said as she swam gently away from them, "Come by anytime Bolt!" Bolt grumbled about weird cradle robbing mermaids as he pointedly ignored Coral as he sealed the barrel to place it back on Sora's back. Queen Clarion's twinkling laughter was joined by Queen Coral's giggles as they laughed at him together.

Bolt pouted as he picked up the pouch of pearls tying it to Sora's leg and turning his attention to her. He shrunk down to his fairy form and secured the barrel as he praised Sora for being such a dignified girl. Queen Clarion giggled as she waved Coral off as the mermaid disappeared beneath the sea and then she turned her attention to indignant Bolt.

"Come now Bolt, most boys would be proud to lose their first kiss to the Queen of the Mermaids," she said as she ruffled his hair back to wild dryness.

Bolt only pouted more as Shard gave him a headache from its anger, "Well, I was saving that kiss!" Bolt said huffing.

"Oh," Queen Clarion asked with raised eyebrow, "For whom may I ask?" she said gentling as she rubbed his ear. Bolt powerless against a good ear rub found himself robbed of his indignation and slumped boneless into her hand.

"For the other part of Shard of course! Shard made me promise," he said as he ran a soothing finger over his scar.

Queen Clarion stopped rubbing his ear and patted his shoulder, "Well then I am sorry for Coral's hasty actions but have you considered that the other part of Shard might not be a girl?" Clarion asked curiously.

Bolt blinked up at her, "What's that matter?" Bolt asked as he fluttered up.

Clarion smiled as she shook her head, "Nothing, now we must head to Unicorn Valley, we have much to do today and precious little time." She said as she took to the sky. Sora was up and after her with Bolt close behind. They made it to the Valley on good time, Sora was one of the best fliers among the birds and both the fairies were gifted with swift flying talent. Bolt held the Barrel containing Coral's tears as Queen Clarion talked with the lead Stallion of the Unicorn herd, Wanderer.

Eventually the Stallion tossed his head in agreement and Bolt held the barrel as the Stallion tipped his horn into the top. Sliver blood flowed from the tip of the Wanderer's horn sparkling in the light as it mixed with Coral's tears. Unicorn blood held many fantastic properties, but blood forcefully taken would be more a curse than anything. Unicorn blood freely given though, that was a different story. When the barrel was half full of Wanderer's blood mixed with Coral's tears the Unicorn drew back with a toss of his head.

Bolt tied the barrel back onto Sora's back and then took off the other empty one. Wanderer whinnied and a young colt came galloping up all gangly limbs. Wanderer tossed his mane and nudged the young colt with his muzzle pointedly. Talking to unicorns was a lot different than talking to mermaids or trolls because most of their language was through their body movements. Bolt placed the empty barrel by the young colt and then stepped back to give Wanderer room to instruct him.

The colt, Sunbeam, was nervous because it was the first time he had ever gifted his healing blood so he wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Sunbeam shifted his front hooves, and swished his tail as he slowly placed the tip of his young horn into the barrel's opening. The healing potion called for the blood of a young unicorn to give it extra strength and so the two fairies (and one snowy owl) waited patiently. Eventually the barrel was almost full and then Sunbeam moved back rearing happily in pride.

Wanderer reared with him whinnying his pride at his young son's accomplishment. Bolt sealed the barrel carefully and placed it on Sora's back with the other barrel with the reverence as he did so. Queen Clarion thanked both Wanderer and Sunbeam gratefully promising the team of animal fairies would come to them within a night's time. As payment for the blood Wanderer wanted some animal fairies to come and help with the colts and foals that had been born that spring.

As every animal knew young cared for by animal fairies tended to be stronger and longer lived than those he didn't have the luxury. They said their goodbyes and were off to the mountain peak. Kiera the phoenix lived at the very top of the peak and was the next being that they needed to visit. Kiera was perched on a very nice ledge that overlooked Neverland and sang in greeting when she saw them. Bolt was always struck about how lovely the bird was all golden red feathers and elegantly long neck.

"Kiera, greetings," Queen Clarion said bowing her head towards the majestic being. Kiera cooed in return nodding her head and then tilting it in question. "We are in need of some of you ash and a few tears if you would be so kind," Queen Clarion answered her silent inquiry.

Kiera ruffled her feathers for a moment and looked deep into Queen Clarion's eyes. It was disconcerting even watching the infamous phoenix soul searching stare and Bolt was glad he wasn't the one being judged. Then Kiera regally bowed her head in acceptance and Bolt freed both barrels from Sora's back. In the barrel that was Lizzy's the phoenix plucked out a golden feather placing it gently into the concoction.

The moment the feather touched the glowing silver liquid it ignited and burn quickly leaving shimmering gold ash in its wake. The potion glowed oddly, part of it silver and the other gold. Bolt sealed it up quickly and placed it back onto Sora's back securely. Then Kiera bowed her head over the silver blood of the young colt and cried seven tears. The tears mixed with the blood and they swirled together happily.

Queen Clarion bowed her head, "You have my gratitude," she said. Kiera bowed in turn then took to the sky singing beautifully her joy in helping. Bolt secured the barrel next to Lizzy's and sighed, glad that at least the healing one was finished. "Where to now Queen Clarion?" Bolt asked as he floated next to her. Queen Clarion raised her hand for silence, eyes closed as she listened to the phoenix song with a gentle smile on her face.

Then she looked at him with a devious look in her eye, "Now we catch a Willow-wisp," and then she took off on the wind. Sora cried her excitement and took off after her and Bolt followed close on their heels wild smile on his face. Willow-wisps were beings of air; they had forms only on the barest meaning of the term and could look like pretty much anything if they choose. Their bodies were formed by wind and sunlight. They were mischievous little buggers and hard to find…unless you had some fast flying talent and were in tuned with the wind too.

Clarion laughed on the trails of one, they spun, rolled, dived, and climbed through the air in their chase. Wordlessly Clarion signaled Bolt to go in the opposite direction she was taking and followed on the heels of their find. Catching Willow-wisps was as much about deviousness as it was about speed and Clarion lead it through a grand chase…right into the waiting Bolt's arms. It chuckled as it squirmed in his grasp, before it settled down into a distinguishable shape and chuckled in resignation.

It had chosen the form of an attractive broad shouldered male fairy…though you could just barely see it since Willow-wisps were largely transparent. "Okay you caught me," his voice sounded like the wind whispering through the reeds. Bolt nodded letting him go, Willow-wisps were sticklers for the loose rules of their games and like leprechauns granted wishes when caught.

Queen Clarion slightly out of breath nodded her head in acceptance and said, "We need your breath to complete our potion." She nodded to a nearby tree branch and floated over to it gratefully when the Willow-wisp nodded chuckling. Sora crooned as she ruffled her feathers grateful for the rest as she landed on the branch. Bolt took Lizzy's barrel off her back for the final time and unsealed it so that the chuckling Willow-wisp could give them their hard won prize.

"I'm Current Dancer," he said chuckling before he blew into the potion swirling the silver and gold together mixing everything together thoroughly. Slowly the potion began to change color becoming clear and Queen Clarion smiled as Bolt sealed it and secured it back onto Sora's back. They had done it, the potion called for the essence of four beings from all four elements. The tears of a mermaid, water, the blood of a unicorn, earth, ash from a phoenix, fire, and the breath from a Willow-wisp, air.

"What would you like in return?" Queen Clarion asked with a smile on her face.

"The word on the wind is Bolt has lost his first Kiss," Current Dancer said chuckling before Bolt felt the faintest brush against his lips. Bolt's eyes widened, he couldn't believe he had been gotten twice in the same day, and saw the faintest outline of the male face as he pulled away from his lips. "I'll have to settle for the second," he said, and then he was gone chuckles echoing on the wind as Bolt grew pink.

Queen Clarion's laughter joined the faint disappearing chuckles of the Willow-wisp, "It looks like you're quite popular today Bolt," she said teasing him.

Bolt scowled as his face grew darker in his blush and Shard railed in anger. Bolt ran a soothing finger over his scar silently promising Shard that he wouldn't count today's kisses as his first kisses. "Those were sneak attacks not kisses," Bolt said pouting petulantly. Queen Clarion only laughed harder when she heard Bolt's denials. Shard was barely mollified and Bolt got the distinct feeling he was doomed when he finally met the other part of Shard.

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