Finally got around to writing this...

This is a little drabble I wrote based on a picture I found on dA (used with the permission of the publisher) which you can see by looking at this on my dA account (seeing as how links don't work here).

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy!

Copyright: Tetsuya Nomura owns Kingdom Hearts, owns the plot.

Ventus... I hate your smile.

Heh. Here I am, jealous of everyone, jealous for seeing him smile at everyone else.

I can't avoid it... I can't look away. I can't tear my eyes away. And that's why I hate you, that smile. Why can't you ever smile at me?

I can see you now. A bright but harmful smile. I know, deep inside, that they'll hurt you, so long as you smile, you'll never be safe from sorrow.

I hate your smile, and I love it. I want to keep it safe forever.

But I can't. And so, I cry.

Drabble complete. I hope that you liked.